“Little Miss Nasty” Opens at Hooters Las Vegas

Little Miss Nasty, the new show at Hooters Casino, takes fetishistic sluttiness to new heights, even for Vegas.

I love this show. It consists of four girls acting really naughty, mostly in skimpy underwear (down to pasties), to a driving hard rock score that never lets up. It proves there is an art to being a slut. The performers are all really cute and talented dancers who look yummy in their mismatched black lingerie ensembles with torn stockings, leather jackets, micro-mini-schoolgirl skirts, etc.

The musical soundtrack is loud punk/metal rock — all your Marilyn Manson, Korn, Rob Zombie, and Rage Against the Machine favorites — and much of the naughtiness takes place out in the audience, including in audience members’ laps. There’s no story or theme other than “nasty,” but there’s an exhilaration to just being in the same room with these sexy high-energy babes.

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