Most Requested Sexual Services in Las Vegas Area Brothels

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Most Requested Sexual Services in Las Vegas Area Brothels

Nevada’s brothels serve about 400,000 clients per year. If you’ve ever been curious about what’s going on at these brothels, especially the legal brothels near Las Vegas, here are the results of a recent survey conducted in a brothel in neighboring Pahrump.

Based on data from 113 courtesans, the most popular sexual services requested by men are:

Half & Half (half oral – half intercourse) – 52%
GFE (Girlfriend Experience) – 37%
BDSM – 6%
Foot Fetish – 3%
Cross-dressing – 1%

There’s also some anal sex going on, including pegging, which is guys requesting it in the ass with a strap-on or dildo.  (Pegging requests have apparently been going up since the release of Deadpool, with Deadpool-style sex marathons now gaining in popularity at local brothels.)

Another small percentage of guys go to Vegas area brothels strictly for a massage–typically with a happy ending, though that’s not required–including Japanese Nuru massage, which is basically the masseuse rubbing you all over with her own naked body, with both of you oiled up with a special seaweed gel.

And brothels aren’t just for men anymore. About 15% of the customers at local brothels are male/female couples, female/female couples, or single females (with the greatest percentage of these being single females). The most popular sexual services requested by women at Vegas area brothels are:

Girl on Girl Parties – 69%
Toy Parties – 28%
Multiple Girl Parties – 3%

As for couples, they are mainly coming for threesomes, but they are also looking for someone to watch or be watched, or perhaps explain some things. Here are the numbers:

Threesome – 94%
Voyeurism – 5%
Sex Education – 1%

For more information on prices and what it’s like to go to a legal brothel, see our in-depth report on Las Vegas area escorts and brothels.

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