NFL Sunday Night Football at the Palomino Club

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NFL Sunday Night Football at the Palomino Club


Sunday 11, 2022 is the first night of Palomino’s fan favorite … NFL Sunday Night Football!

Join the “hottest club” in Las Vegas for FREE FOOD, DRINK SPECIALS, PRIZES, FAN GIVEAWAYS, and more. This Sunday’s matchup has Tom Brady and the Bucs at Dallas to take on the Cowboys.

What do the Cowboys and tampons have in common?

Neither has a second string, and they’re only good for one period!

 NFL Sunday Schedule – 2022

Sunday, Sept. 11 (Week 1) – Buccaneers at Cowboys

Sunday, Sept. 18 (Week 2) – Bears at Packers

Sunday, Sept. 25 (Week 3) – 49ers at Broncos

Sunday, Oct. 2 (Week 4) – Chiefs at Buccaneers

Sunday, Oct. 9 (Week 5) – Bengals at Ravens

Sunday, Oct. 16 (Week 6) – Cowboys at Eagles

Sunday, Oct. 23 (Week 7) – Steelers at Dolphins

Sunday, Oct. 30 (Week 8) – Packers at Bills

Sunday, Nov. 6 (Week 9) – Titans at Chiefs

Sunday, Nov. 13 (Week 10) – Chargers at 49ers

Sunday, Nov. 20 (Week 11) – Bengals at Steelers

Sunday, Nov. 27 (Week 12) – Packers at Eagles

Sunday, Dec. 4 (Week 13) – Colts at Cowboys

Sunday, Dec. 11 (Week 14) – Chiefs at Broncos

Sunday, Dec. 18 (Week 15) – Patriots at Raiders

Sunday, Dec. 25 (Week 16) – Buccaneers at Cardinals

Sunday, Jan. 1 (Week 17) – Rams at Chargers

Sunday, Jan. 8 (Week 18) – Matchup TBD

Las Vegas’ Rock Station KOMP 92.3 FM is hosting  …. and the “Taco Guy” is back!

Palomino opens early on Sundays, 5pm. Join them for a one-of-a-kind football experience.

Nude Dancers, great booze, cold beer and NFL Football!

Palomino Club

1848 Las Vegas N.

Las Vegas, NV 89030

For Free Limo 702.6422984


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4 Responses to “NFL Sunday Night Football at the Palomino Club”

    • Scott

      The number is average for an early evening at Palomino. It’s not a “dollar dance” frenzy like Sapphires had before covid. If I had to guess I’d say 15 to 20 at kickoff… 25-30 by the end of the game.

      Sports is a different cat in the Pacific time zone. So many games are early that it jacks with the strip club hours.

      • Erik d

        I’d also guess it might be a scenario where the girls know a lot of guys are busy watching the game so won’t be spending on dances, but I’ve never been for a football game so can’t be sure. Better to be working when the game ends then during the game would be my thought

        • Scott

          That’s exactly right. I’ve talked to many dancers who won’t work during big sports events because of the “distraction.” They actually resent it …. LOL.



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