Monday Night Football Parties Start This Week in the Vegas Strip Clubs

sapphire-mnfMonday Night Football is here. The first Monday (Sept 12) is a double header. The Steelers vs Redskins kicks off at 4 pm. The second game, Rams vs 49ers, kicks off at 7 pm.

Vegas gets crowded on Monday nights during football season because guys like to bet on the games. The action is huge. The prop bets are crazy. But if you like tits with your football, after you get your bets down, get out of the casinos and into the strip clubs, where the parties are wilder.

Early reservations are advised. Here are the clubs that are advertising MNF parties so far:


Sapphire (club review/ club website) screens all MNF games in its 300-seat Showroom. But for the Double header this coming Monday, the club is advertising a huge party that will take place in both the Showroom and the club’s main room.

Your $10 ticket includes main room seating to watch the game on huge HD screens with digital surround sound, an open bar from 4 pm – 8 pm, tailgate style food, prize giveaways, raffles, and halftime dollar dances with over 100 topless babes. Yes, you read that right – your $10 ticket includes your admission, free food, and four hours of an open bar!

Plus, there will be dollar dances during BOTH halftimes – high-contact, fully topless lap dances with a tsunami of Sapphire’s gorgeous girls. If you want to know how dollar dances work at Sapphire, see: The Best Lap Dance in Vegas.  Sapphire is the only club in Vegas that has halftime dollar dances.

Sapphire also has a $20 VIP ticket that includes all of the above, but with seating in the 300-seat Showroom (which may be the best sports viewing venue in Vegas).  The $20 VIP ticket includes the best MNF buffet spread in town – barbecue, salads, gourmet Mexican, fresh sushi appetizers, pasta, and a dessert bar – far beyond the usual pizza and wings. Don’t pass up the mac’n’cheese.

If you’re a local, or you plan to be in Vegas for many (or all) of the MNF games, Sapphire has a season ticket available for $150 that includes Showroom seating for all 17 MNF games, plus the Super Bowl party in the main room, with three complimentary drinks per game.  This is a terrific deal at this club.

To purchase a ticket or make reservations for Sapphire’s limo, call Sapphire at 1.702.869.0003 or reserve your MNF package now online.

Palomino Club

If you prefer totally naked girls with your football, Palomino Club (club review / club website) is going to be screening MNF games this year. The remodeled main floor will be where the action is, with free food, drink specials, prizes and giveaways. I’ll check it out the first Monday and post a more detailed description. The main draw at Palomino – the girls drop their drawers, both in the wild stage show and in the VIP.

Crazy Horse III

Crazy Horse III (club review) is currently advertising only their season ticket price and it’s a decent deal for locals who can take advantage of all the games. CH3 screens all Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday games (NFL and college games) and their $99 season pass includes admission and 3 Bud Lights (or 2 “sponsored” cocktails) for every game. For the Monday games, there’s free pizza.

CH3 hasn’t posted any single game deals yet – just the season pass deal.


Cheetahs (club review) is advertising beer bucket specials, shots 3/$10, free food, plus contests and giveaways.


Babes (club review) has announced they’ll be screening both games, offering $5 pizzas, $1.50 Bud Light pints, and 2-for-1 lap dances during the games.

Deja Vu Showgirls

Deja Vu Showgirls (club review) hasn’t posted details yet but they’ve been doing MNF parties the past few years so I’m guessing they’ll have MNF parties again this year. Monday nights at Deja Vu are typically “locals drink free till midnight.” Unless they change this policy during football season, this could make their MNF parties popular with locals.

Other strip clubs that typically have MNF parties that have not yet posted details are Treasures (which in the past has had a free buffet and dollar dances at halftime), OG (which in the past has had wings, pizza, hot dogs and sometimes a dollar titty storm at halftime), Hustler Club, and Babes.

I’ll continue to update this listing as more clubs provide details.


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