Mad King Sisolak Just Mandated Masks Everywhere

Sisolak Returns to Busting Out the Joint

Dear Leader Sisolak

Mad King Sisolak, governor of Nevada, just held a news conference where he announced face coverings would be mandatory in Nevada everywhere starting Friday.

Sisolak:  “No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.”

Reporter: “What percentage of the new cases recently are attributable to doing much more testing?”

Sisolak’s “expert”: “I don’t have that information with me right now.”

There is absolutely no excuse for this.  There were 54 Covid-19 deaths the first week of April, and that number has been steadily falling since reopening to just eight for the week of June 17 through the 23rd.  And these numbers have been exaggerations.  They’ve been labeling deaths as Covid, without Covid testing, even when people were in hospice with late stage terminal cancer or heart failure.

The Bright and Shiny New Chop Fluey Testing Scam

So what Sisolak is using for the mask mandate is the bright and shiny new Chop Fluey testing scam.  Everyday the mainstream media breathlessly report thousands of new ScaryVirus cases, arguing these thousands of cases mean shutdowns should not be lifted and masks must be mandated.

But it turns out those tests don’t test for actual China Cooties infections.  All they test for is previous exposure to any coronavirus.

The common cold is a coronavirus.

According to a study published recently in Cell, 40 to 60 percent of blood donations between 2015 and 2018 test positive for Sino Snot Storm as well, even though the virus *did not exist at the time.*

The Face Mask Hoax

I’ve already published links to 22 studies showing that masks don’t stop transmission of Covid — or any other respiratory virus — because the virus particles are too small.  Now, here are another seven studies showing that masks don’t stop transmission of Covid.

In fact, the discussion of the studies at that link points out that masks likely increase the risk of picking up infections, including bacterial infections you are hatching in the moist, hot air within the mask.

Good-bye to Las Vegas

Room bookings in Vegas were already low and falling and this should finish off any hope of recovery here.  Las Vegas is simply not a fun place to be right now and it’s going to be getting worse, not better.

If you were planning a trip to Vegas, I would cancel it at this time.  I personally won’t go anywhere I have to wear a mask except for a quick stop to pick up perishable groceries.

Even Sisolak, whose chief lifetime achievement has been kissing up to Harry Reid, isn’t this stupid.  He knows exactly what he is doing.  Corrupt Democrats failed with their Antifa insurrection and are now back to trying to destroy the economy for the election. Sisolak is willing to bust out Nevada to help the team.

Why get caught in the middle of this?  Vegas at its best is a great party.  But it’s not a party now.  It’s frightened people sweating and struggling to breathe in masks, waiting in long lines for empty pools and poker rooms, wandering around dissatisfied, looking for something to do.

And prepare yourselves.  The media is already seeding the narrative that the “pandemic” will last at least two more years.  I’m telling you, the bullying will continue until we either get court orders curtailing these politicians’ abuses of power or until we kick Sisolak and the rest of these Democrats out of office.  In Sisolak’s case, his term isn’t up until 2022.

Update:  Masks Mandated for Everyone but Blacks in Oregon

In Oregon, masks are now mandated at all times for everyone except in Lincoln County, where “people of color” are exempt from the requirement.

For weeks they’ve been telling us that Blacks are disproportionately harmed by Bat Plague. They’ve also told us that masks will save us from ScaryVirus.  That’s false, but that’s what authorities are pretending to believe.

By telling blacks they don’t have to wear masks, does that mean this Oregon county wants blacks to die?  Don’t Black Lives Matter in this Oregon county?

34 Responses to “Mad King Sisolak Just Mandated Masks Everywhere”

  1. ALM12

    > “If you were planning a trip to Vegas, I would cancel it at this time.”

    I work in a Vegas club that’s open. Why would you discourage tourists to come here? What is wrong with you?

    • Arnold Snyder

      ALM12, because I won’t lie to readers just to take care of people like you, that’s why.

      Masks are very uncomfortable and there’s nothing to do in Vegas right now even if you wear a mask. Half of the bars on the Strip are shut down. The nightclubs and dayclubs are shut down. The shows are shut down. There are no bands, no street performers, no dancing and no fun on Fremont St.

      You have to wear a mask even to go to a swimming pool or play a slot machine. Dealers have been complaining for three weeks that the masks give them headaches and leave them unable to breathe.

      Vegas has always been something of a scam, but we provided barely enough fun to keep people coming.

      Now it’s just an outright fraud and shakedown.

      • Davehat

        Nightclubs and dayclubs just reopened last weekend (Intrique, Encore, Marquee). It’s table or daybed service only, but you can swim, drink, and hear DJ Lema or Mustard spin music (Marquee).

        BTW viruses don’t travel through air (else they’d dryup & disintegrate). It’s water droplets that travel through air, and these droplets are many, many times larger than the virus they carry. Masks with N95 filters will easily stop these droplets & protect you.

        • Arnold Snyder

          You are wrong, Davehat. The virus particles are so small they sail right through the mask air holes. Even N95 masks worn in a hospital setting by medical professionals don’t stop transmission of respiratory viruses, including Covid.

          And you don’t breathe out gobs of spit, Davehat.

          Not that it matters. Bat Plague is less dangerous than the flu.

  2. Ross

    Down here in River City the Bexar County judge issued an “executive order” last Wednesday June 17 requiring masks just about everywhere and for almost everyone. How can a judge issue an executive order?? Luckily we’re only 150 miles from the border, and despite what you hear on the news and elsewhere, crossing back and forth to Mexico is as easy as it always has been. Just have a mask handy in case the police try to shake you down for not wearing one.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ross, thanks for the info. I may head down to the Tijuana strip clubs and do a thorough report on all of them.

      I would leave Nevada permanently right now except I have two elderly German Shepherds I’d like to see through the end of their lives here.

      Then I’m ditching this state for somewhere far away from California.

  3. BennyHill

    What’s going to happen with me is that I will stop spending money. I will not shop, go to restaurant/bar, no more convenience store stops, no take out. I’ll order groceries and make do with clothes, etc. Sad but true. This is what they wanted, everything will be closing again soon. God Bless everyone and good luck.

      • BennyHill

        We can save all we want, but printing presses make our savings worthless every minute. We are headed for big trouble. Unfortunately, I think we will no longer recognize the USA in 5 years….if it’s even called that anymore.

  4. ALM12

    That makes perfect sense, but it’s also probably why you only have three advertisers on here. I suppose honesty is more important than revenue.

    • Arnold Snyder

      ALM12, that’s right, I have a reputation beyond this website and I intend to keep it.

      But you go ahead and lie to people and see how long you keep your readers and advertisers.

  5. ALM12

    Like I said, I think it’s right that you are telling the truth as you see it, but one of the reasons that two different club owners have told me now that they won’t advertise on this website is because it’s been taken in a political direction.

    I don’t even think they disagree with it, but it’s a site that was supposed to be about the industry and help generate customers and provide information to people. Instead, it’s turned into a biased political blog that, even if people like me who agree with its viewpoints, isn’t something many people want to read or many advertisers want to be associated with.

    But again, I respect you for telling the truth as you see it.

    • Arnold Snyder

      ALM12, it doesn’t make a bit of difference because the clubs are finished.

      It’s a blog now that discusses why the clubs are finished.

    • Nunya

      ALM12, your argument is non-sensical. Do you even read what you write? There wasn’t a political peep on this site until the clubs shut down. How can it currently be ‘a site that was supposed to be about the industry and help generate customers and provide information to people’ when everything is closed? Arnold already stated that as soon as clubs re-open, it will go right back to trip reports, Sapphire porn stars, and club ratings. As Joe Biden would say ‘Come on man!’.

  6. ALM12

    Well at least you have an optimistic view.

    Both of the club owners I talked to are very optimistic. And also clubs in other states are doing excellent from what I hear. Hopefully Vegas can come back quickly.

    • Arnold Snyder

      First, I don’t believe you work at a strip club and I don’t believe you have talked to anyone in a strip club. I don’t believe you have any idea how strip clubs work.

      There are no strip clubs anywhere doing well at this time except possibly in Republican-run Florida and other states that are actually allowing strip clubs to reopen with lap dances.

      A club in one Democrat-run state that was doing well because of full-contact lap dances was shut down permanently after one week by the cops.

      We’re not anywhere near to reopening in a way that would allow Vegas strip clubs to survive. Palomino is the only Vegas strip club that even has dancers in the club and they can’t sell lap dances.

      Otherwise, we don’t have any strip clubs in Las Vegas anymore. We have video poker bars and bars with nothing to offer but overpriced drinks.

      Sisolak is BACKING OFF from further reopening, not getting closer.

      He is relying on a HOAX to stay closed and that hoax is just getting warmed up again. He relies on people wishing and hoping to keep people from actually fighting him.

      Well, I am fighting him. I am calling him out for his abuse of power, and any strip club owner or manager with any balls at all is cheering me on.

      • ALM12

        I read an article a day or so ago on Fox Business where the ceo of dejavu said some of their clubs they reopened were doing as well as before and even breaking records. Obviously we don’t know if that’s true, but I guess if you think you know better than them how their clubs and other clubs are doing in states where you don’t live, then you must be the real Strip Club God!

        • Arnold Snyder

          FAKE NEWS. I linked to that article a day or two ago in the comments as an example of the kind of fake news out there about strip clubs.

          The article provided a quote of the Deja Vu manager from BEFORE THE SHUTDOWNS. They literally quoted an old article. The lazy fake newser didn’t even bother to make a phone call.

          You have no idea what is going on in strip clubs and you haven’t talked to ANYONE who actually knows what is going on.

          Get off my site or I will just start deleting your b.s.

        • Davehat

          SEEN RESTAURANTS CLOSING. Nationwide. The story is always the same “We cannot survive on just 50% occupancy. We’re spending more than we earn.” – Same principle applies to stripclubs. Reduced capacity with no girls (or nudity) means not enough customers or money to pay the bills.

  7. Zengrifter

    Sisolak and I have a curious shared business history.

    My initial entree into telemarketing boiler room sales was here in Vegas in the mid-70s, selling advertising specialties nationally. It’s where I first met Darryl Purpose.

    By the mid 80s when I had long since moved on to bigger and greener pastures, Sisolak had become the biggest boiler room advertising specialties operator in the state…

    … Sisolak’s American Distribution Co’s sales close/inducement was based on a faux instant sweepstakes, with the biggest prize being described by his boiler room brokers as “big screen TV” — a few weeks after the sale the prize would arrive – an ingenious giant magnifying glass that would affixe to the front of the TV set – what they had actually “won” was not a big screen TV, but rather a big TV SCREEN! LOL

    … So what do you expect from a former boiler room operator?

  8. Bill

    I kind of disagree Vegas has always been a scam, I love Vegas, compared to other places there is a lot to do in a small area. To me places like Miami are far worse, New York as well, yes it is tourist pricing but can do so much in a day. It has been worth it, there is scams sure but at this stage I do agree it isn’t worth my time. I am not a big gambler and without the other things it is gonna die. Until a full reopen not this partial stupidity by people who don’t have a clue how economics works probably cause they are socialists, things won’t change. I am weighing my options cause I have money and want a vacation but this isn’t it.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, you know why I started this website? Because too many Vegas strip clubs were scams.

      I wanted this to be the consumer reports of Vegas strip clubs, where I could talk honestly about what guys were looking for and what the clubs offered.

      This website has helped put a lot of scam strip clubs out of business.

  9. Scott W

    Keep us informed Arnold…please! The locsl media are just Kool-Aid pushers. They’re the worst combination of agends and ignorance.

    Your blog is the only place Nevadans can get straight information. Half the population is addicted to free money and an eviction moratorium…. both will end; but it won’t end calmly.

    What will they say when…
    *Masks are universal
    *Cases steadily roll on
    *Deaths disappear on a % basis
    *Hospitalizations continue to dwindle
    *Nevada continues to go broke

    Will they mandate 2 masks in public?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Scott, at that press conference Sisolak didn’t even pretend to have a reason. It was just a blatant show of power.

      They don’t care if they convince anybody because for now they can do whatever they want whether anybody likes it or not.

      • Bill

        They don’t have to provide reason anymore, they know they have their side brainwashed. I’m on a Vegas page on Facebook and many love the decision.

  10. Scott W

    AS: Can ypu share a link to the mask effectiveness meta analysis with the 22 studies. I just read the one you shared with 7 studies. Very compelling.

    I can only argue with facts on this one. No ability to sue. No willingness yet to shoot, shout, vandalize or worse.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Scott, the reason I haven’t been posting the link to the 22 studies again is because Researchgate took it down, even though all it did was link to 22 actual studies in peer-reviewed journals.

      I would have to look up the 22 studies myself and link to each of them separately. I’ll do that when I have time.

  11. Bill

    Maybe I’m wrong when I went to the page on Facebook it said opens tomorrow but don’t see any posts confirming.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, nothing on their Facebook page, nothing on their website except they’re taking reservations for 4th of July weekend.

      But they’ve taken reservations before that they had to cancel.

  12. Bill

    Yeah I am now thinking it was facebook auto updating as opens tomorrow since they still have hours up. My fault.

    • Aaron

      As far as the mask thing goes I’m not too upset over it. If I have to trade wearing a mask for having the things that I want open I’m perfectly willing to do that for a while. Maybe it helps some maybe it doesnt. I just want the shows to open again. That will be my trigger point for making a trip to Vegas. If these new cases in TX FL Az start translating in tons of deaths we’re going to be screwed until the states run out of money and it’s either reopen and take our medicine like Sweden or collapse.
      The Sapphire pool has really upped thier Twitter post traffic. I haven’t seen a firm reopen date, but if I had to bet on them being open in some form by the fourth I’d say yes.



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