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A Better Way to Choose a Vegas Strip Club


If you're looking for information on the best strip clubs in Las Vegas, you just hit the jackpot, Jack. You've found the ultimate Las Vegas guide to girls peeling off their underthings in public.

Las Vegas Topless Clubs, Nude Clubs and More

There are 16 topless gentlemen's clubs in Las Vegas, seven clubs where the girls are on stage fully nude, ten casino shows that feature topless showgirls, bars and nightclubs that feature erotic entertainment, peep shows, swingers' clubs, 10 adults-only topless party pools, and a dozen male revues, including one where the guys dance nude.

We've got strip clubs with such an awesome number of drop-dead gorgeous dancers that the scene rivals the harem of the Sultan of Brunei. We've got strip clubs that offer private VIP rooms where you can close the door and get creative with the dancer of your choice.

We've got high-mileage lap dances, nude bed dances, shower shows, mud and oil wrestling, bikini bull-riding, pretty beaver contests, and Monday night football titty blizzards. We’ve got strip clubs that feature stacked dancers, others that feature big booty, and still others that feature 18-year-olds who can fly around the stripper poles.

We’ve even got high-end legal brothels an hour's drive from Vegas.

As a traveling man, I've been to strip clubs in just about every state in the U.S.—including Alaska and Hawaii—and a lot of other countries as well, and I've never seen another town like this one for strip clubs. The best strip clubs in Las Vegas are some of the best strip clubs in the world.

100% Honest Vegas Strip Club Reviews

At Topless Vegas Online, I cover it all. I give it to you straight and tell you exactly what you can expect. If I like a place, I tell you why. If I don't like a place, I tell you the problem. I list the prices for everything, and whether or not I think they're worth it.

Las Vegas Strip Club Costs, Etiquette, Slang and Local Laws

I also fill you in on how to avoid getting ripped off by the tourist traps, and provide tricks the locals use to have maximum fun at minimum cost. And if you're new to the Vegas strip club scene, you'll find guides to Las Vegas strip club etiquette, tipping advice, slang, and local laws.

How to Get the Most from Topless Vegas Online

If you're not familiar with Vegas strip clubs, start with the articles under "Strip Club Survival Guide" at the left. Once you know whether you're looking for a topless or nude club, or some other adult entertainment, check out the "Best Of's" at the top left.

Once you've narrowed down the clubs or shows that you're most interested in, check out their individual reviews for detailed information, hours, prices, and location. And don't forget to check out the free round-trip limo transport offered by many of the clubs. The clubs give free admission when you arrive at their club by their limo, no strings attached. That can save you $70+ to enjoy the pleasures of the establishment.

Moving On Up – Mob Style

Moving On Up – Mob Style

Does this house look familiar to you?

If you watched the FoxTV Series “Empire,‘ you probably recognize it. Yes, that is the ‘crib’ of Lucious Lyon played by actor Terrance Howard. The Barrington, Illinois mansion has been listed for as much as $16 million dollars … and has gone to contract recently for only $9million.

Why should Las Vegas strip club fans care about a TV show’s backdrop?

Why should Las Vegas strip club fans care about a TV show’s backdrop? Well, perhaps some of you paid for it along the way.

If you ever stumbled into the old Club Paradise near the airport, or ever tried the Admiral Theater on Chicago’s North Side… you might have laid down a few bucks to help convicted mobster Sam Cecola buy that 17,500-square-foot home at 45 Lakeview Lane.

Empire, and the Lucious Lyon character, was created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong, Lyon is the founder of Empire Entertainment, a record company that he runs with his family. The story has parallels to William Shakespeare’s King Lear

Lyon is married to former drug dealer and ex-con Cookie Lyon (Taraji P. Henson).

Lucious is diagnosed with ALS so he needs to name a successor. He pits his three sons against one another. The sons are the college-educated managerial type, Andre Lyon (Trai Byers), another son is a gay singer-songwriter Jamal (Famous Fraudster Jussie Smollett), and his third son is rapper Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray).

Sam Cecola’s Las Vegas Business ‘Empire’ – Club Paradise

Sam Cecola

Sam Cecola is not a fictional character. He’s a convicted tax cheat and reputed mobster. Cecola had a very profitable, and crooked business model in Las Vegas. In an 18-month period – from January 2013 to June 2014 – Las Vegas authorities received 407 complaints of credit card fraud at Club Paradise. Prosecutors allege that, in the first six months of 2014, men paid $2.4 million for drinks and dances they never received. One man alone had more than $80,000 charged to his credit cards for “tip coupons.”

The indicted employees were charged with “taking the customers’ credit cards and just basically running them until they get maxed out.”

Similar fraud cases have been reported at Scores in New York. The scam is typically pulled by a dancer (who may be working alone or with other club employees) using “knockout” drugs to disorient and confuse the customer.  For more information, see:  “What to Do If You Suspect You’ve Been Drugged or Robbed by a Stripper, Escort, or “Girl You Met at the Bar.”

Only 100 of those who complained of fraud cooperated with prosecutors in going after the individuals who perpetrated the fraud.  The other 300+ refused to go public with their stories. Imagine how many men might not have reported fraud in the first place.

In January 2015, Club Paradise reopened under new management, with a new owner. The club struggled to find a customer base. In March 2015, we reported on new customer complaints of credit card fraud at the club (see “Trouble in Paradise”).  Since then, a couple other customer complaints have been posted as comments on this website or sent to me in private emails, with the most recent complaints of alleged fraud in December 2015.

What Happened to the Club After 2015?

Since 2015 the club closed and reopened with new owners. TVO is pleased to report that the new club is professionally run, provides excellent service and entertainment. The club treats travelers and locals very well …. in fact, Mr. and Mrs. TVO enjoyed the club as recently as this Saturday night.

I won’t taint the new owners with any of the old stain by mentioning the new name. Locals and frequent travelers will probably know the location. If you know it… I encourage you to enjoy the club in confidence. However, be warned: Their drinks will still get you drunk; their dancers will still do their best to get ever last dollar in your pocket. And, at the end of the night, you’ll wonder, “what the hell just happened?” But it will be your fault … not the club, not Sam Cecola’s, not the mob’s fault … and not Las Vegas’ fault!

The End

The End


Click to go to Sapphire website


Click here to link to the Palomino Club

Weekend Guide Jan 27-29: Mecum Motorcycle Auction, NFL Conference Championships, Amanda Nicole

Click Here for Treasures website

Strip Club Weekend in Vegas – January 27-29: Mecum Motorcycle Auction, NFL Conference Championships, Amanda Nicole

She Could Be the Best Dancer Anywhere ….

CLICK for Video LINK


Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club

Adult Superstar Amanda Nicole Party!

Hundreds of beautiful dancers and their Skyboxes are arguably the plushest VIP rooms anywhere.

Free Fat Burger at Sapphire this Friday and Saturday

Fatburger, The Last Great Handburger Stand™, is now open inside of Sapphire Las Vegas, the world’s largest gentlemen’s club and adult entertainment complex.

Where is Sapphire on the “Hot List”?


Call 702-869-0003 for reservations, complimentary limo pickup, more info, etc.

Click here for Sapphire’s website.

Topless, full bar, 21+

Take a VIRTUAL TOUR of Sapphire’s here


Click here to link to Sapphires


Peppermint Hippo – Open 24/7


“Mecum” and strip close just go together!

The Peppermint Hippo AFTERHOURS parties on Friday and Saturday ‘Nights.’ Starting at 3am featured Top DJ every weekend.

This clubs rocks until the sun comes up; and never stops.

Check out their luxurious OG Room speakeasy. Great drinks in a premium lounge … hidden behind their glass liquor “case.” A must see! loves the Hippo’s Day Shift specials … rock the days at Peppermint Hippo! Especially if Rocket, Nicole or Emily are tending bar.

Get an inside look at a VIP Suite experience:

Great drink specials all night and all morning! $200 Bottle service after 3am at the Afterhours Party. VIP Packages with transportation start at $40. See their VIP deals here

Call (702) 473-9977.   For the Peppermint Hippo click here.

21+ Full Bar




Little Darlings

 Little Darlings – Little D’s features fully nude dancers and you only have to be 18+ to gain entry. Because there’s no alcohol served, the dancers also have to be 18+

This weekend …. Adult Star Moxxxie Sable – 2 Big Shows


The club is open every day from 11 am till 6 am, except Sunday from 6 pm till 4 am.

Call the club at 702-366-1141 for reservations, limo, or more info. Hookah packages are available.

Explore their wild drink menu … ask for the “Blue Balls”

Nude, no alcohol, 18+




Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club – Open 24/7

Tattoo Slingers Ball at Hustler

Pop-up go-go acts, over-the-top bottle service presentations and a live set by DJ Cammi will keep the party going well into the night.

Terrace Afterhours takes place Friday and Saturday at 2 a.m. and rolls into the wee hours of the morning. Food and hookah are available 24/7 courtesy of Terrace Mediterranean.

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas is hosting a weekly topless tailgate located steps away from the stadium.

Every Monday, Thursday and Sunday, guests will enjoy free parking, open bar during the game and a complimentary shuttle service to and from the stadium with paid admission.

Fans can also expect a hot dog cart, food for purchase from Terrace Mediterranean, specialty football-themed cocktails from Glacier 45, 35+ high-definition screens, 100’s of beautiful Hustler Honeys and $1,000’s in giveaways including a 75” TV, PlayStation 5, deep fryer, mini fridge, gift cards, jerseys and home game premium tickets with access to the owner’s box.

Check out Hustler’s party package deals here, or call the club for reservations or free transport at (702) 795-3131.

Topless, full bar, 21+



Sad to announce that Exxcite has CLOSED at Hustler.  Best wishes to whatever comes next from Jennifer Romas


Treasures Las Vegas – Beautiful Women & The Steakhouse

Treasures Weekend Ad

Click to go to Treasures website

Treasures is the only gentlemen’s club in Vegas with a gourmet steakhouse. The Steakhouse is open Tuesday to Saturday, 8 pm to midnight. The Steakhouse at Treasures always serves 100% US Prime beef, Australian cold-water lobster tails, fresh seafood and has a well curated wine list. The service and ambience are unmatched! The Steakhouse is the best place to start a memorable evening if you’re a bachelor party, business group or a couple out for a sexy night on the town.

Best of Vegas – The Steakhouse

Read the NEW TVO Review of The Steakhouse (click)

Read the New TVO Review of the Late Night Menu (click)


Here’s the plan: Meet a few beautiful women in the club. Enjoy their charm and gorgeous bodies. Select your favorites girl (or girls) for an elegant and romantic dinner, and then finish by having her for dessert in the upstairs VIP. Local couples enjoy the luxurious decor, fine food and remarkable service. Make The Steakhouse part of your trip to Las Vegas.




Does your restaurant crowd look like this? Eat here!

The Steakhouse has dinner companions for you!


Treasures will provide complimentary limo service and free admission if you simply call and ask.

The club stays open till 5 am, except Friday and Saturday nights when they stay open till 7 am. Check out their package deals here.  Or call: (702) 257-3030.

Topless, full bar, 21+

Where is Treasures on the “Hot List”?

Click Ad to link to club





Deja Vu Showgirls

Weekend at Deja Vu is full of sizzling girls and great bottle deals.

Every Sunday Deja Vu Showgirls features select bottles for just $99.

Deja Vu is open from 6 pm till 4 am.

Call (702) 894-4167 for the club’s free limo.


Topless, full bar, 21+



Palomino Club—Full Nude … Full Bar!

  Palomino Club is a nude party in the desert!

SEXY VIDEO of Meadow on the Palomino Stage!

Bunny Gets Naked at Palomino Club

They have among the lowest drink prices of all the major Vegas strip clubs — and out-of-staters get the same prices as locals. Palomino is the only Vegas strip club with a full bar and fully nude dancers, both on stage and in the private VIP shows.

That’s why Palomino gets the highest rating in the TVO “Most Erotic Club Poll”

So, if you’re a drinker and you believe dancers should ditch their G-strings when you’re partying, this is the place. We think it’s the best value in the Valley. It’s always a friendly, relaxing, sexy party at Palomino’s.

Read about the Palomino “Record VIP Session” … 5 Hours!


Great Packages at Palomino

You’ll find Palomino’s package deals here, or call the club at 702-642-2984 for reservations, transportation, or more info.

10% Discount if you pre-pay your party reservations! Couples comfortably enjoy the spectacular stage shows and private dances.

Nude, full bar, 21+

Guys… the story here is the dancers. Like no place else in town!

Where is Palomino on the “Hot List”?


Click here to link to Palomino deals!


The Library Club

Big News – Full Bar!

♦  The Library is open 7 days a week from “7 pm till close.”

Big announcement as of Sept 29th! … Booze!

Welcome The Library Club back to the world of drinking this weekend!

Time for TVO to check them out again!

The Library Club features Hookah that is 100% digital! No smoke, no nicotine … just flavor.



Minks in Henderson

♦  Every Thursday night, Minks features “Beat the Clock Thursday” which means that all drinks & drafts from 8-9 pm are just $1; 9-10 pm $2; 10-11 pm $3; and 11-12 pm $4. Call (702) 435-7545 for more info. Hookah lounge. The only club in Las Vegas with a pool table!

NEWS: VuDoo Grill Opened at Minks!


Gameday Kitchen Specials- Best deals in Vegas

  • $1 Beers
  • $1 Wings
  • $5 Off Philly’s

Free Admission for Las Vegas locals.

Free limo available if you purchase bottle service.

Monday Special!  Great deal on a VIP dance…

Topless, full bar, 21+




Centerfolds Cabaret

Centerfolds Cabaret features Touch of Burlesque Friday and Saturday at 11 pm.  (Shows are all week) Hookah also available all night long. Winner of Best of Vegas.

Locals get half priced drinks always!

Dionne and Deana are two of the best bartenders in Las Vegas!

See the TVO REVIEW of a Touch of Burlesque. 

The show is a great date night!

Call Centerfolds Cabaret at (702) 767-8757 for free limo, reservations, more info, etc.

Topless, full bar, 21+ 







Crazy Horse 3 – Open 24/7

Crazy Horse III is committed to sports viewing on all of their TVs. The club with more than 50 HD screens is has early openings for full enjoyment of MLB, NASCAR racing, boxing, UFC and more!

See CH3’s package deals here or call 702-673-1700 for the free club limo or more info.

Watch a very sexy Crazy Horse 3 video here.

Crazy Horse III is the only strip club in Vegas that accepts Bitcoin for all goods and services, including VIP packages and even lap dances.

Plus, if you purchase a VIP package online, you’ll get up to a 30% discount. loves the Crazy Horse III cheese pizza and street tacos. Share it with your favorite dancer!


Topless, full bar, 21+





Scores recently expanded … check out the new 2-story pole dancing!

Scores is open from 8 pm-7 am daily.

The boss, Leo, is turning this club into a real contender in the Vegas strip club scene. Guys… check out the club where the porn stars hang out when they are in Las Vegas!

TVO loved Scores outdoor patio with a spectacular view of the “Strip”!

Too many new and exciting shows to detail. Check out the latest…


Topless, full bar, 21+ Hookah available.


Watch this sexy SCORES video



For free limo ride and free admission, call: (702) 916-1499. Topless, full bar, 21+




 Sophia’s, with a new and improved late night food menu and local discounts.

Elote Fries seem like a hangover killer!  Sophia’s has some of the best VIP rooms and packages in town.

Sophia’s is open 7 nights a week with a very upscale experience.

Read TVO’s story about Sophia’s House Mother.

Find out why some of the best dancers in town call Sophia’s home!

Music by DJ Needles.

Hookah and limo rides are available.

Opens at 8pm.

Call them for a Free Limo ride to the club at 702-982-6777.

Topless, full bar, 21+




Dana White’s “Fuck It Friday!”

Pickle Corny Dog

See what he thinks of it….



El Infierno Cabaret

♦  EInfierno Cabaret, Las Vegas’ newest Latin-inspired erotic nightlife destination.


New …. 2 for 1 beer during televised soccer matches!

EInfierno Cabaret, translated to hell in Spanish. It’s a multi-tiered entertainment facility located on the corner of Arville St. and Tropicana Ave. The club features an impressive lineup of local DJ’s spinning a variety of music nightly including salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, hip-hop and bachata.

Toxic Reggaeton is red hot. Experience it at El Infierno!

Call (702)330-0640

Topless, full bar,21+



Spearmint Rhino

♦  Spearmint Rhino says they has been playing on a different level since 1999!

One of Las Vegas’ most opulent clubs, Spearmint Rhino doesn’t change their weekly deals … but they sure produce hot pictures to use!

This weekend Spearmint Rhino is sticking to a fundamental strategy … good drinks and a ‘shit-ton of pretty girls.’ See how that works out for you. Watch a brief video of their beautiful dancers here.  You won’t get this tune out of your head!

Watch this sexy Spearmint Rhino video!

For reservations, complimentary limo transport or more info, call (702) 796-3600.





Topless, full bar, 21+






Floyd Mayweathers’s Girl Collection

This is a great weekend to check out Floyd Mayweather’s new Girl CollectionGirl Collection open on weekends. Best hip-hop DJ’s in Las Vegas. Valet parking is $40 with a $50 admission charge.

Blac Chyna in Lingerie

Blac Chyna

All of the dancers here have been hand-picked by Floyd himself, who likes beautiful women with lots of curves. Floyd’s place is the wildest hip-hop party in town. Private-room dances start at $150 for 10 minutes—a deal for a club of this caliber.

Ladies welcome, with or without a male companion. Great food menu if you’re hungry.

Call for reservations and more info at 702-410-9999 or 1- (844) 447-5758.

Topless, full bar, 21+






Chicas Bonitas

LINK for Chicas Bonitas


Other Vegas Strip Clubs

♦  Diamond Cabaret Diamond Cabaret Call (702)463.4127 for more info. 18+ No alcohol.

 Talk of the Town. The club is open every day from 4 pm till 2 am. Call the club at (702) 385-1800 for more info. Don’t bother asking for a free limo ride, as this place has no limos. Nude, no alcohol, 18+

Play It Again Sam’s (Video Poker), Chicas Bonitas and Club Platinum (Video Poker) are all open and are local favorites!



The End

The End

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Will Power Slap Save Combat Sports in Strip Clubs?

Click Here for Treasures website

Will Power Slap Save Combat Sports in Strip Clubs?

Yes it will!

I just spent a couple hours getting steeped in the action, drama and details of the new Power Slap League launched by Dana White and UFC.  I’ll cut to the chase … it is impossible not to enjoy this sport!

After experiencing it for one hour I started to read what the more sensitive and socially conscious sports opinion makers have written. Those pantywaists are shocked and appalled by the spectacle. They are horrified that the fighters can’t mount a defense. They are apoplectic that a state athletic commission has sanctioned the sport. They have moved their neurological consciouses away from American football and are madly scurrying to find neurologists to castigate the sport. If Senator John McCain were alive he’d stop shaking down boxing. He’d even stop sending our kids to foreign wars long enough to take on Dana White.

The criticisms of Power Slap are almost identical to those the UFC received in the late 90s and early 2000s. Thankfully, Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White ignored these ‘purists’ and pressed ahead. Without their vision and persistence we wouldn’t have the UFC now.

UFC didn’t invent slap fighting. Dana White explained that he started noticing the sport in Russia and Poland. The social media clips for the fights were attracting millions of views without any organized promotion.

In Europe,the SlapFIGHT Championship has been around for over ten years. The league attracted YouTuber Logan Paul and film icon Arnold Schwarzenegger as celebrity commentators, and DraftKings Sportsbook has offered odds on matches.

What is Power Slap?

Power Slap League matches are played like a typical sport with offensive and defensive positions, depending on the turn. Therefore, a “striker” versus a “defender.” 

Strikers get a 30-second window to tee up a “permitted slap to the permitted target area compliant with the wind-up.” The promoter can also add break time, per the official rules.

A “Power Slap Stick” is held behind the backs of the defenders with both hands and “their arms extended towards the ground.” Flinching, chin tucking, shoulder raising or using “any other method to block the strike” results in a foul. Warnings can be issued, and strikers are sometimes allowed a second slap. A defender will lose points for subsequent fouls.

Like in traditional boxing, 10 counts are in play and matches are judged on a 10-point must system. Damage of slaps and defender recoverability are scoring factors.

Other rules include mouthguards, no “clubbing’ or using the base of the hand for striking, no ear shots and foot fouls include lifting feet or shifting away from a straight stance.

On critical rule is the first turn as determined by coin flip. That first turn often results in a knockout or a match shifting first blow. Bettors will want to know the coin flip winner before betting.  Whoever goes first in the blow-for-blow contest has a clear advantage (the first slap can end the fight), but it’s not so simple.

There are four weight classes, welterweight (170 lbs.), middleweight (185 lbs.), light heavyweight (205 lbs.), and heavyweight (265 lbs.).

Future Stars of the PSL

The pool of  future stars of Power Slap is immense. Slap fighters like Vern “The Mechanic” Cathey, Ryan “King of Kings” Phillips, and Duane “Iron Giant” Crespo, Michael “Slap Jesus” Smith provide entertainment on stage with the skills to back it up. The 2023 debut of the PSL featured pre-recorded matches, so no moneyline betting was available for the inaugural season. However, viewers can expect gambling odds and lines in the future.

The league is being rolled out on TBS in a weekly series called “Road to the Title” on Wednesday evenings. To see the full premier episode on YouTube go to this link.

What makes it So Good?

I once found a video of Mike Tyson’s knockouts. I watched it many times and showed it to my son. He thought it was great to watch. Power Slap League is the same thing .. immediate action, no waiting, no bad rounds of boxing, no slow fights. It is 100% perfectly engineered for today’s culture of scrolling for thrills on social media. The immediate gratification male generation has its tonic baby!

Despite the harsh critics … Power Slap is trending top 10 on Twitter, eclipsing one million views on Rumble, and accelerating social media. Since the debut episode, they’ve added over 1,00,000 followers on TikTok. Jewel Scott’s knockout victory obtained over 100 million views on that platform in the first week.

Power Slap in the Strip Clubs

It’s no secret that UFC cards are getting harder to sell on PPV. Since covid fewer men’s clubs in Las Vegas are paying for the big events like UFC #283. Only two clubs showed #283 last week. Part of that is because the events start too early for the clubs in Las Vegas. PSL will be a perfect supplement to run any time because the events are not yet driven by star power. A club can run repeats, old matches, highlight packages at all hours. It’s like a bowl of salty peanuts … it will get eaten; guaranteed.

Don’t Bet Against Dana White

Here’s a prediction, Dana White, as usual, will triumph again and make the Power Slap League an epic ratings winner and money machine.

Here’s my main point … the Power Slap League (PSL) will become loop TV in strip clubs and sports bars for years to come. Eventually, when stars are created … live tickets, Pay Per View and gambling odds will be high earning staples of the sport.

Strip club owners should start to stake their positions on PSL soon!


The End

The End


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