More Stripper Blogs and Websites

Last September I posted some of my favorite Stripper Blogs and Websites. Here are a few others I enjoy visiting:

Tits and Sass:  This is not a stripper blog, per se, but a  sex worker blog that includes some posts on stripping, in addition to lots of information on every type of sex work, from escorts to street walkers to porn actresses to cam girls, etc. Here’s a post that just went up today (Dec 4), titled “Pop Quiz: Can You Do This Stripper Math?”

This is a real math test.  Sample question:

You have sold a man three $20 dances, four $40 dances (but told him he could get three for $100), and one house special dance of three for $40. You are on stage next and need to wrap up this transaction, how much does he owe you?

Peter Tips is a blog by a guy who travels extensively and visits strip clubs everywhere he goes. He then posts incredibly detailed reviews of the clubs he visits, with ratings on every club’s dancers, number of dancers, attitudes of dancers, variety of dancers, value, club set-up, etc. If you want to know what strip clubs are like in Bogota, Columbia, or Tijuana, Mexico, or Pittsburgh, PA, or Inkster, MI, or Dallas or Tokyo or Singapore or dozens of other cities all over the world, look on Peter Tips blog.

The downside is that he hasn’t reviewed a single club in 2014–all of these reviews were posted between 2009-13, so I’m sure a lot of the info is outdated. He does review a few Las Vegas Clubs–Chicas Bonitas, Little Darlings, and Cheetahs–and his descriptions are still pretty accurate. But what’s fun about this blog is just reading detailed descriptions of strip clubs in so many places. You really get a feel for how different this business is in different cultures.

Trade Secrets is another sex worker blog that is primarily meant to be used by those working in the sex industry, including not only strippers but escorts, porn actors, models, etc.

There is a big section on strip clubs and a lot of information for customers. Trade Secrets’ list of Strip Club Etiquette is probably the most extensive list of its type I’ve ever seen and must have been compiled from talking to dancers about anything that might fall under the category of “bad manners.” It includes advice on everything from not waggling your tongue at a dancer to not stealing her panties if she drops them on the stage where you can reach them.


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