New York Post – May 4, 2022 – “Depraved ‘Sex Island’ vacation offers guests ‘unlimited sex’ with 100 women”

Several years ago, in one of my books, I wrote into the story a famous mythical headline on the front page of the New York Post … “VP Rockefeller Dies of Low Blood Pressure – 70 over 25!”

Many of you’ll recall that Vice President Nelson Rockefeller was found dead in the apartment of his 25-year-old assistant. Yes, the sitting VP died in the saddle, as the saying goes. The medical examiners notes showed that the Secret Service detail scrambled to dress and pose Rockefeller’s body. In their haste they placed a copy of the New York Times in his hands … upside-down! His reading glasses were also upside down on the 70-year-old billionaire.

Several readers asked me if I was making fun of the New York Post. To the contrary I said. I think the Post is the most honest, action oriented major paper in the country. I’m a big fan.

This morning, my friend Peter B. sent me a New York Post story titled …

“Depraved ‘Sex Island’ vacation offers guests ‘unlimited sex’ with 100 women”

Essentially the story featured a $4,500 weekend orgy; curated for a group of 50 male customers. The event was in an undisclosed luxury property near Las Vegas. The X-rated escapade is organized by the Good Girls Company. The party promoters were taking only crypto currency! The Post writer speculated that it might be a scam.

TVO wants to get to the bottom of this party in our desert. The festivities were slated to start today.  Party goers were scheduled to partake until May 8th. Thoughtful scheduling for sure; allowing both girls and boys to return home for Mother’s Day dinner.

If you are a TVO reader and you know any more about this ‘crypto orgy’ … please let us know in the comment box below.

‘Sex Island’ offers guests unlimited sex with 100 women (

Good Girls Company & Sex Island Merch & Clothing – GG & SI Company

The End

The End



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4 Responses to “New York Post – May 4, 2022 – “Depraved ‘Sex Island’ vacation offers guests ‘unlimited sex’ with 100 women””

    • Scott

      Great detective work Bill! Many folks read TVO to understand what’s real and what is fake … this one is a doozy!

      I’ll post an update later this week with more details.

  1. Bill

    They appear to have a website advertising another for June 1-4th but they claim it has all food and drinks included, a free helicopter ride to the resort and your room is included. Seems to be too cheap for all that and 100 girls allowing guys to not use condoms is crazy. Not really sure I would trust it. They do say bank transfers as well so I think that would be traceable if it is a scam.

  2. Erik d

    I saw an article on this yesterday as well, I don’t know but I’m highly skeptical, price seems low for what they said they are offering considering full service fully protected legally runs around 1000 or more for an hour at Vegas brothels, I could see this price maybe in Mexico but in the Vegas desert I’m not sold, but who knows.



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