Meet Kendra of Little Darlings: Our March Dancer of the Month

Las Vegas stripper Kendra of Little DarlingsOur March 2018 Dancer of the Month is exotic Asian beauty Kendra of Little Darlings Las Vegas.

If Kendra locks her eyes on yours, game over. She owns you.

On stage, she moves like a ballet dancer, so feline and feminine, with her shining black hair pouring down her back. Then she starts pulling at the hip-band of her g-string and it dawns on you that dancers at Little Darlings take off everything. That g-string is coming down.

As she struts proudly in naught but her platform fuck-me heels, is there any sight in the world more beautiful than Kendra naked? How can you help but want to get her alone?

At Little Darlings, you can have Kendra alone and fully nude for a mere $20 in one of the club’s private lap dance booths (and you can make that two lap dances for the price of one with a VIP package at the club website). Or think of the positions you can get into with Kendra in a private bedroom dance — starting at only $125 for 15 minutes — alone with her in a full-sized bed…

Did you come to Vegas to gamble? Maybe you ought to blow a little money on a sure thing. Kendra is one of the main reasons I go to Little Darlings on the weekends. Nude club, age 18+, no alcohol.

Click on the pics in our photo gallery below the fold to enlarge.

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