Love Ranch Vegas Brothel, Playground of Millionaires — Review (Closed as of 2022)

Natasha Mink

Share a Jacuzzi with Natasha Mink at Love Ranch Vegas

[Note:  Love Ranch Vegas closed in late 2018 after the death of its owner, Dennis Hof.  The brothel was sold in April of 2022 and is PERMANTLY CLOSED)

Last year, Love Ranch Vegas became the most widely-known brothel in the world. This is the luxury brothel near Vegas, popular among Hollywood and sports stars, where former LA Lakers basketball star, Lamar Odom, almost died after a three-day orgy with multiple ladies of the establishment.

Odom was rushed to a hospital emergency room not because of the sex bender (for which he still owed the brothel $75,000), but because of an overdose of some drugs he had been secretly using during his brothel stay.

Had this scandal occurred at any other brothel in Nevada, there would likely have been an attempt by the brothel owner to downplay the incident, and especially to keep the name of the brothel out of the media as much as possible.  Instead, Love Ranch Vegas owner Dennis Hof, author of The Art of the Pimp and star of HBO’s Cathouse series, used it to let the general public know that there was a brothel near Vegas that catered to millionaires.

But don’t be discouraged if you’re not a millionaire.  Love Ranch Vegas is an easy-going place.  It offers a millionaire experience even for guys going for more normal services.

The Most Luxurious Brothel Near Las Vegas

Love Ranch South Features All Large, Well-Appointed Rooms with Hardwood Floors

Ryder’s Room at Love Ranch South

Love Ranch Vegas is the most luxurious brothel in the Las Vegas area whether you’re there for basic services or for a multi-day orgy with porn stars.

Unlike the small, bare bones, motel-style rooms of most other Vegas-area brothels, all of the girls’ rooms at Love Ranch Vegas are large and well-appointed, with beautiful hardwood floors.  At most other Nevada brothels there’s an extra fee for this caliber of room, but not here.

Ryder’s room (see photo) is typical of the rooms here–large, comfortable, and it even has a tub and shower. (Ryder was one of the girls who was with Lamar Odom on his famous visit here. You may recall she disappeared for a while, but now she’s back.)

There are also more upscale accommodations, because Love Ranch Vegas really does cater to Hollywood types.  The suite of rooms Odom was renting goes for $10,000 a night (and that’s without the girls!).  It includes multiple bedrooms, a bathroom you could get lost in, a private outdoor patio with a spa, and a secret entrance for those who want extra privacy.

Porn legend Sunny Lane works by appointment at Love Ranch Vegas, usually in one of the luxury suites. In fact, you can arrange to shoot a porno at the Love Ranch, with Sunny Lane (or other well-known porn stars), and even cast yourself as the male lead if that’s what gets you off.


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Love Ranch Vegas is the New Definition of a Full-Service Brothel

Love Ranch Vegas Luxury Suite

Love Ranch Vegas Luxury Suite

Love Ranch Vegas offers services that I’ve never heard of at any other brothel.  Not only can you cavort with porn stars, but you can indulge fetishes and just about every combo of sexual partners you can imagine.

Rates here are pretty much the same as at all of the Vegas-area legal brothels. That is to say every lady sets her own rates and the rates depend on exactly what the customer wants (see our discussion of brothel prices and negotiations here).

Love Ranch Vegas has a friendly, non-intimidating feeling.  There is a full bar with neighborhood prices where you can have a drink and relax while you check out the girls.  You must be 21+.  There is a restaurant nearby that will deliver food.

Love Ranch Vegas is located about an hour west of the Las Vegas Strip via US-95N or NV-160 W.  From Hwy 160, you make a left on Crystal Rd and when you get to Appaloosa Lane, you’ll see the now-closed Cherry Patch Ranch brothel. The Love Ranch is a half-mile further down Appaloosa.  It’s open 24/7/365.  ADA-approved.

For more information on all of the Las Vegas area legal brothels, escort services and massage parlors, see Las Vegas Area Brothels and Escorts – A Guide.


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2 Responses to “Love Ranch Vegas Brothel, Playground of Millionaires — Review (Closed as of 2022)”

  1. Randy Sehres

    I am interested in visiting your establishment tonight I am staying on the Las Vegas strip at the Vdara hotel. I would like to be able to leave here somewhere between eight and 9 o’clock and I am looking to spend 1 to 2 hours with one of your beautiful girls preferably blonde, Natural, girl next-door sweet and very laid-back. Primarily it is the company with another woman that is the most important to me. Depending on cost my long-term fantasy would be to have two women join me. I do not have any unusual request combo and just looking forward to spending some time with a beautiful woman. Is there a charge for the limo service for transportation, and if so how much. I look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible so I can plan my night. Thank you very much

    • Arnold Snyder

      Randy, hope you got through to the brothel. The way it works is you pay a deposit (typically $100) for the limo, and that deposit is applied toward the charge for your encounter.

      If you leave without choosing a girl, they’ll limo you back to Vegas but they keep the deposit.



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