Massive Biden Vote Fraud Ring in Houston Busted

Fake ID from China Used to Vote for 1000s of Dead and Homeless

Texas Democrat Politicians Involved

Biden’s Texas Political Director Dallas Jones has been Busted for Running a Massive Vote Fraud Ring
in Houston

Journalist Patrick Howley is reporting that a massive Biden-controlled vote fraud ring in Houston has been busted.

The ring has been run by Biden’s Texas campaign head Dallas Jones, Precinct 1 Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Biden political consultant Gerald Womack, and District 13 Texas State Senator Boris Miles.

Here’s how it worked.  The ring used multiple methods.

First, with the complicity of nursing home staff, the ring registered nursing home residents to vote absentee, using the addresses of the nursing homes.  When the ballots arrived, the ring members didn’t nag the residents to vote for Democrats.  Instead, the ring just filled out the ballots themselves and forged the residents’ signatures on them.  There is video of them filling out thousands and thousands of ballots.

They also registered homeless people to vote, using addresses associated with the vote fraud ring members.  Again, the vote fraud ring filled out the ballots themselves and forged the homeless people’s signatures on them.

They also collected the ballots of thousands of dead people, filled the ballots out themselves, and forged the dead people’s signatures on them.

They also used stacks of phony driver’s licenses from China to commit vote fraud at a drive-in voting place on Spaulding Street in Houston.  One of the fraud ring’s associates would drive up to vote.  The precinct worker would provide a phony driver license to the associate.  And the associate would vote in the name of the person in the phony driver license.

The fake driver’s licenses contained the info of real people, usually young, that China had hacked over the internet.  The licenses scanned like real driver’s licenses.

Customs and Border Protection confirmed that fraudulent driver’s licenses coming into this country, including from mainland China, include personal information that young people give out on the Internet.  20,000 of these fake IDs were recently confiscated in Chicago.

The State of Texas had sued to limit the number of drive-in voting locations in Houston and lost in court.  42,000 voted in 10 drive-in voting locations in the first four days of early voting and nobody knows at this point how many of those votes were legit and how many were committed by the fraud ring.

Undercover Cops Infiltrated the Ring and Served as Poll Watchers

Dallas Jones Now in the Custody of the FBI

There are multiple witnesses for all of this.  Trump appears to have had teams of private investigators—former cops—infiltrate the operation and serve as poll watchers in the Spaulding St. voting precinct.  Video evidence, photographic evidence, and the sworn testimony of the witnesses have been filed with the DA and the Texas Supreme Court.  You can see some of the evidence here.

Reporter Patrick Howley has been able to confirm with law enforcement sources that Dallas Jones is in FBI custody and was being interrogated yesterday.  Here’s the street buzz on the arrest.

Since Howley’s story on the vote fraud ring broke, Houston voting precincts have been trying to bar GOP poll watchers from entering.

Howley also reports that Biden vote fraud rings have been busted in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New York, Virginia, Minnesota, California, and more.  That’s how 372k duplicate ballots showed up in Pennsylvania.  It was never people accidentally voting twice.

I’ve followed Patrick Howley for years and I’ve never seen him break a false story.  He broke the Veterans Affairs scandal, Ralph Northam’s blackface photo, NXIVM’s employment of Gillibrand family members, Pelosi family business in Ukraine, and the Cal Cunningham sex scandal.

You can watch the full video on Biden’s Houston vote fraud ring below.

24 Responses to “Massive Biden Vote Fraud Ring in Houston Busted”

    • Arnold Snyder

      Aaron, every state where they’re doing mass mail-in voting without voters requesting the ballot.

      Every state where they passed laws allowing ballot harvesting and removing signature verification.

      And more. Think of it this way. Texas didn’t allow any of that stuff and there’s a mass Biden vote fraud ring in Texas.

  1. Arnold Snyder

    Even with mass vote fraud GOP is frying Democrats in early voting;

    538 Michigan: Biden +7.9
    Michigan early vote: GOP +2

    538 Ohio: Trump +0.3
    OH early vote: GOP +6

    538 Texas: Trump +1.4
    TX early vote: GOP +13

  2. Bill

    I see fake drivers licenses from China, do you think china is involved directly as they obviously want Biden to win.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, have you seen the revelations of the three China hard drives full of blackmail material on Biden and the Democrats and half of Congress?

      Here’s where it gets tricky. Remember, those fake driver’s licenses sent to Chicago were caught. And how did Trump know to send an entire cop investigative unit into Texas and where to send them?

      I was told that the U.S., China and Russia came to a deal about a year ago. They basically divided up the world like FDR, Stalin and Churchill, though this time the UK and Europe aren’t considered important enough to be part of the deal.

      We arm the Saudis and Israel to essentially be the balance of power in the Middle East. Other than that, we are done with Middle East wars. Russia keeps their holdings in Syria and Assad. China gets Iran and Iran’s oil.

      The U.S. gets the Western hemisphere, meaning China and Russia out of our affairs and out of Central and South America, especially Venezuela. And no more Chinese fentanyl thru Mexsico.

      At the time of that deal, the three hard drives were turned over to Trump’s DOJ.

      Hunter’s laptops may be a cover story for revelations from those hard drives. If not, China may have planted the material on Hunter’s laptops. Did you see another Hunter laptop was seized yesterday in Ukraine?

      And I think it’s possible that China continued with their election rigging plans with the Democrats, but with the Trump admin informed every step of the way to catch everybody.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill just heard from a source that he believes Biden will drop out Thursday.

      What this means is that DNC is engaged in serious discussion about dropping him out and that’s known thru wiretaps.

      • Bill

        If Biden drops out what does that mean for the election. The votes mailed already can’t count for Biden and how do they get a candidate out. This would almost certainly mean trump gets second term

        • 808forever

          If Biden does drop out, won’t that mean Harris becomes the presidential candidate, due to her being the VP running mate? I’m not up on political stuff, so someone help me out please.

          If she does take his place, Trump’s landslide is all but assured IMO.

        • Arnold Snyder

          Bill, it’s gotten to the point where Oregon is in play now, so Trump gets a second term either way.

          Just got new info on this based on wiretaps and raw intelligence data, like who is suddenly calling whom with extraordinary frequency and in the middle of the night, etc. Multiple sources are now saying Dems are seriously looking at removing Biden and calling for an election redo. But I don’t know that there’s any provision for an election redo in the constitution or law. Anyone know?

          Under consideration as replacement:

          1. Hillary. But Trump has the Weiner laptop and 33k emails and can release them whenever he wants.
          2. ClA Buttigieg. But “he has skeletons overflowing his closet–let’s just say his love life has been spread quite thin.”
          3. Bernie. But “he has issues that would end his political career twice over if they came to light.”
          4. Bloomberg. But the CCP hard drives are full of blackmail material on him.
          5. Warren. She’s compromised like the rest of them plus no one can stand her.

          He puts Hillary’s odds at 60%. But the Hillary email scandal will be much larger than even the DNC expects. Plus, new blackmail material on Hillary is “flowing in like someone unclogged a drain.”

          He says the video of Hunter Biden with the 7-11 year old girl where she is fighting and screaming in pain is actually LESS bad than WHERE it was filmed.

          Says Hillary emails shed light on “car accident.” Wouldn’t say which car accident but someone just filed a lawsuit against Jill Biden for pushing the car containing Joe’s first wife and kids into the path of a tractor-trailer.

          Says every news outlet in America knows the email is real, has received the film of Hunter and the kid, and is going release of materials with their legal departments.

          Also says the Hunter laptop evidence is corroborating evidence. They already had other evidence on all of it.

          Says to expect shocking developments.

          • 808forever

            I’m very surprised AOC isn’t on that list. I thought she was the “future of the Democrat Party”, the way they spun it. She’s younger and more popular than Harris, with a little less baggage.

            The Dope’s thinking continues to boggle us all.

  3. Arnold Snyder

    Forbes says Vegas visitor numbers in August were down 57% from last year. Revenues were down 60%.

    August never gets convention traffic, so months that usually get big conventions will likely be especially grim.

    I am marveling how Sisolak is looking at a 50-60% shortfall in the state budget and continues to do nothing about it.

  4. Aaron

    That sucks about odd fellows..we need this election to go our way or we are going to see this all over the USA. I found out the mesa grill at Ceasers is no longer serving brunch. I know its a tiny thing, but i really enjoyed their breakfast. I doubt i even leave the downtown area for food now. Anyone have opinions on a good breakfast near fremont street?

    • MK Ultra

      EAT on 7th and Carson has a pretty bomb brunch menu. Love their bread. Everything is about $15 a plate though. They have a counter if your dining solo which is rad.

      PublicUS on Fremont and Maryland parkway is a hipster type coffee house with interesting breakfast. You jockey for seats so eye out your spot then order. $10-15 a plate.

      Omelette House is in Charleston between Shadow and Rancho. Past Frankie’s behind UMC . About mile and half from the Plaza. It’s old school home cooking. They make like a thick potato chip instead of hash browns. I think they’ve been there since the 70’s. I lived by there and ate a lot. My bill always under $10 and I’d be full AF. Decorated like my grannies house. I like it.

      If your trying to be healthy there’s a protein and greens at Juhl on 4th and Bonneville. Prolly about 11-12 a plate. It’s healthy so no big portions. Free cucumber water . There are parking meters all around but for some reason there are none on 4th between Garces and Bonneville. They got every hot sauce in packets so I always grab a fistful when I dip.

  5. Arnold Snyder

    Black turnout in NC and GA is right now at only 40% of 2016 turnout.

    As I’ve said, Democrats shot themselves in the foot with their Bat Plague hoax. They destroyed their best get-out-the-vote advantage: Souls to the Polls.



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