Promoters, Are They Worth It? YES (Digitally Speaking)

When it comes to Las Vegas strip clubs there’s no shortage of advertising & promotions. The most prominent yet archaic means of getting people to a club is the promoter. If you’re walking the strip you will see countless people with flyers, or an elevator pitch ready to launch your way in hopes they’ll convince you to abort whatever it is you’re up to and let them put you in a vehicle that’ll chauffeur you to a strip club. A lot are janky and provide misinformation, they don’t work for any one club as an employee, instead, they get paid per person they get to pay a cover charge to a club and most promoters work with just about every club that offers kickbacks to them. However, this is 2023 and there is a new way to strip club!


Digital Promoters, a new way to custom tailor your strip club experience!

In this article, we highlight “Maximize LV”. Maximize LV is a digital promoter, meaning you visit the site explore the packages, and customer reviews, and submit an inquiry. Someone will get back to you shortly (usually by text or email) and they work to tailor your desired experience. Whether is a corporate outing, divorce party, 21st birthday, or for no reason aside from wanting to hang out in a cool place with pretty women you can have your own host create a custom package that fits your desires with your budget free of hassle, lies & split-second decision making.

What kind of packages are offered?


 If you’re simply seeking to go to a Strip Club and aren’t wanting bottle service, VIP section, or any special treatment then this is the package for you. Simply provide us with all information regarding you/your group and we will arrange which club (based on your wants) and transportation to pick you up when you’re ready! Upon arrival at the club you will pay general admission and go about enjoying your evening!

Includes transportation to the club of your choosing. Completely free if you select from our list of choice clubs!



Great for groups of 4 or more guests! This package includes free transportation to 3 choice clubs. Your door fee is waived at each club so you can pay for your drinks and entertainment! 
Includes set transportation to 3 clubs of your choosing. Completely free depending on which clubs you select from our Choice Selection list. 


Our most popular package is an all night party! You and your guests will be picked up by our incredible party bus, stocked with bottle service and 2 beautiful girls for the night! You’ll visit 3 clubs with your cover fee waived, so you can spend your money on the entertainment! This option is most popular with bachelor parties and groups of 4 or more!

Includes party bus transportation to 3 clubs of your choosing, with bottle service and 2 girls on the bus all night. Get the real VIP treatment for the night! 

What’s nice about Maximize LV is that everything can be custom tailored. What you want can be achieved with a little back and forth between their hosts and your party leader. You provide the desired experience or experiences and Maximize LV will provide you the necessary budget to make it happen. From there you can either build up or scale back. You can have someone set it all up for you and when the night comes you just follow the itinerary or pay a little more and have a host guide you through your entire experience. Las Vegas has 23 strip clubs currently, many of which are unknown to a tourist demographic because they don’t have the budget to compete for eyeballs like more well known clubs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a visit! Some offer gaming inside of their club (Play it again Sam’s), others offer full nude with alcohol (Palomino), there’s something for everyone in this town it’s just a matter of knowing it ahead of time!


TVO encourages you to explore options and opportunity!


For more on Maximize LV:

@Maximize.LV on Instagram

(702) 449-3186 (text preferred)


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