Looking Forward to Prison for Nazi Vote Fraudsters Friday Live Blog

Dominion Systematically Stole 1/4 of Trump’s Votes, Added 25% Extra Votes to Biden Across the Country (Pinned)

Sidney Powell Promises Full Proof within Two Weeks (Trying for Next Friday); Also Says ClA “Had a Hand In It”

If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, start there.  It opens with the most important information we’ve had since November 3.

Dominion Voting Systems software, used in virtually every county in America, systematically weighted all Trump votes as 3/4 of a vote and systematically weighted all Biden votes as 1.25 votes.  That means the system stole 1/4 of all Trump’s votes and gave Biden 10s of millions of fraudulent votes.

Dominion also carried out six-digit vote injections that heavily favored Biden.  The six-digit vote injections were always for exactly the same number of votes and were repeated multiple times in multiple states.

Dominion vote count rigging is where the bulk of the vote fraud happened in the elections.  When that vote rigging failed to win the election for Biden, the emergency Democrat vote fraud with absentee and mail-in ballots began.

Sidney Powell has now promised full proof of all of the claims above within two weeks.  (See Live Blog below.)

Notice what the Trump team is NOT saying: “There must have been fraud and we need to get to the bottom of this!” No, they’re telling us exactly what happened and how it went down.

Former ClA/State Dept. official Steve Pieczenik and QFS expert Charlie Ward have already told us the election was a sting.  They say the military tagged legal ballots with a QFS blockchain “watermark.”  Ward and other sources say Trump watched the election returns, both real and fraudulent side by side, with the military sting group from a SCIF in the Eisenhower Building on election night.

I can’t wait for Trump to throw the Democrat and GOP Nazis behind this into prison.  If it surprises you that I’m calling out the GOP as well as the Democrats, look through my posts of the last two weeks on what’s been going on in Georgia.  I wish I could tell you what I’m hearing about Kemp but I have to wait until I have a second source.  Media and Big Tech Nazis are in on this up to their chins as well.

It’s Looking Like PA, WI and MI will Send Trump Electors to the Electoral College (Pinned)

And Short-Term, That’s the Ballgame

Here’s how things appear to stand in this game of election Texas hold-’em now that we’ve seen the flop.  This section is the result of several days’ discussion with my SCOTUS source, historians, lawyers, and other sources.

It appears Trump’s short-term strategy for stopping the steal and staying in the White House is to have Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania state legislatures send Trump electors to the Electoral College.

Yes, there are lawsuits flying.  Yes, there are audits going on. Yes, Trump has proof of the Dominion vote fraud.  But it appears like all of that will take time to unravel and Trump will lock in the presidency by a more direct route.

Note:  All of this may change when we see the turn card.  Only Trump knows everything he’s got and how he plans to use it.  I am convinced that even Trump’s lawyers don’t know everything he’s got.

Rudy Says Michigan and Wisconsin Vote Results Will Not Be Certified

Michigan and Wisconsin law requires Electoral College electors to vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote.  However, Rudy Giuliani has stated the Michigan and Wisconsin election results will not be certified.  That would mean the winner of the states’ popular votes is unknown.

But the Constitution requires states to settle all election disputes by December 8th and in Bush v Gore, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld that deadline (which was then December 12).

Now, you can find lawyers to argue for the rest of time about what happens if disputes cannot be settled by that date.  Some argue those states lose their votes in the Electoral College.  But 3 U.S. Code § 2. “Failure to Make Choice on Prescribed Day” says, “Whenever any State has held an election for the purpose of choosing electors, and has failed to make a choice on the day prescribed by law, the electors may be appointed on a subsequent day in such a manner as the legislature of such State may direct.”

In other words, the Republican state legislatures of Wisconsin and Michigan will presumably appoint Trump electors on December 9 and if the issue goes to court, SCOTUS will likely uphold.

In Michigan, the GOP Board of Canvasser officials refused to certify the blatantly fraudulent Wayne County (Detroit) election result.  If the Michigan result was to be certified without the Wayne County vote, Trump would win the state popular vote by 177k, even before correcting all the vote fraud.

I believe we’ll see something similar develop in Dane and Milwaukee Counties in Wisconsin any day now.   The process of proving vote fraud is right now directed mainly at building public support for what the Republican legislators are about to do.  The Democrat governors and secretaries of state and election officials don’t care how much evidence of fraud there is.  They have already shown they are perfectly willing to carry out mass vote fraud and certify it.

Trump is meeting with Michigan state legislators today in DC, at his request.  I presume Trump has one of the military guys who carried out the election sting giving them proof of what went down.

In Pennsylvania, Electors are not Bound by the Popular Vote

In Pennsylvania as in Michigan, we’ve started to see election officials refusing to certify county elections.  Here’s an example in Luzerne County.  Here’s another in Montgomery County.  That is terrific, but it appears not as crucial as in Michigan and Wisconsin, as in Pennsylvania electors are not bound to vote for the winner of the state popular vote.  So the state legislature can elect Trump electors and Trump wins the state even if the popular vote is fraudulently certified for Biden.

Pennsylvania legislators today announced an audit of the vote there (see below), and it seems to focus on all of the methods of vote fraud and violations of PA election law that have already been discussed at length here. So it’s looking like the PA state legislature is cooperating with the program.

On January 6 Pence Runs the Joint Session of Congress

The electors meet and vote on December 14, when Trump will officially be elected president.  On January 6, a joint session of Congress will be convened to tally and certify the electoral votes and most likely declare Trump to be the president-elect.  Vice President Pence, as sitting Vice President and President of the Senate, runs that show.  If the House and Senate can’t agree on the president-elect, the House elects the president, with each state getting one vote.  The GOP controls 26 states, the Dems 23, and 1 is split.  Or so it appears at the moment.

Trump gets inaugurated on January 20, 2021 and all hell breaks loose on the fraudsters.

The GOP is helping all losing GOP candidates file lawsuits challenging any race they might have a shot of winning once the vote fraud is resolved.  I don’t know how long it will take to resolve all that.

There is a ton of disinfo being pushed by the media on this process right now.  I’d avoid all media sources for info at this point and go straight to the Constitution and other primary sources.

Sidney Powell Says She Will Prove Claims About Dominion Within Two Weeks in Court (Pinned)

Says China, Iran, Serbia and Lichtenstein Were Involved in the Attack on Our Elections

She specifically says she will prove all her claims within two weeks.  She says her team is trying for next Friday, which is not a federal holiday, and “we have more than enough evidence now.”

Sidney Powell’s most important claims are at the top of this post.  She has said Dominion weighted Trump votes as 3/4 of a vote and Biden votes as 1.25 votes.  She has also said Dominion did multiple six-digit vote insertions that hugely favored Biden.  She said each of the insertions was for the exact same number of votes and were in multiple states.

Powell also said:  “”We have evidence now of information from the systems going to three or four different foreign countries during the time of the election, those countries themselves could have watched the live votes come in and changed the numbers… There’s significant evidence of foreign interference from the worst communist countries on the earth with our election.”

Powell Says Federal Agencies are Either Incompetent or Complicit

Powell also said the proof she will be presenting will embarrass the NSA, DHS, ClA, FBl and DOJ.  She says either they were incompetent and ignored it all this time or they were complicit in the vote fraud and “running it for their own operations.”  She said, “The ClA, I’m sure, had a hand in it.”

She says Gina Haspel should never have had the job of ClA Director and she should be fired immediately.  Steve Pieczenik believed Haspel had already been fired, so it seems to be something Trump plans, but there were reports last week that GOP senators had intervened and asked him not to fire her.  I would guess Trump plans to blow all their objections out of the water with the evidence they are about to release.

Powell says she has a tape of the Antifa conference call where Dominion VP Eric Coomer tells his fellow terrorists not to worry about the election because he had rigged it so Trump would lose.  She says, “That’s called a confession in a courtroom.”

Powell also talks about a Department of Defense official who appears to be conspiring with radical left Democrats to create chaos as part of the election steal, and *he did it on a conference call.* !!!!  One thing that helps us defeat our Nazi opponents is that they are clinically stupid.

Powell Says Her Team Filing Multiple Simultaneous Federal Lawsuits Next Week

She says her witnesses will likely be entering witness protection.  She says she has multiple smoking guns.  She says several million dead people voted in this election.  She says it was a vast, well-funded conspiracy with many elected officials involved in it.  She says she has check stubs of people who were paid to carry out vote fraud.

She says that even states that avoided Dominion were affected by Dominion without knowing about it. 

Friday Live Blog

Special Ops Source Confirms Importance of D0D Changes

I posted two days ago that new Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller had announced that all civilian special operations forces were now to report directly to him.  I also linked to commentary that this was about reining in rogue operations, with several people saying it was about reining in the ClA.

Now a special operations source clarifies that there are special operations teams in the CIA, FBI, DEA, DHS and lots of other federal agencies.  They all now report directly to the Department of Defense instead of using the traditional chain of command within their own agencies.  He says this move was indeed about bypassing the Deep State agents.

Lin Wood Films Cobb County, Georgia Shredding Election Documents (Updated)

Arrests Reported

Watch the video here.

Update:  Alpha Omega Energy, which was first to report that U.S. Army special forces had raided and seized the Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany (now confirmed by Sidney Powell), is now reporting that there have been arrests over this document shedding.

Susan Knox has separately reported that 6-10 cops showed up in response to numerous calls from eyewitnesses to the shredding and stopped the shredding operation.

There are so many videos and photos of the shredding and close-ups of the ballots being shredded that I can’t link to them all.

It’s a federal crime to destroy ballots.

One of the Data Centers for Dominion is in China

It’s in Quanzhou and “horribly insecure.”  Seems to support Sidney Powell’s claim that one of the foreign countries involved in this attack on our elections was China.

The Latest in Wisconsin Vote Fraud

Fake “Indefinitely Confined” Voters who Don’t Have to Show ID

In Wisconsin, there is only one type of absentee ballot that does not require ID: “indefinitely confined.” (Bat Plague does not create this status).

Below, from Matt Braynard, are the indefinitely-confined absentee ballots this election and the year the voter initially claimed this status, which basically lasts forever.  Some kind of permanently disabling disaster must have struck Wisconsin this year that made a massive number of people suddenly unable to show ID!

Year of Initial Request / Number of Voters

2010 / 1216
2011 / 881
2012 / 3298
2013 / 626
2014 / 3112
2015 / 972
2016 / 8989
2017 / 2547
2018 / 14178
2019 / 4890
2020 / 169,282!!!

What the Fake News Isn’t Telling You About the Georgia Audit

Never Believe the Fake News

Fake newsers are reporting today (I’m not going to link, it’s everywhere) that Georgia Secretary of State and election steal conspirator Brad Raffensperger had released the results of a full hand-count audit of Georgia votes.

This is 100% false.  Georgia state attorneys admitted under oath yesterday to Judge Brann that they hadn’t done a hand recount and audit.  They said they weren’t required to do a full hand recount and audit until after certification.  All they’ve done is taken a sample of paper ballots and checked to see whether the computers tabulate those samples correctly.  Now the paper ballots are supposedly securely stored.

Lin Wood’s team was focused on arguments about the GA Sec of State unilaterally changing election code.  The U.S. Constitution provides that the only entity with the authority to change state election law is the state legislature.  Dershowitz has been saying SCOTUS will be sympathetic to this argument.

The certification today (if it happens, see above) doesn’t mean it’s over in Georgia.  It means we likely get a full hand recount and audit now, with Lin Wood suing for proper signature verification.  Of course, Lin Wood videoed election officials in Cobb County shredding evidence, so there’s that.  But I doubt Justice Thomas will look kindly on that when the lawsuit gets to him shortly.

The source I link to above was AT the court proceedings yesterday where this testimony was given.  He is lifetime law enforcement.  Lin Wood and Trump have said the same things about the process that’s been carried out in Georgia so far.

Update: Georgia Certifies Then Decertifies Vote Count Results

Raffensperger says he hasn’t completed the certification process as widely reported by the media, but likely will by later today.  I’m posting in case this adds up to something later.

U.S. Supreme Court Oversight Assignments Announced

This will be important for the election lawsuits about to hit SCOTUS.  When emergency petitions are submitted to the Supreme Court, they are submitted to the assigned individual justice.  That justice may grant a stay pending review by the entire Court.  (Read more here.)  Here are the assignments:

Alito: 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals (PA)

Barrett: 7th Circuit Court of Appeals (WI)

Kavanaugh: 6th Circuit Court of Appeals (MI)

Thomas:  11th Circuit Court of Appeals (GA)

Roberts: Swamp Central Court of Appeals (DC)

Dershowitz has been tweeting and saying in interviews that the last-minute election rules changes in disputed states in the year before the election will likely not hold up to Supreme Court scrutiny.

PA House Sets Up Immediate Election Audit

They Are Clearly Establishing Grounds for Sending Trump Electors to the Electoral College

The audit does not require commie Gov. Wolf’s approval or the approval of the PA Senate, so it will happen.  There is no restriction on funds available for the audit.

Wolf is conducting a fake audit of his own.

The House audit is clearly targeting the fraudulent absentee ballots voted by Democrats in other voters’ names plus tens of thousands of GOP absentee ballots returned but not recorded (more on that directly below).  It’s also targeting illegal curing of Democrat absentee ballots before election day and illegal counting of late ballots in violation of PA election law.

They are also looking at irregularities with the Dominion voting machines used in PA.

The violations of PA election law, unequal treatment of Dem and GOP voters, and mathematical proof of vote fraud will give the PA legislature the grounds for sending Trump electors to the Electoral College.

Yale & Princeton Trained Mathematician Identifies 90k to 100k Fraudulent Ballots in PA

GOP Absentee Ballots Not Counted Plus Dem Votes in the Names of People Who Didn’t Actually Vote

Williams College Professor Steven Miller, a Yale and Princeton trained math expert, said he analyzed Pennsylvania ballot data collected by former Trump campaign data chief Matt Braynard, as well as 2,684 voter interviews conducted by a phone bank, and found two concerning patterns. One involved GOP votes that were not counted, the other ballots requested by someone other than the voter in whose name they were requested.

“I estimate that the number of ballots that were either requested by someone other than the registered Republican or requested and returned but not counted range from 89,397 to 98,801,” Miller said in the sworn statement.

Federal Election Commission Chairman Trey Trainor says Miller’s analysis provides fresh evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

Sidney Confirms We have the Frankfurt Servers

Sidney Powell has confirmed on Glenn Beck’s radio show that the U.S. military DID seize the servers from the Scytl data center in Frankfurt, Germany.  Literally hundreds of people, including reliable numbers friends, are tweeting about it.

There’s been a ton of fake news media disinfo on this as well as rumors (that I never posted because the sources were bogus) that the bad guys got the servers.

Sources say, and Louie Gohmert has suggested, that the Scytl servers were located in a ClA hacking base at the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt.

Sidney has Affidavits from Poll Workers Trained by Dominion to Rig Election

Sidney Powell says:  “We have affidavits of poll workers who were trained by Dominion how to get rid of Trump votes.”

GOP Mega Donors Promise GOP Bloodbath

Alex Bruesewitz, CEO of conservative consulting firm XStrategiesDC, says he has been talking to GOP mega donors.

He says:  “They are committed to spending whatever it takes to primary ‘Republicans’ who are not fighting for  Trump.  It will be a RINO bloodbath in 2022 if these hacks don’t step up and do the right thing.”

This will definitely include Ben Sasse, Brian Kemp, and Mitt Romney, and Cornyn has been flirting with the dark side as well.  Replacing a two-bit traitor like Raffensperger will be cheap.

Dominion Voting Systems Representatives Back Out of PA Hearing

DOJ Airplane Spends Three Days in Toronto

Dominion execs and staff, who have abandoned their offices in Canada and the U.S., are now all lawyered up and have backed out of a hearing in Pennsylvania.

The fact-finding hearing had been scheduled by the PA House State Government Committee to help the legislature identify irregularities in the PA voting process.

After Dominion cancelled, state legislators held a press conference instead.  They pointed out that while CISA (the DHS election security agency) claimed the election was fair and free of fraud, Dominion has personnel on the CISA panel that issued the statement.

So the PA state legislature is apparently hip to the steal.

Trump is meeting with the members of the Michigan House of Representatives in DC today at Trump’s request.  I imagine the PA legislators will be flying to DC soon.

An official DOJ airplane has just spent three days in Toronto, where the world headquarters of Dominion is located.

Wood Confirms Lawsuit Is Headed for the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals

Lin Wood tweets:

A motion to delay certification of the Georgia vote based on a flawed recount was denied this evening by Atlanta Judge Steven D. Grimberg. The oral ruling was unclear but he may have overreached to dismiss my claim that that election was unlawful due to [the Secretary of State’s] consent agreement.

The recount issue was separate from the unlawful election issue. Sounded like the Court thinks a GA voter has NO standing to challenge unlawful federal elections. Lawyer for Sec. Of State suggested only state AG could do so. What? AG represents the Secretary of State. Makes no sense.

GA voters have rights. It is OUR right to vote. We The People must have the legal right to challenge backroom deals cut by state officials. They will not sue each other. An appeal will be filed to Eleventh Circuit.

Mitt Romney’s Son Involved with Dominion/Smartmatic?

Steve Pieczenik has retweeted a claim that Tagg Romney, son of Mitt Romney, owns or owned the Optech election software used in Smartmatic voting systems.

Rudy Giuliani has stated that Dominion Voting Systems is a front company for Smartmatic.

Steve Pieczenik Tweets “The Storm has Arrived”

Some of you will understand the significance of that.

Nurse Says Covid Tests are Done with the Exact Same Kits as Used for Flu Tests

Yeah, they are testing for the flu.  Third time I’ve been told this by a physician or a nurse, so I’m posting it.

Kyle Rittenhouse is Out of Jail

Patriots raised the $2 million bail needed to get Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail.  Rittenhouse shot a Democrat Antifa terrorist in Kenosha in self defense.  The Democrat Antifa terrorist can be seen clearly in a half dozen videos chasing Rittenhouse and shooting at him.  Watch those videos and you will have no doubt that Trump will never turn this country over to Democrat Nazis.

Since the shooting, the Democrat DA is using Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old, as a political pawn, hence the absurdly high bail.

But we got him out.

Democrat Terrorists Threaten Trump Lawyers

U.S. Marshals Now Providing Protection

Democrats killed Seth Rich, why wouldn’t they kill Trump’s lawyers as they are threatening to do?

The U.S. Marshals have been called in to provide protection.

Trump will NEVER turn this country over to these Nazis.

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  1. A Guy Name Bill

    Looking forward to helping people like John up and onto the lamp post when the time comes.

  2. 808forever

    I like all the news I’m seeing here so far. Those dipshits in GA need to fry for what they’ve done, especially the party traitors. Selfishness and greed will be their ultimate undoing, like everywhere else the fraud is occurring.

    On a lighter note, does anyone know if the Library (former Cheetah’s) is open? I’m considering going there tonight or tomorrow to check it out. Gotta do it before Emperor Shittylack shuts us down again.

    • Arnold Snyder

      808, yes, The Library (formerly Cheetah’s) is now open. Let us know what you find.

      Sidney Powell says two weeks or less until we get all the Dominion evidence she claims, so maybe Sisolak will be in Gitmo lockdown before he can lock down Nevada again.

  3. David L

    Me: Arnold, is it weird if I get an erection when Sidney Powell says “… reclaim the United States of America for people who vote for freedom.”?

    Arnold: David, it would be weird if you didn’t.

  4. Ray

    So now it’s looking again like December 14th will be the big day?

    Could you please elaborate on the difference between Trump being elected President on December 14th and being declared the president-elect on January 6th?

    And do you think the fake news media will admit he won? I feel like at that point they won’t have a choice but to admit it since it will be truly official.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ray, the Electoral College election on December 14th is the actual election for president.

      But the U.S. Congress can hold a contingent election. They did it in 1801 after the 1800 election in which Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr got the same number of Electoral College votes.

      In 1824, Electoral College was split between four candidates and Congress held a contingent election that made John Quincy Adams the president, despite Andrew Jackson having received the most votes of the four.

      The third contingent election was in 1836 for Vice President, because of faithless electors. The contingent election put the new president’s vice presidential nominee in office, overriding the faithless electors.

      I don’t think we’ll have a problem with the House if there’s a contingent election.

  5. Ross

    What gets me about this whole thing is why the democrats thought they could get away with this crap. There are tons of guys out there like @CodeMonkeyZ who can see through Dominion’s two-bit incompetent election fraud hack in no time at all.

    Then they try to shove a senile compromised idiot down our throats, and expect us to do nothing.

    Do they take the American people for stupid and f*cked up or what?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ross, I think they thought they had everyone on their side and thus couldn’t lose. They are rubbing our noses in it.

      I think virtually every elected official, at least at the national and statewide level, has been using Dominion software to rig elections for themselves. I just linked to Sidney Powell saying exactly that.

      I also think they’ve been robbing taxpayers, selling national security secrets to enemies, selling our jobs to China for bribes–everything we know Hillary and Biden did, they all did at whatever level they could.

      I have been told amounts of theft you would not believe.

      So they didn’t worry about a contingent election because they didn’t think the criminals in Congress would vote for Trump. They think if it gets to a contingent election Congress will install Biden.

      I also think they own the courts or believe they can send Trump’s lawsuits to judges they control, just as the Flynn and Roger Stone and Manafort cases were sent to corrupt judges they control.

      You can see evidence of the treachery everywhere. Look at what GOP senators have been doing since the election. They’re all talking about how troops will be returned to Afghanistan when Biden takes over, and how they’ll have an immigration deal once Biden takes over.

      They are virtually all dirty, filthy, treasonous crooks.

      Also, they counted on being able to intimidate witnesses. Does anyone doubt the ClA will murder witnesses if they can? Does anyone doubt that Antifa or MS-13 nutcases won’t be sent in to kill people?

      They are making death threats against election officials who try to do the right thing, against Trump’s lawyers, against other witnesses, against reporters who report on the fraud.

      I think Trump may be able to pull off getting state legislators to choose his slates and even possibly get through the Jan. 6 certification in Congress. He may be able to do that through the sheer weight of the evidence Sidney Powell is about to present and public agitation.

      But I’m not sure Trump can pull it off. Chavez and Maduro and the Castros and Xi never worried about evidence and public opinion.

      But if the criminals persist, if they actually go all the way with the treason, I believe the military will intervene and keep Biden out and I fully believe Gitmo will be used for all the traitors. I believe that because of the renovations at Gitmo and the expansion of Gitmo and because Steve Pieczenik keeps talking Gitmo.

  6. RollWave

    can you link to where Steve Pieczenik or Charlie Ward specifically said that the MILITARY tagged ballots. I’ve watched their original videos on this and they just say “we” tagged ballots. Their videos didn’t mention military being responsible for it.

    2 weeks ago people were saying the sting was setup through CISA, but now that’s obviously bogus since CISA is Dominion. So why is this military now? Did they ever actually say military, or is this just a new assumption like it was previously assumed cisa?

      • RollWave

        Thanks, the video I watched was only a clip of this one and didn’t include that tweet.

        Followup though – that tweet does say “military sting”, but it also said it was Homeland Security who actually did the ballot production, not the military. Interesting that multiple departments involved.

        • Arnold Snyder

          RollWave, I keep trying to find the link between the two.

          At first, like many, I thought it was CISA, but I don’t see how that can be with Trump decapitating CISA.

  7. Vicki

    If bat plague is 100% fake, what is the weird, diffuse gunk inside my patient’s lungs that wasn’t there before bat plague? I agree the handling of it has been totally insane. Remove the funny outfits we wear and it’s not all that different from a normal flu season or bug blowing through. The weird lung stuff is unique though. There is something causing it.

    I hope Trump wins through the ways outlined in the constitution. I too worry about how much the deep state has influence.

    Glad ZenGrifter sent me your way. Your blog is awesome.

  8. Nunya

    Arnold, do you have anything else you can say about Kemp? I’ve got a friend who has a source close in that camp who may be able to check on what’s going on.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Nunya, all I know about him is what Lin Wood and Sidney Powell have said.

      They’ve said he’s gotten kickbacks to family members from Dominion and is “China-corrupt.”

      I’ve seen retweets of comments by his associates that he intends to turn Georgia into the new Silicon Valley and new Hollywood. But, you know, every governor in America wants his state to become the new Silicon Valley.

      But I’m assuming he’s getting campaign contributions or jobs for family members from those crowds.

      I’d love to know how far his hobnobbing with the leftist crowd has gone and anything else you can find out.



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