Meet Octavia of Palomino Club, TVO’s December Dancer of the Month

To brighten up your holidays, feast your eyes on Palomino Club’s delectable Octavia, our Vegas Strip Club Dancer of the Month for December 2019. I saw Octavia dance on stage at the club for the first time last month and was struck by her beauty, impish smile, and the sense that she was really having fun teasing the crowd.

I emailed the club the next day and asked if they had any photos of Octavia. I was in luck. Palomino’s photographer, Matt Lotter, had just finished doing a photo set of her.

“Octavia is awesome,” the club manager says. “A very sweet and cool girl.”

Palomino is one of Las Vegas’ greatest strip clubs, and the only gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas that has both a full bar and totally nude dancers. That means you can see Octavia in the flesh, without her pretty lingerie, both on stage and in the club’s fully private VIP booths and private bedrooms. Just call 702-642-2984 for free limo transport to the club for groups of two or more (solo guys call for limo availability, as you can usually catch a free ride if you’re flexible on pick-up time and location).

Or get one of Palomino’s VIP packages for bottle service, couples, groups and solo guys.  A package is a good deal here not only for the royalty treatment but for the reserved VIP table, as this popular club gets to standing room only most nights by 10 pm.

Until you get to the club, these pics will have to suffice.

Click on the photos below the fold to enlarge. 


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