New Reality TV Show in a Vegas Men’s Club

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New Reality TV Show at Crazy Horse III

America’s fascination with Las Vegas strip clubs seems to have no foreseeable limits. Paramount+ recently announced a new reality series focusing on the ultra-club Crazy Horse III!

Paramount+ show producers plan to focus on the club’s dancers and management team. Interestingly, CH3 is one of the best managed adult clubs in town. It is noted for a ‘no drama” environment compared to other strip clubs. It will be interesting to see how the demands of reality TV conflict with the relatively calm culture that Keith Ragano and his crew have created. TVO hopes reality television doesn’t spoil a great thing. Please don’t mess with their Pizza Recipe!

The club has hundreds of entertainers and operates 24/7. CH3 is a block away from Allegiant Stadium and is reportedly considering seven-figure offers for private parties during Super Bowl Week in Las Vegas.

Crazy Horse 3 opened in 2009, and is not affiliated with the infamous Crazy Horse II that was recently demolished on Industrial Rd. Now that club had drama!

Recently, CH3 underwent a multimillion-dollar remodeling. The club has six stages, several VIP rooms and a full dining menu. The club is known for hosting “Big Game” viewing parties with upwards of 50 jumbo flat-screen TVs.

Producer Calls for Participants

Show producers recently posted on social media that they are seeking bachelor party participants interested in being part of the fun. Presumably they are looking to recreate some of the energy and outcomes of the “Hangover” film trilogy. If you’d like to participate in the series reach out series producer Warren Tennyson at 323.202.3764

During the Covid 19 lockdown Marc Ostrick’s outstanding documentary “Stripped: Las Vegas” was seen on Starz. Amazingly, Ostrick cited the number of topless dancers in Las Vegas at 20,000. In the wake of the Sisolak lockdowns thousands fled the Silver State for the open and healthy economies in Florida, Texas and Arizona. Nevada’s loss of girls was significant.

In 2009 Playboy Channel’s “King of Clubs” series of 12 episodes was based on Las Vegas’ legendary Palomino Club (club review /club website), and featured the employees and family of club owner/manager Adam Gentile (interview). Unfortunately, there are no publicly available means to watch the 10 episodes of that series.


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    • Scott

      JJ…. did you see there is a casting call? I could see the ratings being boosted by a legitimate American Hero! You think Paramount + streaming is ready for you?

      You might snag your own series. Easy money baby!



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