Meet Capri from Girl Collection — TVO’s June Dancer of the Month


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Meet Capri from Girl Collection — TVO’s June Dancer of the Month

The platinum blonde Capri is one of those dancers you spot immediately from across the room.  When I walked into Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection with photographer Hew Burney, he took one look at

Girl Collection Girlfriend Experience Dancer

Capri Loves to Flirt at Girl Collection

her on stage and said, “There’s your June dancer of the month.”

Capri has platinum glam and a killer body that she knows how to move to stop men in their tracks.  Then up close, she’s all freckled-face charm.

She reminds me of a cross of Marilyn Monroe and Tatum O’Neal in the Bad News Bears.  Before becoming a dancer, Capri worked as a nanny. She loves kids.

Girl Collection is the swank new gentlemen’s ultra-lounge designed by boxing legend Floyd Mayweather as his own pleasure palace.  Every dancer in the club was hand-picked by the champ himself.

You can get a photo tour of the club in our Girl Collection review.

I interviewed Capri in one of the private rooms at the club, shortly after Hew Burney photographed her.  You can find Capri’s interview and Dancer of the Month photo gallery below.

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Where are you from?


How long have you been dancing professionally?

About a year and a half.  I moved here and started dancing.

How do you compare Girl Collection to other Vegas clubs?

It’s way different from what I’m used to. The other topless clubs are less geared to stage performing and I love dancing on stage.

How do you feel about stage performance as opposed to doing lap dances and private VIP shows?

Going on stage makes me confident and ready for a private show because when I’m on stage I’m showcasing myself. I’m putting on my best performance and that’s what brings people to me. They can see I can dance and I’m pretty and I’m having fun. I love doing private shows.

What do you like most about dancing as a profession?

I was very tomboyish before I started dancing. Dancing makes me feel sexy and I love that. Doing the job itself is not that hard. Mostly it’s dealing with some of the things guys say to you. Some girls make it seem like it’s more than it is. But it’s helped me discover my sexy side and I’ve embraced my sex appeal.

Plus, I think dancing prepares you to go anywhere. You meet so many new people all the time. You expand your brain.

When you’re dancing on stage, what would you like people in the audience to know about you that they might not guess just from watching your stage performance?

I’m actually nicer than I look. Some people think I have an intimidating face but I’m fun. I’m funky. I have a lot of personality. I’m cool. My goals are different from what people would think.

What are your goals?

I want to have my own day care for kids. I love kids with a passion. At some point I’ll have my own kids, but not yet.

What do you do in your free time?

I like to be outdoors. I like to explore and do things that give me an adrenaline rush.

I also like to travel. I just got back from South Carolina. I’ve been all over California and Florida. I love Cancun. I’m going to New York soon.


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(All photos below are by Hew Burney. To see and read about more TVO dancers of the month, see our Gallery of All Dancers of the Month.)

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