Best of the Las Vegas Male Strip Shows

Strip Club Hunk Shows vs. Casino Hunk Shows

The main difference between a show like Thunder from Down Under at Excalibur’s Thunder Theater and the male strip shows at Sapphire and the other Vegas strip clubs is that the dancers at the strip clubs sell lap dances (and sometimes VIP private shows) after the stage show to the strip club audiences.

The audiences are a little different as well. The casino-based hunk shows tend to have a female crowd that ranges from young to middle-aged. The strip club based hunk show audience tends to be women under thirty.

If you like the idea of up-close-and-personal contact with a nearly-nude male dancer, the strip club shows are for you. If you’re more into the idea of a crowd of women laughing at cute guys ripping their shirts off, stick to a show like Thunder from Down Under.

Gay Friendly Male Strip Shows in Las Vegas

All of the major male strip shows in Las Vegas admit men unaccompanied by women.  Although the audiences of the shows are primarily women, the shows are gay friendly.

Male Strip Shows at Vegas Strip Clubs


3025 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas
(702) 869-0003

Show: Men of Sapphire
Open: Thursdays 9 pm to midnight/Fri & Sat 10 pm to 1 am
Cover Charge: $40 ($10 locals)

This show starts with a Thunder from Down Under-style stage show (hunks stripping out of soldier, cowboy, and fireman outfits, etc.) but after the show the guys come off stage to work the crowd and flirt and sell high-contact lap dances ($20).

If you buy a high-contact lap dance, it will generally include the guy feeling up your titties, dry humping you, and generally getting all over you. The women in the crowd who are getting the lap dances seem to love it.

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Hustler Club

6007 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas
(702) 795-3131

Show: Kings of Hustler
Open: Thur – Sun, 8pm – 2 am
Cover Charge: $25, includes 2 drinks

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43 Responses to “Best of the Las Vegas Male Strip Shows”

  1. Anonymous

    My wife and I are going to Vegas soon, and she’s looking for male strippers that offer VIP rooms and lap dances. Do any places do that or are they all “shows” and “revues” only?

    Beyond that, what place would you recommend for us?

    • Arnold Snyder

      You are going to make some male strippers very happy.

      The show at Sapphire would be terrific. There are also male shows with lap dancing offered at Hustler (and I believe OG) but Sapphire’s has been the best on recent visits.

      They put on the classic stage show (buff firemen, cowboys, etc. ripping off costumes), but then they are out in the crowd doing lap dances and VIP room dances, as high-mileage as your wife could wish. Sapphire’s male strippers appear in the club showroom every Friday and Saturday night–a large, comfortable, and elegant setting. The show starts at 10 pm.

      If you’re looking for fully-nude male strippers, Club Lacy’s has an all-nude crazy male revue on Sunday nights only (starting at 9:30 p.m.) that ends with lap dances and VIP room shows–the same deals as Palomino Club and Lacy’s offer to guys. Club Lacy’s features primarily African-American male strippers. The crowd is mixed, the women go nuts.

  2. Steve

    So do they take over the entire club on Friday/Saturday nights at Sapphire? Or is there more than one area there, one with male strippers and one with female…

    • Arnold Snyder

      No, the male strip show and lap dances are in the Sapphire 300-seat showroom, which is sort of a separate club within the club. You go in through the main club entrance, and just past the desk is the entrance to the showroom.

      Otherwise you continue down the hall past the desk into the main club.

      The main portion of the strip club is vast. It dwarfs the 300-seat showroom.

      So the main strip club activities go on every Friday and Saturday night at the same time as the male strip show and lap dances, but in a different part of the club.

      • Anonymous

        Excellent. Thank you! Sounds like Sapphire is perfect because they offer both ladies and men.

  3. Steve

    My girlfriend loves going with me to strip clubs and gets as many/more dances as I do. So of course if she wanted to see the male strippers that would be fine with me. Question, if I go with her would I be the only dude there? While she is into the female strippers I am NOT into the male strippers 🙂 But I’d go with her if I wasn’t the only guy in the audience.

  4. Ben

    I have the same question as Steve. I would be interested in the number of guys with their wife or girlfriend at the Sapphire show in particular. Any reports would be appreciated.

  5. Arnold Snyder

    The majority of customers at Sapphire are guys, but on any busy night you will see couples. I’ve never tried to do a count or figure a percentage, but off the top of my head I’d say it’s about 95% men in the main room. If you go to the Saturday night Comedy Hour, there’s a much higher percentage of couples.

  6. Arnold Snyder

    Steve and Ben, I’ve never gone into the Sapphire male strip show, but my understanding from talking to a host there is that it’s virtually all women.

    • Johnny

      Arnold, thanks for the info. Two questions. You mention above that the male shows at Sapphire are at 9:30. But your male review page says they are at 9 on Friday and 10 on Saturday. Which is correct?

      Second question. Do you know the “standard” cost for a private dance from the male dancers at Sapphire? Thanks to you, I am always well informed on costs when I am in Vegas strip clubs to see the ladies and I would like the same info when I take my wife to see the guys.

  7. Arnold Snyder

    Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy. In fact, the Men of Sapphire show times have changed once more. It’s now 10 pm on both Friday and Saturday.

    There are no “private” dances (i.e., dances in a private room) for this show, but the male dancers do lap dances in the audience for $20.

  8. Johnny

    Thanks for the info and the great job you do on this site! We all appreciate your hard work.

  9. David

    Took my wife out to men of OG on a Sunday night as an IOU for my spearmint rhino night… There was easily other couples at all times, the guys make you comfortable before they play with your wife.. $20 for a song. She was creeped out on male strippers before going and loved it. Had 4 lap dances. As the spouse though be ready to have these guys do thing we can only dream of for $20. They played with her boobs, pile drives from behind, ass slaps etc. She was in shock. And loved it

  10. jamminj

    So Club Lacy’s Male Revue on sundays – what is the couple factor there? anyone been with their SO?

  11. jamminj

    Just called Club Lacy (Palomino’s) – they said that the male revue was closing, just three Sundays left.

  12. Arnold Snyder

    Jamminj, Thanks for the info on Club Lacy’s. I’ll verify the closing of the male show in 3 weeks with management. Don’t know how many couples go to that show as I haven’t seen it.

  13. Johnny

    Arnold…are the guy strippers at Sapphire back to the 9:00 Friday 10:00 Saturday schedule?

  14. Mal

    Do you know if there are any shows like the Men of Palomino or where those dancers are performing now since the show was discontinued? Thanks in advance

  15. Arnold Snyder

    Mal: Don’t know. If another show like that opens I’ll review here. I’ll ask the show’s producer if any of the performers in that show are performing elsewhere, but I haven’t heard any news on it since the show closed.

  16. Jim

    My wife wants a private dance from a male stripper. Which place is the best/naughtiest?

  17. Arnold Snyder

    Jim: I don’t believe any of the male strip shows in Vegas right now offer “private” dances, meaning dances that take place in a private room between dancer and customer. The one male strip show that did offer private shows–Club Lacy’s–discontinued their male shows last month.

  18. Dan R

    Arnold, is the male show a separate cover at Sapphire? Or can my wife and I arrive around 7 for the regular club and then move over to the show for my wife? (Same place different stage?) I was planning to go to Palomino so we could each get a nice show but obviously that’s DOA. (Is it just me or is it totally unfair that ladies don’t get to see the full package?) Also, I have heard the Mexican place near Sapphire is good, but does that require leaving the club / separate? Great website BTW thank you!

  19. Arnold Snyder

    Dan R: Yes, the male show at Sapphire requires a separate cover, but if your wife is going that show, she won’t have to pay the $33 cover charge to enter the club, and after the show she can join you in the club.

    The male show takes place in a separate room in the club.

    The Mexican place–El Dorado Cantina–is located in the same building as Sapphire, but has a separate entrance. Walk out the front door, turn right and it’s right there. Great food! All organic and GMO-free.

  20. J D'Amico

    Can you provide any information on the group Men of the Strip and where they perform in Las Vegas? Thought they moved there and had regular shows happening on the weekends but their site does not seem to be updated since around 2015 for the events unless that means the tours only stopped in 2015….they had a great number of guys in their group and have friends who go to the city that have interest in seeing these guys perform.

    • Arnold Snyder

      J, they used to perform regularly at The D on Fremont St, but I believe they’re only making special appearances right now. I don’t see anything scheduled at this time.

  21. MelB

    I’ve been to the Men of Sapphire and they also do private and VIP sessions. Depending on the guy I guesd but these sessions can also be pretty high mileage I wouldn’t doubt if there were extras going on in these VIP rooms so yay for us ladies we deserve some equal opportunity in the mileage dept at the strip club 😉

  22. Arnold Snyder

    If you’ve tried to post a comment or question & it didn’t post, it’s because we’ve just moved to a new server. Any bugs should be worked out soon.

  23. stevenandmonica

    My husband and I are both bisexual and in December we wher hoping to get a private room at the hunk mansion do they still do those? And yes it’s mainly for my husband’s birthday is birthday wish is to have a gay or bi male stripper do a private show for us we r willing to pay. Is it even possible to find that in Vegas? They used to do private room reservation for single or group or even couples does the hunk mansion still offer that?

  24. jennifer

    is there any clubs in Vegas that have both male and female entertainers in the same room and at the same time or alternating on stage? Both my husband and I would like to have our own dancers at the same time if possible.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jennifer, no, there’s no club like that. As an alternative, you could go to Sapphire to see Men of Sapphire and watch male dancers together, then after the show go into the main showroom to watch female dancers.

  25. Eric

    My wife and I love going to strip clubs during our Vegas trips, so thank you for this informative website. We used to go to OG so she could see the men. OG had private booths with curtains for privacy, and suffice it to say, my wife has gotten pretty crazy with some strippers. Unfortunately, it looks like OG closed. I have read information about Men of Sapphire and Kings of Hustler but am not sure about whether they offer lap dancers that are truly private. Now that OG is closed, do any other places in Vegas offer male lap dances that are actually private?
    (curtained off so no one can see) Thanks!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Eric, Men of Sapphire take place in the club Showroom, and there are no private curtained VIPs there. Instead, the male dancers take lap dance customers off to areas at the back and sides of the room that are pretty private because of their location. Will have to check on this at Hustler and get back to you.

      • Eric

        Thanks for the info and any info on kings of hustler would be great. Alternatively, do you know of any legitimate businesses through which we can get a male dancer to our room? (This is purely not for sex, it just seems like the best way to get my wife a private dance since OG closed)

  26. indywc

    I’m looking for the “naughtiest” private dance (from a male stripper) for my wife. We’ve both talked it through and she is willing to go as far as will be allowed – and I’d love to give her that fantasy. So what I’m wondering is where can we go that has the highest chance of getting a male dancer in a private room who is willing to go fully nude and who will go…let’s just say very far. To be blunt, things went…as far as they can possibly go… would be fine – ideal, really as I know she’d love it- but we understand if that never happens. At bare minimum we’d like her to be able to get a little hands-on or even mouth-on (yes, including there) and ideally I’d get to see a lot more than that happen. Probably no such place exists (to be clear, we ARE looking for an exotic dancer and not a prostitute – we simply want to know where there’s the highest chance she’ll be able to personally interact with his downstairs neighbor!)

  27. GoodHubby

    Arnold hi…. wife loves lap dances … do the male strippers go fully nude at either sapphire or hustler. If not do they bare the goods during a lap dance and allow some harmless play


  28. Hire Male Strippers in Vegas

    Hi. Came across your site. Wanted to share the male strippers at home or hotel option with your readers. Want to make clear that we are not an escort agency. But for the money one will spend on a 30 minute private room in a strip club you could have 2 male strippers come to your location for an hour. Just an option to consider. -thanks!


  29. Jacks

    Hi, I already read all the comments. Pore ​​already have enough time. that’s why I ask again. What is the best club for my wife to get a good treat with a striper while I can participate? and if today there is a mixed club. thank you very much.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jacks, Sapphire is the best club for what you’re looking for. Your wife can get all the physical contact she wants from a male stripper at the Men of Sapphire show (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights). When you exit the show, you exit for free into the main strip club with the female dancers, where you can get high-contact couple’s dances from the girls.



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