Meet Lily of Palomino Club — Our December Dancer of the Month

Our December Vegas strip club Dancer of the Month, green-eyed Lily, is only 5’2″. She dances exclusively at Palomino Club where you can just about always find her on weekend nights.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Lily loves pizza and all outdoor activities, especially hiking in the mountains and snowboarding.

Palomino, the only nude strip club in Vegas with a full bar, is the perfect venue for Lily because she loves getting naked and she’s an incurable tease.  And guys, that smile is real.  If you’re looking for a girl who is not only beautiful but charming and warm, Lily is the dancer for you.

As an added bonus, we’ve included a few pics of Lily in one of Palomino’s theme rooms with Krystal. Want to experience a little bit of heaven on earth? Get a two-girl show in one of Palomino’s private bedrooms with Lily and Krystal. There. Your life’s complete. You can now die knowing you’ve experienced the best this planet has to offer.

You can get Lily alone and naked for a high-mileage private dance for less than most Vegas strip clubs charge for the group VIP.  See our Vegas strip club VIP price and privacy guide for details.

All photos of Lily by Michael Maze. You may also be interested in our Gallery of Former Vegas Strip Club Dancers of the Month.

Lily’s Photo Gallery

Click on “Read More” to view Lily’s full gallery, then click on pics to enlarge.

2 Responses to “Meet Lily of Palomino Club — Our December Dancer of the Month”

  1. Dacehat

    I think I prefer the blonde Krystal (thin, healthy, fit). Not into thicker girls with BMI over 23.




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