Little Darlings Signs – A Vegas Classic!

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Is a picture worth a thousand words? Since I get paid by the word, this quick post will earn me credit for over 10,000 words!

Nothing screams, “We’re back in Vegas!” like the inimitable signs of the Little Darlings club at 1514 Western Avenue. Their cheeky messages are seen by the tens of thousands who zoom by on Interstate 15 … between the Freemont area to the North, and the Strip on the southern end of town.

Little Darlings, is part of the Déjà Vu chain. It is a totally nude club without a liquor license. Those rules allow it to be an 18+ venue, rather than the 21+ in all of the other Vegas men’s clubs.


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The themes for the signs are a proper mix of messages that virtue signals management’s keen interest in public health, female empowerment, anti-shamming, education, sobriety, various human rights … and most recently War and Peace. To satisfy the lockdown politicians, Little Darling also experimented with drive-thru strip shows in early 2020.

TVO will let the glory of the Little Darlings signs tell the rest of the story …


“Now auditioning Ukrainian Strippers – We stand with Ukraine”



That is the northbound I-15 in the background of this photo.


Corona Free Lap Dances


“Stripper shortage, now accepting ugly girls”


“Now auditioning Class of 2015”


“Pay your way through college”


“We’re clothed” for those with speech and hearing disabilities!


“Girls so pretty you won’t need liquor” … a bouquet to the gals over at MADD


“Stripping pays more than Unemployment”


Speaking  in code …


Open Sundays, unlike that homophopic Chicken place


“Nude Hand Sanitizer Wrestling”


Finally, a shot of their permanent slogan on their building at 1514 Western Avenue.

What do you think of Little Darlings, and their signs?

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW. TVO would love to hear any of your stories from this Las Vegas institution.


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The End

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6 Responses to “Little Darlings Signs – A Vegas Classic!”

    • Scott

      Thanks Erik. Proof that great minds think alike!

      However, The NY Post did not mention that the new dancers name is Svetlana Cutchurcockoff … and also her stepsister, Irina Tearurtitsoff.

  1. Tanya

    Hello, I am very interested in your post. I would like to participate in these dances. My name is Tanya, I am good at dancing such dances and by the way I am already 21. I’m from Ukraine.
    Tell me how this whole event will take place and how do I get there?

  2. Erik d

    Little darlings has traditionally been my favorite club in Vegas and their signs are pretty witty, but the sign I miss the most is the ones in the back to report the girls for asking for more then 20 dollars, those were the days, now a 40 dollar dance sometimes feels more like a timeshare presentation for their 300 or more dance lol. At least as of pre pandemic last time I was here, maybe things have changed.



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