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If you're looking for information on the best strip clubs in Las Vegas, you just hit the jackpot, Jack. You've found the ultimate Las Vegas guide to girls peeling off their underthings in public.

Las Vegas Topless Clubs, Nude Clubs and More

There are 16 topless gentlemen's clubs in Las Vegas, seven clubs where the girls are on stage fully nude, ten casino shows that feature topless showgirls, bars and nightclubs that feature erotic entertainment, peep shows, swingers' clubs, 10 adults-only topless party pools, and a dozen male revues, including one where the guys dance nude.

We've got strip clubs with such an awesome number of drop-dead gorgeous dancers that the scene rivals the harem of the Sultan of Brunei. We've got strip clubs that offer private VIP rooms where you can close the door and get creative with the dancer of your choice.

We've got high-mileage lap dances, nude bed dances, shower shows, mud and oil wrestling, bikini bull-riding, pretty beaver contests, and Monday night football titty blizzards. We’ve got strip clubs that feature stacked dancers, others that feature big booty, and still others that feature 18-year-olds who can fly around the stripper poles.

We’ve even got high-end legal brothels an hour's drive from Vegas.

As a traveling man, I've been to strip clubs in just about every state in the U.S.—including Alaska and Hawaii—and a lot of other countries as well, and I've never seen another town like this one for strip clubs. The best strip clubs in Las Vegas are some of the best strip clubs in the world.

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This Weekend in the Vegas Strip Clubs

Friday, August 21

Palomino Club – Where You Can Drink Liquor and Watch Naked Girls at the Same Time

Palomino Club Las Vegas Dancer Bethany

Bethany Dances at
Palomino Club
Photo by Hew Burney

This is a quiz:  Why is Palomino Club (club review / club website) the only strip club in Vegas with totally nude dancers and a full bar?

a) because the vice cops get free lap dances on Tuesdays
b) because the owner is in the mob and nobody wants to mess with him
c) because there’s a g-string shortage in North Las Vegas
d) because of some weird law that got grandfathered in for this club–but no other club in Vegas–40 years ago

Las Vegas strip club historians tell me that “d” is the correct answer, but personally, who really cares?

Just grab a seat on the rail and pop the top on your favorite brew and settle in to watch one of the most erotic stage shows ever produced anywhere. The dancers come out two and three at a time on the main stage and in addition to being naked, all of them are drop-dead gorgeous.

With domestic beers priced at $8 and drafts at $6, Palomino’s drink prices also beat most of the competition, as many Vegas strip clubs start at $10+ for a domestic beer.

Palomino’s VIP room is divided into small curtained private rooms for fully nude one-on-one private shows at 3 songs/100, 30 min/250, 60 min/450, and there’s no extra bar tab or bottle fee in the VIP. Nude private shows can also be arranged in the club’s lavish theme rooms located upstairs.

You can get free admission to Palomino (a $30 savings) by calling 1.702.327.7258 for the club’s free limo.

Note:  This club gets packed, even on week nights, so arrange for limo pick-up by 10-10:30 pm to make sure both a limo and a good table will be available.

Sapphire’s Topless Pool – Where the Sapphire Dancers Get Their Tits in the Sunshine

Did you ever hear some dork complain that strippers only look good because the clubs are so dark you can’t see all the flaws and blemishes?

Tell said dork to head over to the Sapphire Pool and Day Club (pool review / pool website) between noon and 6 pm any Friday, Saturday or Sunday where the only lighting is provided by the 100°F Vegas sun and even shadows are hard to come by. These babes look HOT!

On Champagne Friday the bartenders pour free champagne for female guests from 4-6 pm. The sponsor for the party today is Schofferhofer–a German beer made with wheat and Grapefruit–so watch for specials throughout the afternoon.

The weatherman says it’ll be over 100°F all weekend–nice days for splashing around in the sunshine with Sapphire’s topless girls.

This is the only pool in Vegas where you can get a VIP dance from a topless babe in between your mint julep and your rum bloody madras. (If you see a girl you like, there’s a secret back entrance from the pool to Sapphire’s VIP room. )

The cover charge varies, generally from $20 to $30, depending on who’s hosting, who’s performing, and crowd conditions. (Locals are always free.)

Call Sapphire for their free limo at 1.702.869.0003. The $10 reservations fee will be waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon or bottle (a good deal).

Saturday, August 22

Little Darlings – Where the Dancers Are Nude and Even a $20 Lap Dance is in a Private Room

Little Darlings Las Vegas Dancer

Serenity Dances at
Little Darlings
Photo by Hew Burney

If you want to see the newest, youngest girls on the Vegas strip club scene, and you’d like to get a nude private show from one of them for the lowest price in town, Little Darlings (club review / club website) is the place. All lap dances at Little Darlings are performed in private rooms, where you are alone with the dancer of your choice. Prices start at $20/song.

Because there are no lap dances out in the main room, the nude stage show is the primary focus in this club and the stage show is second to none. One after another, these nubile angels get naked and crazy, until you can’t stand it anymore and you just have to get one of them in your lap. Watch for the frequent 2-for-1s.

Private-bedroom shows are $125 for 15 minutes, $250 for 30 minutes, and $400 for 60 minutes. And since there’s no booze in this club, there’s never an extra bar tab or bottle fee.

I love this club and one reason is the consistent quality of the entertainers. Check out Serenity, TVO’s June Dancer of the Month, or Vallerina Estrella, our March Dancer of the Month, or Reagan Reilly, our January Dancer of the Month–all of whom were shot at Little Darlings.

Customers must be 18+ (with ID). Dancers are also 18+.

Admission for locals who arrive in their own cars is $15.

Out-of-towners’ admission is $35, but you can pay the locals’ price of $15 (a $20 savings) by showing the coupon on our home page below the top blog post. To use the coupon, you must arrive in your own car or Little Darlings’ limo. (The coupon also entitles you to a 2-for-the-price-of-1 nude lap dance). Call 1.702.371.2181 to reserve Little Darlings’ free limo.

Deja Vu Showgirls – Hot Dancers and the Best Drink Deals in Vegas

Deja Vu Showgirls Dancer Shelby Sparks

Shelby Sparks Dances at Deja Vu
Photo by Hew Burney

Saturday night is the best night of the week to hit Deja Vu Showgirls (club review / club website). The club’s full complement of delectable young dancers will be present and in party mode, and this place was made for hard partying.

This club has the best drink deals going among the major Vegas topless clubs, with all drinks (including all beer–domestics and imports, all well drinks, and all call drinks–excluding champagnes, wines, and super premiums) priced at $3 all night. And this $3 deal is good for both locals and out-of-towners. If you’re from out-of-state, you can’t drink cheaper than that in a Vegas strip club.

Deja Vu has an interesting theory about guys who go to strip clubs–the less money the guys spend on drinks, the more they’ll spend on dancers. And the more they spend on dancers, the higher the quality of dancer the club will attract.

I know I’m glad this club attracted TVO’s August Dancer of the Month, Shelby Sparks (above). She is a dancer you don’t want to miss. If you’ve only got a few days to have fun in this town, get your butt over to Deja Vu to see Shelby. (Look at her? How can you possibly leave town without going to see her live and up close and personal?)

You can get alone with Shelby in one of the club’s private rooms with a door you can close starting at $150 for 15 minutes, with no extra bar tab or bottle fee. That’s only $10 more than the other major Vegas topless clubs charge for 10 minutes in the group VIP (after you add their $40 bottle fee).

The $50 VIP drink & dance package (available online here) includes free round-trip limo transport from your hotel, free admission (a $35 savings), a reserved VIP table, $50 in booze, and a 2-for-1 (normally $20 each) couch dance voucher.

Out-of-staters can get free admission to Deja Vu (a $35 savings) plus your first drink on the house by showing the coupon on the lower right sidebar of our homepage. To use the coupon you must arrive by the club limo or your own car. The coupon isn’t valid if you arrive by cab or anyone else’s limo. Call 1.702.366.1633 for the free club limo.

Saturday Night at Sapphire – Lap Dance Heaven

Sapphire Las Vegas Dancer

Kimber is a Sapphire Gem

Sapphire gentlemen’s club (club review / club website) gets packed to the gills on weekend nights and for good reason–guys like girls with big tits, and especially when those girls are in your lap and topless and teasing the shit out of you. This club promotes itself as the “Largest Gentlemen’s Club in the World,” but they really ought to change their slogan to “Lap Dance Heaven.”

Sapphire features one of the highest-mileage topless lap dance scenes in town (and probably in the entire world) with 400 of Vegas’s hottest bodies.

If you’re going to the club at peak hours over the weekend, Sapphire’s package deals (buy online) offer excellent value. Not only do you get extra liquor value with their packages, plus free limo and admission, but you also get a line pass and a reserved VIP table.  Those have real value at this club on weekend nights, when there may not be any other way to find a place to sit down.

Call 1.702.869.0003 to reserve the club limo. Sapphire will waive the $10 reservations fee if you purchase a 2-for-1 drink ticket–a no brainer.

Sapphire Comedy Hour

Early birds may want to check out the Sapphire Comedy Hour that starts at 8 pm every Saturday night in the club’s 300-seat showroom. There’s a separate $20 admission, but compare that to the casino showrooms’ comedy shows that range from $50-$100.

Top working pros (Randy Charach and Jenna Cortis tonight), plus a couple burlesque dancers and a dynamite magician make this show a great way for couples to start the evening. Dinner (gourmet Mexican) is also available before or during the show (doors open at 7 pm). Call the number above for the club limo.

Sapphire Pool and Day Club – Selfie Saturday

The sponsors for the Sapphire Pool and Day Club (pool review / pool website) today are ResQWater, Milagro Tequila, Belvedere Vodka, and Moet Champagne. Watch for freebies and specials throughout the day.

“Selfie Saturday” means if you take a selfie, and post it to any social media site, then show it to one of the bartenders or waitresses, you’ll get your free shot.

The pool party runs from noon to 6 pm. The cover charge for the pool varies, usually from $20 to $30. (Locals always free.) Call Sapphire for their limo at 1.702.869.0003. The $10 reservations fee will be waived if you purchase a buy-1-get-1-free drink coupon or bottle (a good deal).

Sunday, August 23

Sapphire Pool & Day Club – Departure Sunday

The Sapphire Pool and Day Club (pool review / pool website) party runs from noon to 6 pm, and if you’re a local (with NV ID), go early. Locals drink free from noon to 2 pm. 

Sapphire’s got a great Sunday deal for out-of-town visitors. If you plan to depart on Sunday, purchase your return flight ticket for late afternoon or early evening so you can spend an afternoon at the Sapphire Pool–a great way to wind up your Vegas vacation.

If you call Sapphire at 1.702.869.0003 after you check out of your hotel, they’ll transport you to the Sapphire Pool in their free club limo, store your luggage, provide you with a locker where you can change clothes, and when you’re done partying at the pool, they’ll limo you and your luggage to the airport in time for your flight. The cost of this service: zip. (But do tip the limo drivers.)

Bikini Bull-Riding at Gilley’s

If you like cheap beer, shit-kickin’ country music, and girls in their underwear, Sunday night is always fun at Gilley’s (inside Treasure Island). The 11 pm Bikini Bull-Riding contest is sexy and fun–all amateurs, mostly in their skivvies, trying to stay on that mechanical bull to win money. No cover charge. You must be 21+.

It’s Amateur Night at Little Darlings Tonight (Wednesday)

Dancer at Little Darlings Vegas

Vallerina Dances at
Little Darlings
Photo by Hew Burney

Sometime after midnight tonight (probably closer to 1 am) Little Darlings (club review) will open it’s main stage to amateurs. Little Darlings is a nude club, so contestants must be 18+ (with ID) and female. The only other qualification is a desire to get up on stage and take their clothes off.

It can be fun to watch girls who are trying to strip on stage for the first time. I imagine some have been practicing at home in front of a mirror. When I interview dancers in strip clubs, I always ask them what it was like the first time they got naked on stage. Many admit to being nervous, or scared, or even terrified, but most also admit to having fantasized about it and feeling exhilarated by the experience.

A lot of the contestants who show up for amateur night are girls who are trying to break into the business and they view this performance as their audition. Some will not be amateurs, but dancers from other clubs who are considering performing at at the club, so they also consider this an audition. And some of the contestants are simply trying to get the prize money — $300 for first place, $150 for second, and $50 for third. Not bad for about two minutes on stage.

The winner is chosen by audience response.

The admission charge is $35 for out-of-towners (locals $15).

Military Appreciation Night at Deja Vu Showgirls

Thursday night at Deja Vu Showgirls (club review) is Military Appreciation Night. If you’ve got a group of five or more with military ID, all over 21, Deja Vu will pick you up in their limo, bring you to the club, and give you free admission and a bottle on the house.

And yes, they will pick you up at Nellis.

Once you’ve polished off the free bottle, drinks at Deja Vu are only $3. That includes all beer–domestics and imports–plus all well and call drinks (excluding wines, champagnes, and super premium liquors). Bottles are $69.