Meet Red from Palomino Club — TVO’s July Las Vegas Strip Club Dancer of the Month

Las Vegas Strip Club Dancer of the Month Red of Palomino Club

Red Dances at Palomino Club

Our July Dancer of the Month performs exclusively at Palomino Club Vegas and goes simply by “Red.” She’s an island girl who hails from Hawaii, the kind of Polynesian love goddess Gauguin abandoned Europe for and Fletcher Christian jumped ship for in Mutiny on the Bounty.

On stage, Red is mesmerizing. She strikes erotic poses effortlessly.

Palomino is the only nude club in Las Vegas that serves alcohol. We recommend it as one of the best strip clubs in Vegas for it’s wild stage show and stunning dancers.  It’s also one of our picks for the best Vegas strip clubs for couples.

I interviewed Red at Palomino’s upstairs bar just before she ran off to do a stage set.  Her interview and photo gallery are directly below.

How long have you been in Las Vegas?

I moved here from Hawaii about a year ago.

Were you a dancer in Hawaii?

Oh no. I used to be a waitress and did other regular jobs. I worked in a clothing store for a while. But I couldn’t be a dancer there. I was born and raised in Hawaii, so everybody knows me. I came to Vegas to start a new party life. Palomino Club is my party place. I don’t go to parties. I come here.

What do you do when you’re not dancing?

I go hiking a lot. I love cooking. I read. Right now I’m reading a vampire trilogy. I like vampire stuff — sexy vampire sex. I’m so dorky really. I’m such a geek. I read weird books and I love playing video games. I’m freaky but I’m also a nerd.

How do you feel about doing lap dances and private one-on-one shows as opposed to stage performing?

I love doing private shows, of course — they’re way better. Dancing on stage — I call it my billboard. It’s just a taste of who I am. But I’ve got all these moves for when I get you alone — I like it. It gives me a rush.

For a real rush, check out Red’s photo gallery below.

(All photos below are by Michael Maze. To see and read about more TVO dancers of the month, see our Gallery of All Las Vegas Strip Club Dancers of the Month.)

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