New Vegas Convention Rules

Convention Attendees Must Now Be Grouped in “Pods”

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer

Riley Dances at Palomino Club

We got the big announcement on new Bat Plague convention limits in Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada.

Now venues that hold 2,500 people or fewer will be allowed to admit 250 people or 50 percent of their capacity, whichever is fewer people.

So restaurants and bars with a capacity of 500 people can have the same number of people in the joint as convention halls that hold 2500.

Because SCIENCE.

And convention halls and sports arenas that hold 10,000 people will now be allowed to admit 1,000 people, as long as attendees are divided into sections of no more than 250 people.  Each individual group attending the event will be referred to as a “pod,” and will be required to have six feet between it and other pods.

I suppose if you come alone you will be required to form a pod.  But I don’t know how you’ll do it, because the new rule directly below means you can’t meet any new people.

You will have to remain seated at any convention or meeting.  You will not be allowed to mill about and actually meet people at your meeting.

New Live Entertainment Rules

I often wonder if Democrat Nevada Gov. Sisolak has a comedy team writing up these announcements, or whether it’s the MKUltra team assigned to the DNC.  The gobbledy-gook quotes in the piece I link to above are a hoot.  Case numbers are rising but right on track.  Hospitalizations have stopped declining but are suddenly a sign of progress.

Sisolak pretends that he is delivering the tablets from Mount Sinai, even though everybody has already moved their conventions to Orlando.  And how can anyone book a convention when Sisolak warns he may have to “dial some of these things back”?

There are also complicated rules about how churches can resume worship.  Be sure to consult your lawyer first.

And heads up, everyone.  Suddenly, after this new announcement, live entertainment in venues that admit more than 250 people must receive specific approval from an appropriate state agency.

I’m sure more of the best Vegas strip clubs will have their lawyers pouring over the new order, looking for a loophole under which they can open.  If they find one, you’ll hear it here first.  In the meantime, see our posts here and here for your options.

Mohegan Sun Coming to Virgin Hotel

Here’s a side note for fellow gamblers.  Mohegan Sun has announced they are going to be running the casino at Virgin Hotel, formerly the Hard Rock.  I haven’t been to Mohegan Sun in a while, but they used to have some excellent opportunities for pro gamblers to exploit and they can take big action.

25 Responses to “New Vegas Convention Rules”

  1. Ian

    It seems as if they are just making things up as they go along with some of these absurd rules. They still consider Nevada to be a hot spot up here so would have to self-quarantine for two weeks after visiting Vegas.

  2. Erik d

    Nothing big here but picture of Riley she looks so familiar, I rarely remember my dancer but I know she was either my dancer or one the dancers who approached me too early in January and I didn’t end up getting a dance with.

  3. 808forever

    A “pod” of one suits me just fine; I’m a loner by nature, and most of my so called “friends” don’t want to hang w/ me anyway. These new “rules” are still stupid nonetheless.

    Riley looks hot, though I’ve never run into her at the club. I wouldn’t mind having dances from her, but Avery is still top priority.

  4. AG

    Each dance booth, room vip booth is a pod. Divide open seating main room into sections and call them pods. The main stage is a pod. Each additional stage is a pod. The bar is a pod. All customers are referred to as pod people. Problem solved

  5. Arnold Snyder

    All hosts at Caesars have been fired. Entire marketing department gone.

    I wonder if Caesars will even be a high-end joint now that Icahn’s taken over.

    • 808forever

      Arnold, I don’t think any Caesars property will be high-end anymore. I wouldn’t put it past Cheapo Carl to sell off some of them to reduce costs further.

      In fact, thanks to the Plague and Shittylack’s actions, I believe the age of the high-end casino is over for a good long time, if not permanently. Get ready for the return of grind joints, everyone.

      • Arnold Snyder

        808, good odds you are right. When Wynn becomes a gang hangout, with 20 people staying in a single room, you know the high-end game is in trouble.

        New brawls every other day. There were a dozen police cars with lights flashing on the Strip Wednesday night. Someone got stabbed on the public bus.

  6. Aaron

    ALL of them?? What is going on? Is that on some minor properties like Ballys or the main hotel?

    • Aaron

      Ahhh it was part of the Ceasers/ Eldorado merger … Efficiency layoffs suck. Ive been there before when Wells Fargo aquired Wachovia. Best of luck to the fallen.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Aaron, for sure at Caesars itself. But I think it was at all the group’s properties.

      Think about it. Even with the merger, why would you lay off the Caesar’s hosts who have built strong relationships with all your high rollers?

      A good host gets invited to a client’s wedding, his kid’s christening. A high roller doesn’t have a relationship with the casino, he has it with his host.

  7. Davehat

    I swear Governor Sissy’s goal is to destroy the state economy. You survive the pandemic but lose your job & house. Nice work gov.

    • Arnold Snyder

      808, my bet would be somebody paid somebody to rig the test.

      The test is literally a manufacturing process for the virus. If you do X number of replications, you’ll get a negative. If you do Y replications, you’ll get a positive.

      They want to stop Trump from campaigning. But he’s likely at no risk at all. For one thing, he’ll already be taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc.

      At his Duluth rally, 20% of attendees were Democrats, another 17% had never voted before. Another 8% hadn’t voted in the past four elections. Only 40% were Republicans.

      Plus, it’s been confirmed that one of the Mueller gang has flipped and is giving up the play to Durham.

      The Democrats are utterly terrified.



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