My Las Vegas Naked Yoga Diary

After many months of procrastination and sit-ups, I finally broke down and went to an Art of Naked Yoga class on Thursday night. This is a weekly class at the Erotic Heritage Museum (see museum review). The class is taught by Tasia Lockran and usually features one of her porn star friends assisting her in demonstrating the positions.

I had never practiced yoga before that night, nor am I particularly flexible. If this class was not being taught by naked girls, I wouldn’t have been there. However, my hobby is looking at naked girls and naked girls doing yoga sounded interesting—and was something I’d never seen before.

Plus, as the Art of Naked Yoga is a weekly event in Las Vegas, I was getting emails asking me about the class and whether I thought it was worth it.

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. And Tasia assured me that the class is clothing optional—nobody has to get naked—and that no yoga experience is necessary.

So, here goes nothin’.

The Only Coed Naked Yoga in Vegas

The class was held in one of the museum’s upstairs rooms. Eight guys had shown up for the class and Tasia was accompanied by adult film actress Shay Golden.

If you’re a porn fan—and especially if you’re into anal porn—you’re probably familiar with Shay Golden, who’s been in the business for four years, starring in such films as Anal Prom Queens, Rectal Fuckfest, Real Slut Party, and Wet and Oiled Nymphos.

There were eight guys there for the class and we weren’t in the room more than ten seconds when both Tasia and Shay were standing there buck naked, waiting for us guys to get our clothes off and our yoga mats spread out.

I had a plan. If there was even one other person in the class who didn’t get naked, I wouldn’t get naked. Though I love looking at naked girls, I generally prefer to keep my own clothes on in public. But I didn’t want to be the only clothed person in the room because that would be too weird.

So, of course, everyone got naked, and so did I. There’s something about two naked girls in a room saying okay everybody let’s get naked that just makes you want to conform.

I know most of my readers come to this website to get info about the Vegas strip clubs, so how does this naked yoga class differ from the strip club experience?

First, the audience doesn’t get undressed in a strip club, so that’s weird.

Second, there’s no drinking and no loud music in a yoga class.

Third, the lights are on.

Fourth, there are two naked girls in front of you who stay naked for the entire hour of the class.

Fifth, they don’t dance, they pose.

Tasia is aware that some guys may not be there to do yoga so much as to see naked girls doing yoga. So, after demonstrating a position with her legs spread and/or her pussy thrust out, she’ll say, “It looks much better if I turn this way,” then she’ll do the same position so that we get the full pussy view.

Needless to say, both Tasia and Shay are uninhibited women. They’re both beautiful as well.  Shay seemed to enjoy getting into the most brazen poses at Tasia’s urging. These girls are perverts and proud of it. (And the more I think about it, the more I think a weekly naked yoga class might be just what I need to get my deteriorating bod into shape…)

Watching girls doing naked yoga also differs from watching strippers in that in the yoga class, they hold the poses, often for an ungodly long time. Ungodly, that is, if you’re attempting to do the poses yourself (not ungodly long if you’re watching). Many of the positions I just looked at and knew without even trying that my body wouldn’t bend that way. I did give every position the old college try, just to see how close I could get.

But I never minded when I had to give it up after a few seconds and just stare at the gorgeous nude babes in front of me. They’re both really flexible, way more flexible than most strip club dancers.

Pro Tip: It’s a small room, so there are no “bad seats,” but if you put your yoga mat up front, you’ll just be looking at the girls—a few feet in front of you at most—with no dudes’ hairy asses in Down Dog position to obstruct your view.

Tasia and Shay kept up a running dialogue throughout the class, talking about everything from slasher films to how to massage your prostate. If naked standup comedy ever becomes popular, these two may discover yet another career opportunity.

Unless you live in Vegas, coed nude yoga classes are probably not available where you live, and if they’re available, they’re probably not taught by performance artists. Tasia is doing erotic performance art on a high level. You really should see her if you’re in town on a Thursday night. If you don’t have a yoga mat in your suitcase, just borrow a hotel blanket and you’ll be fine.

You may be wondering what the interaction was like between the students in the class.  There wasn’t much.  Most of us limited our interaction to joking with Tasia and Shay.  The class members ranged in age from their early 20s to late 60s, with a wide range of fitness levels.  Nobody could do all of the poses that Tasia and Shay could do. I felt noticeably loosened up after the class. Yoga might actually be healthy. I would definitely consider doing the class again.

The class starts at 7 pm every Thursday. The Erotic Heritage Museum is located at 3275 Industrial Rd (now Sammy Davis Jr Rd) right next door to Deja Vu Showgirls. Men $20. Women $10. No yoga experience required. Clothing optional. Any level of fitness, but must be 18+.

Bring a yoga mat and water.

I asked Tasia if she had any photos of the class or of herself and/or Shay doing naked yoga poses that I could post on TVO so you guys could get an idea of what you’ll see in the class.  Tasia sent me a few pics (below).

[Note from Arnold Snyder: There is a new instructor for the naked yoga classes at the Erotic Heritage Museum.  Her name is  Miss Monika and she looks like my kind of naked yoga teacher.]

14 Responses to “My Las Vegas Naked Yoga Diary”

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you. I had read somewhere else that she kept her clothes on, but I’m happy to hear that is not the case.

    • SP Whiplash

      I was back for the first time in over a year. Miss Monica never took anything off when she started and did take anything off last week.

    • Jack

      Has anyone been recently, does Miss Monika teach the class nude or was SP Whiplash saying that she remains clothed? Thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    Great site, Arnold. Has anyone been to the yoga class since Monika took over? I don’t anticipate Tasia levels of exhibitionism, but I would like to know what to expect. Thanks.

  3. S.P. Whiplash

    The new Art of Naked Yoga class is quite different than the one that Tasia taught. Tierney is quite attractive, but only gets topless, not nude. The class is far more New Age than adult entertainment. There are no porn girls provided and so far in three classes only one other female attended one class. You will get a good workout, but not the same kind of show that Tasia provided.

  4. Tempo

    Hi, Finally I went to the yoga session on 7th January. I must say I had a wonderful time looking at the gorgeous girls. there were around 8 men and 3 girls including Tasia and Shay on that night. As Arnold said, the girls know that some men like me come to see naked girls rather than doing actual yoga. And they are of-course well comfortable with that. After the yoga session they allowed to take some photos with them as well. I must say the yoga experience I had with Tasia and Shay is much more better than the experience you would have got in a strip club. Thank you Arnold for pointing this location out.

  5. Tempo


    I want to attend a nude yoga class. but Thursday is not ok with me. Is there another yoga classes performed by even someone else?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Tempo, why don’t you send Tasia an email through her website? She may be offering another class, or I’d bet she’ll know the latest about any other class available.



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