New Developments in the Revolt Against Bat Plague Shutdowns

‘The welfare of the people is always the alibi of the tyrant.’- Albert Camus

This Beach in Virginia is Officially Locked Down

The Democrat Virginia governor’s shutdown order includes beaches, permitting only fishing and exercise, with strict social distancing, at any state beach.  No sunbathing or family groups or picnicking allowed.

But here’s what the beach at Virginia Beach Oceanfront looked like Sunday.  The fishing pier was packed.  Vendors were selling snow cones and hermit crabs.  Packed gift shops were selling fudge.  Pedestrians strolled in groups along the boardwalk.

When Karens complained to cops on the boardwalk that people on the beach weren’t exercising, the cops shut them down by saying the people got up and swam sometimes.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey a gym has reopened in defiance of the Democrat governor’s lockdown order. Police arrived on the scene at opening time and told the owner he was in violation of the order.  But the officer then told everyone to “have a nice day,” and allowed the gym to open as planned. The crowd erupted in cheers and people chanted “U.S.A.”

Watch it:

And now a judge has tossed Democrat Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s statewide shutdown order, effective immediately.  Ten Oregon churches had sued on the basis the shutdown order was unconstitutional.

The governor asked the judge to stay his ruling until the Oregon Supreme Court could hear the case.  He refused.

The judge wrote that the damage to Oregonians and their livelihoods was greater than the dangers presented by Flu Manchu.  He noted that businesses like grocery stores had been allowed to remain open with lesser measures in place to protect the public.

Plus, the Democrat governor of Wisconsin has given up on appealing the state Supreme Court decision overturning his shutdown order.  Wisconsin is free for good, except for cities and counties run by Democrats who ordered shutdowns of their own.

We shall fight them state by state, county by county, city by city, block by block. We shall fight them on the beaches.  We shall fight them in the deserts.  We shall fight them in the gyms.  We shall fight them in the parks.

More Good News

Claims that you can catch the virus from someone who’s asymptomatic are wrong.

CBS reports airlines are about to drop social distancing and start selling all seats again.

The sheriff of Genesee County, Michigan (the Flint metropolitan area) has announced he won’t enforce the Democrat governor’s shutdown orders.

And MGM Resorts announced today that they are going to return to free parking when they get the governor’s permission to reopen their Las Vegas casinos sometime in 2030.

More Casinos Reopening Outside of Nevada

Harrah’s Louisiana Downs is reopening today in Bossier City, Louisiana.

The Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City, Louisiana is reopening today as well.

Both casinos will have staff wearing masks and will be using even more Windex than usual.  Lots and LOTS of Windex.  There will be more distance between gaming and restaurant tables and limits on the numbers of guests at all tables.

Reno-Based Eldorado has reopened its Louisiana casinos as well.  Isle of Capri Lake Charles, Belle of Baton Rouge and Eldorado Shreveport reopened at noon today.  There will be fewer players allowed at gaming tables.  Caesars Entertainment is desperately trying to unload all its properties to Eldorado.

Clearwater Casino in Washington state is reopening today, 10 am to 2 am, smoke-free for now.  Temp check and masks required for guests, and they strongly urge you to wear gloves.  Clearwater wants you to be prepared to do open heart surgery.  Angel of the Winds Casino in Washington reopened last Wednesday.  Temp checks and masks, no smoking for now, and baccarat is the only table game available for now.

Arkansas’ three casinos, Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort, Southland Casino and Saracen Casino Resort, are reopening today.

So is Viejas Casino near San Diego, which is boasting about its new UVC sanitation technology.  Sicyuan and Valley View casinos near San Diego are reopening this Wednesday, May 20 and Friday, May 22, respectively.  Valley View will require guests to wear masks. Win-River Casino near Redding opened last Friday with tribal good luck songs.  No drink service or blackjack yet, but a minimum of Bat Plague harassment and nagging.

The Mississippi Gaming Commission has approved the reopening of all casinos in Biloxi and Gulfport at 8 a.m. this Thursday, May 21. Gold Strike will reopen that day, Beau Rivage a week later.   No word yet on the casinos Horseshoe Casino in Tunica, Mississippi is reopening Thursday at 8 am as well.  Looks like we’ll run into minimal Chop Fluey harassment in Mississippi, just some distancing of slot machines and limited seating at gaming tables.

Chinook Winds in Oregon is reopening Thursday as well, with temperature checks at entrances.

Oklahoma casinos are beginning to reopen as well.  All Osage casinos near Tulsa are already open.  So are the Thunderbird casinos in Norman and Shawnee.  Downstream Casino Resort in Quapaw, OK (near Joplin, Missouri) will reopen 2 p.m. Thursday, May 21 with temperature checks at the entrances and lots of Windex.

Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, OK will reopen this Friday, May 22 with temperature checks at the entrance, some social distancing, and lots of Windex.  Clouds of Windex are clearly the preferred WuFlu Security Prop — highly visible, memories of Mom.  Stables Casino in Miami, OK will reopen next Monday, Memorial Day at 9:30 a.m.  No masks required for casino guests in Oklahoma.

Seminole Hard Rock in Tampa will reopen at 7 pm on Thursday, May 21.  Face masks will be required for guests.  Lots of distancing.  They’re putting those horrible Plexiglas screens/virus concentrators on all the gaming tables.

The Oneida casinos in Wisconsin reopen next Tuesday, May 26, including the Green Bay casino.  Slots only for now, no smoking for now, face masks required for guests.

Mohegan Sun is reopening May 27.  (A lot of friends will be headed there, hi guys.)

Arizona casinos started reopening last week. Coeur d’Alene Casino in Idaho reopened May 1 to record crowds.  Deadwood, South Dakota casinos reopened May 9.  Are their limits still real low?

And I know nothing about Montana casinos, but they reopened May 4.  In North Carolina, Harrah’s Cherokee is open by invitation only.  Same with Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River.  Four Bears Casino in New Town, North Dakota reopened on Friday, May 15 (slots only for now).

The two Wyoming tribal casinos are still closed.  Too bad, because Wyoming already has a nice strip club reopened.

UFC Announces They’re Leaving Las Vegas Unless Sisolak Reopens

Dana White announced yesterday that the UFC is leaving Las Vegas for Arizona for at least its 2020 season unless Democrat Nevada Gov. Sisolak reopens mass sporting events in Vegas by May 30.

GOP Gov. Ducey of Arizona has already announced Arizona is open and ready for any professional sports leagues to play there.

To give you a better idea of whether Vegas casinos and sports events will reopen by May 30, Texas Station, Fiesta Rancho and Fiesta Henderson employees surrendered their uniforms today. Palms employees will be required to surrender their uniforms later this week.  And Drai’s has permanently laid off all employees, announcing they have no plans to reopen this summer.

Good-bye, big fight weekends. Good-bye, UFC!

Odds That China Cooties Have Killed Anyone Continue to Fall

They are literally calling the death of every elderly person who dies in America right now a Covid-19 death.  Remember, the CDC hoaxers have decreed that you don’t actually have to have a positive Covid test to be diagnosed with Covid.

Trump Says He Has Been Taking Hydroxychloroquine

Trump says he has been taking hydroxychloroquine along with a lot of frontline medical personnel as a preventative measure against catching Bat Plague. Remember how the Democrats insist it’s unsafe? Here’s the film:

9 Responses to “New Developments in the Revolt Against Bat Plague Shutdowns”

  1. Tom Foolery

    The fact that you quoted the great Camus makes this the post of the year (haha)

    Also, good for the UFC. I hope the bootlickers who will continue to support and vote for Sisolak eventually come to their senses (although I’m not holding my breath).

  2. BennyHill

    Being told several large gaming manufacturers and mega casino operators telling remaining employees be ready to return to their offices on 6/1.

  3. Aaron

    Man… the tide seems like its definitely turning. Will NV get on board with the grand reopen party? Good on Dana White and the UFC. I haven’t watched MMA for a while, but going to have to start back up again. Buy a PPV event or something to show support.

  4. Bill

    Yet with those videos confirming they are overcounting I still hear people tell me we are massively undercounting. It is crazy.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, the media just lies or focuses on one small part.

      For example, Cuomo is reportedly undercounting NY nursing home deaths after the scandal about his forcing nursing homes to take infectious Bat Plague patients.

      But the reality is they’re grossly over-counting Covid deaths because everyone “diagnosed” with Covid is counted as dying of Covid, even if they were in hospice with something else, and even if they never tested positive for Covid.

      It’s an Alice in Wonderland war.

      I no longer believe anyone is dying of Covid.

  5. BennyHill

    6/1 is a smoke screen for casinos. 6/15 – 7/1 more likely. Again, the state local and GCB fail to provide guidance. Testing programs by casinos have nothing to do with safety. Trying to gain favor with state by pumping up testing numbers for optics. They are really cutting it close, a lot of smaller providers are hanging on by a thread.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Benny, thank you. It’s helpful to hear my suspicions confirmed.

      It’s just reopening theater and I refuse to post on it.

      As long as Sisolak is hiding out in his bunker, we won’t be reopening.



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