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The Tide has Turned Wednesday Live Blog

Sidney Powell Files Lawsuit Re Massive Dominion Fraud (New!  Pinned)

Here Comes the Kraken

Now two reliable sources report Sidney Powell says she will file before midnight EST today.  This lawsuit is specifically about the Dominion mass vote flipping/insertions/deletions.  That impacts every state because every voting machine and vote counting machine ran on Dominion/ClA Scorecard software.

Here comes the Kraken evidence.

If you missed my post on it, the Kraken has been confirmed to be U.S. military cyber warfare software that tracked the real vote count and vote flipping/insertions/deletions in real time.

This is what TVO reader Ian has been waiting for.

Steve Pieczenik Says “Now It Becomes Fun” (New! Pinned)

Steve Pieczenik sees today as the turning point as well.  He retweeted the statement, “Today is the turning point.  Everything changed,” with the comment:  “Agree.  Now it becomes fun.”

Lin Wood’s Two Warnings (Pinned)

The Election Steal is Part of a Greater Attack on Us but the Tide has Turned

Last night Lin Wood said:

20/20 is not year third-party bad actors planned to overthrow duly-elected President at ballot box. They knew they would be caught red-handed. They were. Too obvious.

They have other plans.

Donald Trump is ready.

Patriots are ready. Watch for whites of their communist eyes.

Wood issued another warning this morning, this time to the Nazis.

As we approach Thanksgiving 20/20, 80+M patriots waiting to give thanks for indictments opening these gates:

1.Epstein Pedogate
2.Durham Russiagate
3.Weiner Laptopgate
4.Hunter LaptopGgate
6.Communist Election Theftgate

So Lin Wood is now sending distinctly Q-like messages to the criminals behind the election steal.

Lin Wood then said:

I am not a criminal lawyer but I know enough. I know individuals who voluntarily come forward to confess and expose crimes are generally treated with measure of leniency. Many were involved in election crimes. Who will speak up and do right thing before it is too late?

But the day just got better and better as it went on.

Wowza!  New!  Lin Wood Goes There! (Pinned)

Calls Out Bill Gates and John Roberts

Lin Wood tweets:  “Do Patriots want to see TRUTH exposed about Bill Gates, George Soros and ‘the John Roberts’ on Epstein flight logs or is it just me?”

Jesus, Mary and Joseph.  If you were in on the vote steal, you had better flip right now.

We Get a Date Too

Earlier today, Wood tweeted:  “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come. – Joel 2:31”

Then Wood followed up by tweeting that lunar eclipses will be falling on Nov. 29-30.  That’s Sunday and Monday.

This is not going to take as long as I feared.

PA Senate Election Fraud Hearing was a Nuclear Bomb Landing on the Crooks (Pinned/Updated with Links to Clips)

The President Spoke at the Hearing Via Zoom

You can watch the entire hearing on RSBN here.

The president spoke at the hearing after all the witnesses had testified.  (You can find a clip of what the president said here.)

Media Disinfo on the Hearing

Some media are spreading disinfo that this event was not a hearing.  But a PA state senator confirmed at the hearing that this was a legislative hearing.

You can’t trust the media conspirators in the steal to even report a simple fact honestly.

1.2 Million More Ballots Counted Than Returned, 800k More Counted than Sent Out

Witnesses to the vote fraud in Pennsylvania testified under oath at the hearing.  Rudy said PA sent out 1,823,148 mail-in ballots. Approximately 1.4 million were returned, but 2,589,243 were counted.  So 766,095 more ballots were counted than were sent out.  1.2 million more ballots were counted than were actually returned.

Of returned ballots, 22,686 were returned on the day mailed. 32,591 were returned the day after they were mailed, which is impossible.  20k were returned *before* they were mailed. 8,021 were returned from dead people. 4,984 never requested a ballot.  Rudy has said he will be able to prove national coordination of deliberate federal election fraud.

Rudy Says Criminal Proceedings will Take Six Months to a Year; People who Participated in the Fraud have Come Forward

Rudy also said Dominion machines have a “backdoor” through which votes were injected.  He said: “The criminal proceedings are going to take six months to a year.”

Giuliani also confirmed to the PA legislature that he has three witnesses who conspired in the vote fraud there that have flipped.  They have come forward to testify.

Rudy Called Out a Corrupt Ruling by the Judge in PA

Rudy told the PA legislature that he came to them because of the absurd ruling by federal district court Judge Brann in PA, an Obama appointee, who ruled on evidence that had never been presented to him.

Poll Workers Got Blank Ballots to Fill Out, Provisional Voters Got Regular Ballots

After the election, without observation or oversight, poll workers in Philadelphia were given blank ballots to fill in.

People in PA who were supposed to vote on a provisional ballot were given regular ballots instead.

Major Testimony by Former Navy CO, an Expert in Computer Security and Fraud

Witness Gregory Strenstrom, former Commanding Officer in the Navy, veteran of foreign wars, a data scientist & forensic computer scientist & an expert in security & fraud, saw cards being loaded into counting machines, objected and brought it to the attention of the Sheriff and Clerk of Elections. Has pictures of baggies of USBs being stuck into machines.

Strenstrom saw it happen over 24 times. More than two USB’s are abnormal. Now they can’t find any of them.  As of today 47 USB drives are missing.  More by Strenstrom:  “In all cases, the chain of custody was broken.”  He also said, “All chain of custody laws are gone in Delaware County.”

He also testified about finding 70,000 mail-in ballots in unopened envelopes put in a locked room, uncounted. They were found by a Democrat and GOP poll watchers, including him, after the counting was over. Nobody knows where they went but they were never counted.  See video of the witness through the link.

One of the things brought out:  When Trump representatives asked in Philly if an expert overseeing the election there could explain to them what the ballot steps were from start to finish, no one could.

Vote Spikes Went 570k for Biden, 3k for Trump

The crowd at the hearing literally broke out laughing at this one:  Vote “dumps” or “spikes” gave Biden 570k votes but gave Trump only 3200.  An expert explained there should be no spikes, only a “smooth curve going up.”  You can see video of the witness through the link.

Rudy Says: Yes, We Can Do a Forensic Audit of the Voting Machines

Says they have archived other forensic evidence and will put it online for the PA legislators.

Mastriano Says PA Will Save the Republic (Pinned)

Here’s how the PA Senate hearing ended.  Note, twitter suspended the personal account of Col. Doug Mastriano today after he lead the hearing.

Rudy Played the Battle Hymn of the Republic on the Way Back from the Hearing (Pinned)

Jenna Ellis, one of the Trump team lawyers, just tweeted that Rudy played the Battle Hymn of the Republic in the car on the way home from today’s hearing.  The tide has turned.

Live Blog

55 Georgia Legislators Ready to Go Public Against Kemp

The national Stop the Steal organizer says we have five Georgia state legislators with us publicly and will have another 50 come public soon against Kemp for conspiring in the Georgia vote fraud.  They will not support Loeffler or Perdue in the run-off until Kemp calls a special session of the legislature and unwinds the election steal there.

That link is to one of a number of his tweets on the subject.

Trump has Now Pardoned Flynn and Freed Him from Court Gag Order (Updated)

Flynn to Be Appointed Acting ClA Director?

Corrupt Judge Emmet Sullivan has been dragging out the General Flynn case for seven months since the DOJ dropped all charges and for three months since the DC Circuit Court returned the case to Sullivan to discharge it promptly.

This morning Sidney Powell tweeted, “Hurricane Justice coming on shore.”  Then Lin Wood tweeted about giving thanks for indictments.  Then Trump reinstated firing squads.  Then Trump granted Flynn a full pardon.

Flynn has been under a court gag order for years and Trump needs him speaking and on the team that’s putting down the insurrection.

Steve Pieczenik retweeted the statement, “With General Flynn pardoned, Haspel may be a short-timer,” with the comment, “I am thinking.”  Suggests Flynn may be new ClA Director, or at least Acting Director, with the job of dismantling it.

How PA Governor Wolf Set Up the Vote Fraud

A witness at today’s PA senate hearing said Governor Wolf mandated Dominion Voting Systems, the legislature never voted on it.  Wolf also removed all security barcodes from ballots that were originally put in place as protection from counterfeit ballots.

Perhaps it was because he’d ordered up a supply of counterfeit ballots from China (see below).

Counterfeit Ballots from China Confirmed

There’s a video on Chinese counterfeit ballots going around (see it here) from the CCP whistleblowers who first started releasing the info on CCP blackmail material on Hunter Biden and bribes to Joe Biden.

Now reporter Ivan Pentchoukov confirms the existence of these counterfeit ballots.  He says he has received a batch of the counterfeit ballots from a source, and reports the paper size is way off and the ballots are printed on the wrong stock. He checked legal ballot dimensions with a county clerk and these didn’t match up.

Wood Files Appeal on Georgia to 11th Circuit, 11th Circuit Grants Expedited Review

Wood just filed an Emergency Motion for Expedited Review over the signature verification issue in Georgia as well as other vote fraud issues there.  Read the lawsuit and motion through the link.

Update:  At 7:16 pm EST, Wood tweeted that the 11th Circuit had granted his Emergency Motion for Expedited Review of lawsuit challenging validity of GA election procedure.

Dominion Subtracts Trump Votes

I’ve already posted charts showing the big 4 am vote dumps for Biden in WI and MI.  The dumps literally represented votes supposedly counted while vote counting had officially been stopped for the night.

Now here’s a chart showing Dominion subtracting votes from Trump in Pennsylvania.  The chart shows 25 data dumps where Trump lost 97,676 votes from the Dominion feeds while Biden gained 160K+ votes.  Click on the chart to enlarge.

Shiva Ayyadurai Shows How Dominion Rigged the Georgia Vote

22% of Trump Votes Flipped to Biden in White Counties

Shiva Ayyadurai tweets:

Our analysis of Georgia, in one county alone, reveals that as the percentage of white voters in a precinct goes beyond ~10%, an algorithm kicks in to transfer a specific percentage of total votes to Mr. Biden in a machine-like manner. That percentage factor is ~22%. More to come tonight.

Get it? After the white vote in a county passes 10% of the vote total, 22% of subsequent votes were flipped from Trump to Biden. That plus over 100k fraudulent absentee ballots were required to get Biden a small lead in the state.

PA Court Blocks State from Certifying Election Results

Blocks Certification in Presidential Election and All Other Races

Certification is blocked.  Evidentiary hearing is Friday, November 27, at 11:30 am.

NV Judge Agrees to Hear Evidence of Vote Fraud Here

Depositions are happening now and Richard Grenell says Clark County officials, who threw out an entire Commissioner’s race because they didn’t have confidence in their own election, will be among those deposed.

The hearing is December 3.  Matt Schlapp says we have enough proof of vote fraud to flip the election result.  Read more…

Waiting for Sidney Tuesday Live Blog

Lin Wood Identifies the Kraken (Pinned)

A Dept. of Defense Cyber Warfare Program that Recorded the Vote Switches in Real Time

Lin Wood just tweeted a link to this piece saying the “Kraken” is  a Department of Defense-run cyber warfare program that tracks and hacks other systems to acquire evidence of nefarious actions.

Former DIA intelligence officer Jeffrey Prather, source of the article Lin Wood linked to, says, “Kraken is cyber algotithmic software that recorded the algorithm percentage of vote switches in real time.”  Later he refers to the software that did the switching as “Scorecard,” referring to the ClA’s Scorecard software and confirming that Dominion and other voting systems used in the U.S. were really running on Scorecard.

That confirms what Steve Pieczenik told us about the election being a sting.  Prather says the evidence that will be submitted in court will be the Kraken vote logs that recorded both the real vote count and totals and the vote switches and fraudulent count.

Former DIA Officer Confirms “Plan B” is Insurrection Act; Also Confirms Scytl Servers were in ClA Facility

Prather also says that Trump’s “Plan B” is for Trump to invoke the NDAA and Insurrection Act, and dispatch special forces units across the U.S. to arrest all the treasonous actors in this conspiracy against our government.

Remember that since the election, Acting Secretary of Defense Miller announced that all special forces units now report directly to him rather than to their old agency chains of command.

Prather says a lot more in a new video here, including confirming that the Scytl servers were indeed raided from a ClA facility. He says the major donors to the election steal have been Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and George Soros.  That confirms Pieczenik’s claim today (see section directly below) that Zuckerberg paid for the Philly mob to manufacture ballots for Biden.

He also says we truly don’t know if we can trust the courts anymore, including SCOTUS.  He goes on to say Barr is Deep State/ClA and will never do anything about the bad guys, and Durham has done nothing.

We know Barr began his career in the ClA.  Even Wikipedia will tell you that.  And nobody ever really leaves the ClA.  So Sidney Powell has been correct.  The DOJ is in on it.

Sidney Starts Releasing Proof TOMORROW (Pinned, Updated)

Expect the Nazis to Carry On with Their Brazen Steal Until Trump Brings Down the Hammer

Trump Retweeted This Tuesday Morning

Last week, Sidney Powell promised that her proof of Dominion (ClA Scorecard) vote flipping, insertions and deletions would be released as early as this Friday, November 27, though it could be next week.

Lou Dobbs today (start at 4:39) asked Sidney if the lawyers were going to be able to meet critical election deadlines (Dec. 8 & 14) and she said, “Yes, the deadlines should be able to be met.”  Then she said she’d start releasing proof TOMORROW.  Take note, TVO reader Ian!

How a Sting Works

Right now it appears that Trump’s plan is to continue to release the proof of mass vote fraud, culminating in Sidney’s Dominion (ClA Scorecard) proof, and let everyone watch in horror as the criminals continue to carry out their election steal right in front of our eyes.  This morning Steve Pieczenik is tweeting that Mark Zuckerberg paid for the rumored Philly mob ballot-manufacturing operation.  Just yesterday 15 members of the Philly mob were indicted by the DOJ, so it’s not a surprise this is coming out now.

But letting the criminals proceed with their crime is how a sting works.  If you remember the FBI sting against John DeLorean in 1982, the FBI didn’t arrest him for just planning on distributing 55 pounds of cocaine.  They had to wait until he actually took delivery of the coke.

So I fully expect Biden in some sense to take delivery of the presidency.  He’s now taking $6 million+ in real transition funds, and maybe that’s enough.

Sidney’s release of her proof will set up Trump’s next big move and Trump’s next big move will be the opening of the third act, where the hero returns to the throne.  Right now we’re stuck in the second act, “rising action”, which typically depicts the protagonist’s attempt to resolve the problem initiated by the first turning point, which was the launch of the steal when they halted the vote count on election night.

January 5 Runoff Election in Georgia

Another important deadline Trump faces is January 5, the date of the runoff elections for two Georgia U.S. Senate seats.  Right now, MAGA plans to sit out the election and Trump isn’t lifting a finger to stop those plans.

That’s an important tell.  The usual suspects are rushing around telling us how important it is to show up to keep control of the Senate, but Trump retweeted the comment below from Randy Quaid with the comment, “Are you listening Republicans?”:

We’ve lost confidence in the system that elects our leaders. 79 million Americans believe the election was rigged, the results fraudulent. We need an in-person-only paper-ballot re-vote, especially in the States where flagrant irregularities have occurred. No accuracy, no democracy!

Trump is most definitely NOT telling MAGA to show up to vote for Loeffler and Perdue, and believe me, without word from Trump, MAGA won’t.  What is the point of voting when the Nazis will use Dominion to install whomever they want?

So Trump is putting the screws to the GOP as well.

I will be live blogging the election sting all day.  Often the juiciest stuff hits in the afternoon.

Live Blog

Poll Shows 98.9% Want Trump to Fight the Fraud

Trump just tweeted about a poll of 192,774 voters asking whether Trump should concede to Biden.

The results were 98.9% said no, 1.1% said yes.

The poll appears to be a Newsmax poll, I’m assuming of Newsmax viewers.  Looking for more info.

But don’t be gaslighted that the American people want Biden in the White House.  That’s absolutely false.

PA, MI and AZ Legislatures Start Public Hearings

Witnesses will Testify Under Oath to Election Fraud

The Trump campaign has announced that the Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona state legislatures are about to start public hearings on election irregularities.

The first hearing, to be held by the PA State Senate, will be conducted tomorrow, Wed. Nov. 25th, in Gettysburg. It will include testimony from witnesses who have filed sworn affidavits, under penalty of perjury, attesting to 2020 election fraud.

It will also feature a presentation from Rudy Giuliani.

The Trump campaign’s announcement of the hearings points out “State Legislatures have the sole authority to select their representatives to the Electoral College, providing a critical safeguard against voter fraud and election manipulation.”

Sidney Powell said state legislatures could reject certifications of the fraudulent vote.

Witness Says Every Democrat Candidate in AZ Got 35k Votes Before Counting Even Started

This is from Sidney’s interview with Lou Dobbs today (start at 6:23).  Sidney says it was like “getting your $500 in Monopoly money to begin with when you haven’t done anything, and it was only for Democrats.”

Biden’s Phony Lead in AZ Evaporating After “Machine Error” Found

Biden’s “lead” in Arizona has dropped from 10,377 to 4,202 votes after a “machine error” was discovered.  Source is David Chapman who has connections on the ground there.

A1 Shredding Turns Witness Against Cobb County Fraudsters

A couple of days ago I posted a link to video by Susan Knox of A1 Shredding at Cobb County election headquarters shredding absentee ballots.

Cobb County, GA is one of the places where witnesses have filed affidavits about 100k ballots pre-printed with Biden votes suddenly showing up to be counted.  Lin Wood got a court order quickly to stop the shredding.

Now Lin Wood tweets that A1 has turned witness against the election fraud.  Here’s the tweet:

Cobb County GA Patriots are helping reveal lies. Susan Knox is an American hero. More video from Susan to follow.

She caught A1 on video and now A1 will cooperate. A1 was played by traitors in Cobb County. Please BE PREPARED for Thanksgiving.

You can read a statement by A1 through the link. Here’s an excerpt:

We believe strongly in the democratic process and feel Georgians and all Americans deserve to have confidence in the election process. We have contacted the Georgia SOS’s Div. of Elections as well as the FBI for assistance…

Lin Wood says Cobb County was caught trying to shred absentee ballots again today.  After A1 refused to continue shredding, the fraudsters called in Stericycle.

Lin Wood:  They Wanted to Get Caught

Lin Wood just tweeted something so important I’m pinning it here for the day.  Here it is:

It will be important in coming days to know that Biden/Harris was a middle finger to America. Evidence of fraud is pouring in. ENEMY wanted to be caught after demoralizing us.

Propaganda saying President Trump is planning a coup. LIE. He is planning to defend our country. TRUTH.

So look what Lin is saying.  They aren’t embarrassed that we caught them.  They were quite brazen in their vote fraud because it’s a big FUCK YOU to us.  They absolutely believe they are going to ram this down our throats.  They’re that stupid.

Second, Lin talks about the narrative that Trump is planning a coup.  I’ve posted that the Democrat narrative that Trump is a dictator and won’t leave office was put out there because Trump will not in fact leave office.  Democrats thought they could prevent that option by framing it as a coup.

I read this as Wood confirming that Trump will indeed defend the country from this attack by external and internal enemies.  He will invoke the Insurrect Act to remain in office if he needs to.  Read more…

No Constitutional Right to be a Traitor Monday Live Blog

Sources Weigh In on SCOTUS (Pinned)

Insurrection Act More Likely Than Not

Just a heads up:  My SCOTUS source, a lawyer, thinks the Supreme Court will do the right thing but none of my other sources think what SCOTUS does or doesn’t do even matters.

As one source puts it:  “The Supreme Court is just a sham.  Trump couldn’t care less what the Supreme Court does or does not do.”

Reportedly Trump will present the proof of vote fraud directly to the American people on television, via a formal Presidential Address.  Networks are required to carry presidential addresses uninterrupted.  Reportedly Trump will present technical data and witnesses from the Department of Defense.

In other words, regardless of what SCOTUS does, it looks like Trump is going to invoke the Insurrection Act as I discussed in yesterday’s post.

Let’s Not Pretend the Rule of Law Exists in America Right Now

You might want to watch the short exchange below between Lindsey Graham and Brett Kavanaugh in which they agree, “You don’t have a constitutional right to turn on your own government and collaborate with the enemy of the nation.”

As I wrote yesterday, Trump would be acting within the law and the Constitution in invoking the Insurrection Act to stop Biden from being installed into the White House with vote fraud.   But let’s not pretend the rule of law means anything in America right now anyway.  A court issued a permanent injunction against Newsom issuing more unconstitutional orders and Newsom just issued another unconstitutional lockdown order anyway.

Democrats’ Antifa-BLM terrorists riot and murder and assault without consequences because Soros DAs won’t prosecute, but normal citizens who stand on their porches with a gun to deter assault by Democrat terrorists get prosecuted by the exact same DAs.

The sooner Trump calls out the troops and rounds up the traitors, the happier I will be.

I’ll be live blogging the put down of the insurrection all day.

Lin Wood Has Seen the Dominion Vote Rigging Evidence (Pinned)

Says Trump will Take Action under His Executive Order on Foreign Election Interference

Lin Wood said at roughly 4 pm EST:

I’ve seen the evidence [Sidney Powell spoke of] with respect to the Dominion machines and the software they used and how they ran it through Barcelona in Spain where they manipulated the votes. They’ve done this in prior elections. This time they got caught.

I believe the President of the United States knows what they did. I believe that at some point in time you’re going to find that action will be taken under the Executive Order that was entered in 2018 by the President…I think the best is yet to come!

Trump’s September 12, 2018 Executive Order imposes asset seizure on anyone who conspires in or aids foreign interference in our elections. It specifically includes media that aid foreign interference with disinfo.  I wrote more about the EO here.  That post contains a video by an attorney explaining the EO.

Lin Wood also said in an interview with Jeanine Pirro:  “Trouble’s coming AOC’s way. Stay tuned.”  Steve Pieczenik retweeted that with the comment, “AOC 1-term actress.”  He has before tweeted that AOC is ClA.

See, Trump is in no hurry.  He seems to be enjoying torturing them like a cat with a mouse.  Read more…

Trump at the Rubicon Sunday Live Blog

Invoking the Insurrection Act to Put Down the Insurrection (Pinned)

What Trump will Do if Legislators and Public Officials and the Courts All Fail Us

At the end of 50 BC, the Roman Senate declared that Julius Caesar’s term as provincial governor was over. Roman law gave its magistrates immunity to prosecution, but this immunity would end with Caesar’s term.

As the leader of the populares faction, Caesar had bitter enemies among the elite optimates, and he knew that as soon as he left office, these enemies planned to destroy him. Caesar knew he would lose everything: property, liberty, even his life.

Caesar decided it was better to fight than accept certain defeat. In January 49 BC, he crossed the Rubicon River with his army, in violation of Rome’s most sacred law, and began a civil war. “Alea iacta est,” said Caesar. The die is cast.

The Election Steal is Really an Insurrection

I’ve been posting about how the election steal is really an insurrection.  See yesterday’s post for evidence that the ClA is conspiring with the Democrat Party, foreign enemies, and current and former corrupt federal, state, and local politicians and government officials to not only steal the election, but overthrow our system of government.

If you still don’t believe it’s an insurrection, check out the comments of Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum last January announcing a Great Reset to the global economy.  People like Schwab and Soros were announcing way back then their plans to impose on us exactly what’s been imposed on us with the Bat Plague hoax.  By 2030 we will own no property, they told us, but we will be happy renting everything from the Davos crowd.

I’ve also posted a number of Trump’s options for defeating the insurrection.  The option that seems to be in play at the moment is written up here, in the second section of the post.

Basically it involves blocking certification of the fraudulent vote in Michigan and Wisconsin and maybe Pennsylvania, and the Republican legislatures in those states sending Trump electors to the Electoral College.   The day after Trump’s inauguration, all hell rains down on the traitors.

There are also legal options.  SCOTUS could throw out the 100s of thousands of fraudulent absentee ballots in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and other states, winning the election for Trump.  SCOTUS could also throw out the fraudulent Dominion/ClA votes, assuming Sidney Powell and other sources are right that Trump has hard evidence that identifies them.

Or the U.S. House of Representatives could refuse to certify an Electoral College vote for Biden and hold a contingent election in which the House elects Trump.  There are other options as well.

But all of these options rely on honesty and courage from at least a segment of the government or courts and we are at a point of such pervasive corruption throughout the system that all of these options may fail.

But Trump has another option and, if necessary, he will use it.

The Military Option

I’ve mentioned the military option before but haven’t gone very deeply into the legal basis for using the military to stop the election steal and keep China stooge and vote fraudster Joe Biden out of office.

But there is indeed a legal basis for Trump calling out the military to stop the steal.

No Permission from Courts, Governors or Legislators Needed

During the five months of Democrat riots that began in late May, many wondered if Trump would invoke the Insurrection Act to call out the troops to stop the riots.  But most people don’t seem aware that the Insurrection Act can be invoked now, to stop the steal.

The Insurrection Act dates back to 1797.  In the 21st century, it has been renamed “The Enforcement of the Laws to Restore Public Order Act” and codified in four sections of the US Code:

The one that’s important at the moment is 10 USC § 253, which was written in 2006.  Remember how I’ve posted that one of the ways Trump has gotten so much done is that he’s used laws that everyone in Congress has forgotten were ever written?  Well, here is one of those laws.

10 USC § 253 reads:

The President, by using the militia or the armed forces, or both, or by any other means, shall take such measures as he considers necessary to suppress, in a State, any insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination, or conspiracy, if it

1. so hinders the execution of the laws of that State, and of the United States within the State, that any part or class of its people is deprived of a right, privilege, immunity, or protection named in the Constitution and secured by law, and the constituted authorities of that State are unable, fail, or refuse to protect that right, privilege, or immunity, or to give that protection; or

2. opposes or obstructs the execution of the laws of the United States or impedes the course of justice under those laws.

I’m sure you can already see where I’m going with this.  That’s powerful language.  And it vests authority to call out the armed forces solely with the President.  He doesn’t need to be asked by governors to intervene.  He doesn’t need the permission of SCOTUS.  All provisions in the Insurrection Act requiring authorization from a governor or court were removed in 2006.

Provisions limiting the use of the armed forces without legislative approval to brief periods of time have also been removed.  I’m not sure what Congress was thinking when it passed this law; they may well have been up to no good.  But their motives or intelligence don’t matter at the moment.  It’s done.  Trump can use the troops as long as he thinks necessary to fully put down this insurrection.

Unlawful Combinations and Conspiracies

Further, the insurrection in progress doesn’t have to be an armed uprising.  The President can act against merely unlawful combinations and conspiracies.  If the President decides that a conspiracy has deprived people of a right and believes that the authorities have failed or refused to protect the right, he can call out the troops.

A mass vote fraud conspiracy would be a perfect example of a conspiracy that has deprived the American people of their civil rights.  Barr has already called vote fraud an act that deprives the people of their civil rights.

If corrupt authorities fail to protect these rights, Trump will cross the Rubicon.

And it you think the military will rebel, note that Pompey said the same thing.  He was wrong.  His decapitated head was eventually presented to Caesar in a gift box.

While Deep Staters like Mattis and Milley may not like Trump, the troops love him.  And Trump has cultivated the military since his first day in office.  In fact, numerous sources say Trump was recruited by the military to run for president precisely to stop this insurrection, which was already being plotted when Trump agreed to run.

That’s why I keep reporting on Trump’s installation of General Flynn allies at the top of the Department of Defense.  Trump is getting ready for what he knows may be coming.

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Sidney Powell  Did Exactly What Trump Asked Her To Do

And Don’t Doubt That Trump has All the Evidence Sidney Claimed

Trump needed someone to loudly tell the election steal crooks what Trump had on them.  When that didn’t move some of the lesser GOP crooks fast enough, she started calling them out for taking kickbacks from Dominion and China, and using Dominion to rig their own elections.  I assure you they did all that.

At that point, the GOP conspirators in the steal got scared and started calling Trump.  They suddenly decided the right play was to be loyal.  And they’re right.  Kemp started calling for a signature audit in Georgia.  We’ll be seeing more of that.

As proof of Sidney’s role, just look at how she was spending her time.  She was on any TV show that would have her from early morning to late at night.  We saw a little of Rudy and Lin Wood and Jenna Ellis on TV.  But nowhere near as often as Sidney.  That’s because Rudy and Lin and Jenna were busy writing up motions and collecting affidavits and appearing in court.  They didn’t have time to talk on TV all day.

Trump will let the GOP crooks walk back from the darkness and go after the more vicious scumbags who can’t walk back from the darkness because what they did was so much worse.  As part of letting them walk back from the darkness, he has to reassure them that it will be safe in the light.  He has to distance himself publicly from Sidney for a while.

Here’s how the phone calls went.

GOP crook:  “Mr. President, Sidney Powell just said on Newsmax that I used Dominion to rig my election!”

Trump:  “Oh, did she?  I hadn’t heard about that.  I haven’t had time for TV.”

GOP crook:  “Mr. President, you have to talk to her and get her to stop.  You know I’m very popular in my state and don’t need vote fraud to win.”

Trump:  “Well, technically, Sidney isn’t working for me.  She’s working for the American people, funding it herself.”

GOP crook:  “Well, could you possibly ask Rudy to talk to her?  I have been one of your strongest allies from the start.  In fact, I just told Liz Cheney and Toomey they were way out of line.”

Trump:  “You should come out to Mar-a-lago soon for some golf.  I’ll talk to Sidney.”

GOP crook:  “Thanks, Mr. President.  I am with you all the way.”

When Trump called Sidney and General Flynn after a few of these phone calls, they all cracked up.

This is a very common tactic in union contract negotiations and grievance settlements.  You sic a bulldog on your opponents to scare them and then let the nice guy sign the deal.

But don’t doubt for a second that Trump has all the evidence Sidney claimed and Sidney will still be at Trump’s side in the fight.  The only reason the GOP crooks are crawling back is that they know for sure, from what Sidney has said, that Trump has the goods and will win this fight.

Mass Block Rentals of PO Boxes for Vote Fraud in Georgia

Roscoe Davis, a lifer law enforcement officer who’s been closely monitoring developments in the election steal in Georgia, says records will be introduced in Georgia courts tomorrow showing mass block rentals of PO Boxes and private commercial mailboxes for the purposes of vote fraud.

Inventory was sold out within the last 90 days at MailStop, UPS Store (13 locations), Mail Center Etc (10 locations), Mailboxes Unlimited (9 locations), Hanmipost (7 locations), MCS Executive Suites & Business Center Mailbox Centers LLC, and XPO Logistics.   Thousands of early and absentee voters listed their residences as these recently block-rented mailboxes.

By law, Georgia voter registrations must include a physical address.  The rental box addresses were disguised as physical addresses.  Davis says this is the reason Kemp reversed his prior position and is calling for an audit.

Stacey Abrams and Act Blue Implicated

Davis says, “This was systematic and organized. It’s not individuals doing this. Stacey Abrams better be lawyered up, because the financials point directly to Fair Fight PAC and Act Blue.”

Dominion Voting Systems’ Links with Wall Street and China

Developer of Dominion Voting Systems was a CCP-Owned Company

I’ve already posted that Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui says Dominion Voting Systems was developed by Peking University’s Founder Group.  We also know that the vote rigging software was developed in Serbia, so I’m not sure what aspect of the Dominion systems were developed by Founder Group, but Founder Group is a subsidiary of Peking University and a CCP-owned company.

Again, some important part of Dominion Voting Systems was developed by a company owned by the Chinese Communist Party.

Acquired by Former Execs of Carlyle Group, which has $3.25 Billion in Investments in China

After it was developed, Dominion Voting Systems was acquired by its managing team at the CCP-owned Founder Group and Staple Street Capital, whose co-founders formerly worked for the Carlyle Group.  Carlyle Group has $3.25 billion of investments in China, including Chinese companies doing leveraged buyouts and corporate apartment rental groups, plus investments in warehouse companies, healthcare firms and more.

Carlyle Group’s China team includes many graduates of Peking University.

Everything’s Peachy Until Trump Raises Tariffs on China

In November 2019, Carlyle Group said they expected a trade deal with China any time.  In December 2019, Founder Group failed to repay 2 billion in Yuan bonds and business rags started writing about rising debt risks due to China’s slowing economy. China’s slowing economy was due to Trump raising tariffs in response to China’s unfair trade practices.

By March 2020, the Founder Group was bankrupt and had used a shortcut known as a keepwell deed to borrow in U.S. dollars from foreign investors.  In April 2020, Founder Group’s state-appointed bankruptcy restructuring administrator ruled these new debt contracts were unenforceable.  The ruling affected $96 billion of outstanding offshore bonds issued by Chinese companies.

Now you know why Wall St. so heavily donated to Biden.

By June of 2020, Carlyle was openly talking about its concerns regarding its investments in China.  By August 2020, the Founder Group’s debt restructuring plan submission was postponed.  By October 2020, Finance Asia was writing about a tsunami of Chinese bond defaults coming in 2021.

Reporter Ben Tallmadge asks (link below):  “You think Carlyle Group with billions of dollars invested in China and its Peking U Chinese employees wouldn’t meddle in the 2020 election when former Carlyle associates owned Dominion Voting Systems?”

Why is Hunter Biden Always in the Picture?

The former CEO of Founder Group (when it developed Dominion Voting Systems) is now in prison for insider trading.  Another Founder Group Chairman in prison for insider trading has been photographed with Hunter Biden and James Bulgur, son of gangster and Mueller informant Whitey Bulgur, in April 2016.

China Mobile, which has been blacklisted by the Trump administration as a national security threat, has offices in Toronto literally inches from the Dominion Voting Systems headquarters there.  Dominion’s other neighbor there is the Soros Tides Foundation.

Andy Huang of Dominion Voting Systems formerly worked as Network Specialist at China Telecom, which is also on the US blacklist as a national security threat.  Dominion houses data at China Unicom, another blacklisted company.  And Dominion’s website domain name is hosted in China.

Sources for this info can be found in this thread by Ben K. Tallmadge.  It’s part of his larger expose of the Bidens’ deals with CCP figures in China.

Hunter Biden and James Bulgur in April 2016 with Wei Xin,
Chairman of CCP-Owned Founder Group

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