Orgies Now Available on Sheri’s 2016 Brothel Menu

Sheri's Ranch Brothel Sex Menu 2016 Includes Orgies

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Nevada legal brothel menus used to be fairly standard: Straight sex, bj, half-and-half, you lick her, doggy style, dildo show, 69, two-girl show.

But recently I’ve noticed the offerings expanding to include more exotic forms of fun.  For example, Sheri’s Ranch has just released their 2016 sex menu and although you can still get all the standard items, some of the new offerings include:

Orgy – If you and your friends have always wanted to have a full-blown orgy, but you lacked the key ingredient – naked girls willing to have sex with you all – Sheri’s will provide the girls (as many as you want), the room, the booze, and whatever else you need to make your fantasies reality. (Think out of the box when you’re planing your next bachelor party.)

Porn Star Experience – Ever wanted to do it with a porn star?  One who’s not only smoking hot but likes it in every weird position you can think up? Ever wanted to recreate your favorite porn scene?  It’s available at Sheri’s, both with real porn stars and adult star lookalikes.

Bubble Bath Party – You and one or more ladies of your choosing will get all wet and sudsy in a big jacuzzi. Don’t forget to bring your rubber ducky.

BDSM Party – Sheri’s Ranch has a fully-stocked dungeon, with whips and chains and bondage gear galore.  You actually have to sign a waiver if you order one of these parties. (And remember to notify your next of kin.)

Nuru Massage – You and your masseuse both get naked and cover your bodies in a special slippery massage gel (nuru is Japanese for “slippery”). The girl of your choice then proceeds to massage you with her entire body, or you proceed to massage her with yours, or whatever else you feel like doing in this mutual experience of full-contact slipperiness.

You can get comparable services at the other brothels near Las Vegas, including Chicken Ranch, Love Ranch and Alien Cathouse.  For more info, see our page on Vegas area brothels and escorts.  You might also be interested in Nedd Ludd’s undercover review of Sheri’s Ranch brothel.

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    • Arnold Snyder

      Elly, depends on the time and the number of girls and when you want to hold it. Figure $700 to $2000 per girl per hour.



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