Las Vegas Nude Clubs Overview

Nude Clubs Feature The Hottest Strip Club Stage Shows in Vegas

William Blake wrote, “Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.” To which we aficionados of nude dancing reply, “Amen, brother.”


Casey Dances at Talk of the Town

As with the topless clubs, at the top of each nude club review you’ll find the three most important ratings: Club Rating, Grade of Dancer, and SPW. Again, to understand these ratings and exactly how I arrived at them, read my Guide to Strip Club Ratings first.

In the best nude strip clubs, the stage dancing is much sexier than in the topless clubs. Also, dancers in the best nude strip clubs can make a sizable portion of their income from tips on the stage. In the topless clubs stage tips are sparse by comparison.  That means the hustle factor tends to be lower in the nude clubs.

Lap dances and VIP room shows are available in the nude clubs, but if you like watching dancers, and you’re not carrying a lot of loose twenties you’re trying to get rid of, you can easily spend an evening just enjoying the dancers on stage.  Tipping the dancer on stage will go a long way in getting you lots of close-up personal attention.

Vegas Nude Clubs Feature Younger Dancers

Nude clubs in Las Vegas are not allowed to serve liquor except for Palomino Club (club review / club website) and its sister club, Lacy’s (club review), which were grandfathered in when the law changed.  That means you can go to most Vegas nude clubs provided you have ID that verifies you’re 18 or older.

That means the dancers who work in the nude clubs are allowed to be younger too. The lower minimum age means you see a lot of 18 to 20 year olds performing in the Vegas nude clubs.

In addition, because the number of nude clubs is small, and the 18 to 20 year olds can’t work in the topless clubs, the nude clubs are able to be more selective than the topless clubs about the dancers they hire.

The young dancers in the nude clubs tend to be excellent on stage.  But the lap dances with the young girls in the nude clubs tend to be lower-contact (again, with the exception being Palomino Club, which has a high-mileage lap dance scene).

(For more on the differences between the topless and nude strip clubs in Vegas, see my in-depth report on Topless vs. Nude.)



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10 Responses to “Las Vegas Nude Clubs Overview”

  1. Randy

    Hi can you suggest some good agency / website to hire private strippers that come to our place/room ?

  2. Jeff E.

    Looking for an all nude, BYOB club that predominatly features Black dancers. What’s your recommendation?

  3. Rahul

    My girlfriend is in Vegas for a week. She is first time is Vegas and wants to enjoy male dancers. Can you please suggest me. She is staying in The Venetian at present. Please suggest me male dancers Club or disc where she can make friends.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Rahui, the best male strip show is probably Sapphire’s, but it only runs Friday and Saturday nights at 10 pm and 1 am. OG has a male strip show running Wednesdays through Sundays. Both have guys dancing on stage, plus coming into the audience to sell lap dances.

      Another fun show is Aussie Hunks at the V Theater at Planet Hollywood. It’s a hip-hop male strip show where the guys come down into the audience to get in the girls’ laps.

  4. chris

    hi arnold i will be in vegas the weekend of sept 25 for my sister birthday i am looking for an all nude show for her where is the best place to go

    • Arnold Snyder

      All nude female dancers–Palomino Club or Little Darlings.

      All nude male dancers–none available at this time. Men of Sapphire at 9:30 Friday and Saturday night is the best alternative, with up close and personal lap dances available as well as the stage show.

  5. Cancon

    Arnold, is the reason that nude clubs can’t serve alcohol because the topless clubs would lose their business to nude clubs if both had alcohol or is it really the politicians claiming that nudity and booze would cause problems?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Cancon: It’s the morality police. If the topless clubs could allow their dancers to dance nude and still keep their liquor licenses, they would all have nude dancers.



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