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Vote Fraud Follies Saturday Live Blog

We’ve Entered the Comedy Gold Period of the Election Steal

If you missed yesterday’s post, start there.  Yesterday was a killer news day.  I’ll be live blogging below all day as news comes in.

The Comedy Gold portion of the election steal has started.

The Election Steal in a Nutshell:  Dominion/Smartmatic/Sequoia, etc. Software is ClA Software (Pinned)

Pieczenik Confirms

Before we get to the hilarity, let’s get one issue out of the way because I’m tired of hinting at it and dancing around it.  Dominion Voting Systems software is used in all voting systems in the U.S. and it’s really the ClA’s Scorecard software.

Now, nobody official has stated this fact this clearly yet, but follow along for a moment, okay?

Dominion Software was Used Everywhere

I’ve already posted that Sidney Powell has said Dominion software was used in voting systems other than Dominion Voting Systems.  She specifically mentioned four other voting systems in use in the U.S. that use Dominion software, but she said it’s used in all non-Dominion voting systems.

And I’ve posted links to research on state vote count logs that showed Dominion-style vote flipping and fractional vote weighting and vote insertions and deletions occurred in at least 40 states, some of which don’t use the entire Dominion voting system.

I also link below to research showing Dominion-style vote rigging in Philly, where they don’t use the full Dominion voting system.

Powell and McInerney Said ClA Scorecard Software was Used

Sidney Powell has also said on other recent occasions that ClA Scorecard software was used to rig the U.S. general elections.  I’ve linked to a video of Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney confirming that.

Frankfurt Raid was on a ClA Election-Hacking Base and Scytl is a ClA Front

We also know from multiple sources that there’s a ClA election-hacking base in the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany and that it operates behind a front company.

And multiple sources have also confirmed that Scytl servers were recently seized in a U.S. Army special forces raid in Frankfurt.

Since foreign countries we’re not at war with don’t normally allow U.S. Army special forces to carry out raids on their territory, I think it’s a pretty good assumption that the raid was carried out on the ClA election-hacking base at our U.S. Consulate there.  The U.S. Consulate is technically U.S. territory.

And if that assumption is correct, Scytl is a ClA front.

That Means Dominion is a ClA Front

If Scytl is a ClA front, it’s likely that Dominion is a ClA front too, and that Dominion software is really ClA Scorecard election-rigging software.

Now Steve Pieczenik confirms that hypothesis.  He says:  “Cliff Notes.  ClA designed regime-change voting software.  Obama, Brennan and Haspel turn same against America.”

Pieczenik knows about Dominion.  He’s been tweeting about Dominion.  So when he says the ClA’s regime-change voting software was turned against America by Obama, Brennan and Haspel, he’s not saying it because he’s not aware we used Dominion software.  He’s saying Dominion is using ClA software, which means Dominion is ClA.

Since we also know from Sidney Powell that foreign enemies were involved in the election rigging, it would appear the ClA is now an internal enemy conspiring with foreign enemies in an attack on our country, and they did it with the help of the Mockingbird media, Big Tech, and a lot of U.S. national, state and local politicians and government officials.

Now let’s get on to how hilariously incompetent this cabal of internal and external enemies is.

Live Blog

78k More Votes for President in Nevada Than Total Ballots Cast

Well, Democrats really blew it on this one.  As of this morning, total ballots cast in the Nevada general elections were 1,327,394.

Total presidential election votes were 1,405,376.

There are 77,982 more votes in the presidential election than there are total ballots cast in Nevada.

Biden’s phony win margin is +33,596 votes.  All data is from the NV Secretary of State website.

Oh Dominion, you knuckleheads.

Dominion Assigned Trump a Fixed Percentage of His Real Votes in “Seized” Philly Precincts

Up to 7 of Every 8 Trump Votes in Philly Went to Biden

Data from the NY Times feed from Pennsylvania show Dominion rigged the Philly vote by selecting precincts throughout the day to be rigged.  While a precinct was in rig mode, it was programmed to give Trump an exact percentage of his actual votes, give Biden a minimum number of votes, and split the small remainder between a third party and Biden (via random assignment).

In other words, the vote you marked on your ballot in Philly meant nothing.  Your vote was assigned to Biden or Jorgensen after Trump maxed out on the percentage of his votes that Dominion allowed him for your precinct for that batch.

Trump team attorney Ron Coleman has retweeted this explanation of how it worked:

1 to 5 Ratios (Trump gets 1 vote for every 5 votes)
1 to 8 Ratios (Trump gets 1 for every 8 votes)
5 to 31 Ratios (Trump gets 5 for every 31 votes)
Note the last ratio is 2 prime numbers.
Sigma level Events

Once Dominion’s set ratio of votes for Trump and Biden had been hit in a precinct, that batch of votes would be released into the citywide vote count.  Then Dominion would jump to a new precinct to start the process again.  There would always be multiple precincts being rigged throughout the counting process.  They jumped around a lot to keep a single precinct’s constant ratio from becoming obvious.

There were several hundred of these precinct seizures and ratioed vote transfers on the day of November 4th alone, and the same ratios continued to be transferred for several more days.

There are links to the original data so you can click through and follow along.

If you’ve been wondering why we saw a rise in third party voting in 2016 and 2020, here you go.

Gwinnett County, Georgia Vote Fraud Frolics

230k More Ballots Cast Than Total Registered Voters in the County

There were 581,467 registered voters in Gwinnett County, Georgia eligible to vote in the general elections.  Got that?  Read that number again.

Now enjoy the screenshot below of the Gwinnett County website’s Election Summary Report showing 811,836 ballots had been cast.  Click to enlarge.

Gwinnett Election Officials Turn Off the Lights and Hide In Their Offices

My friend on the scene, Bad Kitty, reports that after she and others began calling the county to complain about those numbers, the county shut down its website.  Then their election staff turned off the lights and hid in their offices for hours.

Today in Election Fraud Gossip

Where Sidney Powell’s Info is Coming From

Here is today’s scuttlebutt.  What the hell, it’s Saturday.  Regard this as gossip from informed and semi-informed sources.

Reportedly the guy feeding Sidney Powell her info on the seized servers and Dominion vote flip evidence is Barr.  The person who gave Barr the evidence and is in charge of the server/Dominion sting is reportedly Ezra Cohen-Watnick, newly-appointed Acting Undersecretary for Intelligence in the Dept. of Defense and former aide to General Flynn.

Whether this report is true or not, “national security” beat “journalists” in the commie media are completely freaked out about Ezra Cohen-Watnick’s new job.

On the lower end of semi-informed, supposedly ClA and CCP operatives were caught in the raid when the Scytl servers were seized in Frankfurt.

More Confirmation Sctyl Servers were Seized in Frankfurt

Seized from ClA Election Monitoring/Manipulating Base

Journalist Adam Housley is reporting that three of his sources, “all as solid as they come,” say there is/was a clandestine location in Frankfurt run by the ClA used to monitor and manipulate elections around globe. They also confirmed that location did have servers, with a front company as cover.

One of his sources says this location was raided.  The other two didn’t know.

I regard Housley as a hard-working, honest reporter who tries very hard to be neutral and get his facts right.  Democrats are harassing Housley, trying to get him to delete this info, so I have taken screen shots.

I’ve posted about this ClA hacking base a half dozen times since the election.  Among other sources, Wikileaks has confirmed its existence.  It is/was reportedly located in the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt.

And Here is the Guy Who Wrote Scorecard for the ClA/Dominion

Here is an amazing thread making a great case that Aleksandar Lazarevic, PhD is the guy who wrote the ClA Scorecard software that just rigged our elections.  He is the link with the rest of the Serbian programmers who worked for Dominion.

And if you read all the way to the end of the long thread, the first comment after it is evidence that Trump knows exactly who this guy is and what he did and that he has both this guy and Serbia by the balls for what they did.

Aleksandar Lazarevic wrote the book on how to do algorithmic boosting of datasets over time. The official name for it is SMOTE (Synthetic Minority Over-sampling Technique).


This paper presents a novel approach for learning from imbalanced data sets, based on a combination of the SMOTE algorithm and the boosting procedure.

Unlike standard boosting where all misclassified examples are given equal weights, SMOTEBoost creates synthetic examples from the rare or minority class, thus indirectly changing the updating weights and compensating for skewed distributions.

SMOTEBoost applied to several highly and moderately imbalanced data sets shows improvement in prediction performance on the minority class and overall improved F-values.

The author of the thread explains in layman terms:  “An adjustment will be made based on the top data point to keep the bottom data point on track to balance, or tie. Now apply that idea to tabulating votes.”

Another scientist acknowledged for his help in the work is Philip Kegelmeyer (E.E. Ph.D, Stanford), a Senior Scientist at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, CA. His current interests are machine learning and graph algorithms, especially as applied to ugly, obdurate, real-world data…”

Thread author:  “That sure sounds like changing data that can’t be detected.”

The thread author confirms Lazarevic worked for Dominion Voting Systems.  Lazarevic is suddenly doing everything he can to scrub this info from the Internet.

The thread author has gotten this info through to Sidney Powell and team.

Kemp Calls for a Signature Audit of the Georgia Vote

Happened last night.  Kemp is calling for an audit of the signatures on the absentee ballot envelopes.

So far Raffensperger is uncooperative.  Kemp certified the Georgia vote, but said that certifying the vote will clear the way for the President’s team to take further legal action.  Read more…

Looking Forward to Prison for Nazi Vote Fraudsters Friday Live Blog

Dominion Systematically Stole 1/4 of Trump’s Votes, Added 25% Extra Votes to Biden Across the Country (Pinned)

Sidney Powell Promises Full Proof within Two Weeks (Trying for Next Friday); Also Says ClA “Had a Hand In It”

If you didn’t see yesterday’s post, start there.  It opens with the most important information we’ve had since November 3.

Dominion Voting Systems software, used in virtually every county in America, systematically weighted all Trump votes as 3/4 of a vote and systematically weighted all Biden votes as 1.25 votes.  That means the system stole 1/4 of all Trump’s votes and gave Biden 10s of millions of fraudulent votes.

Dominion also carried out six-digit vote injections that heavily favored Biden.  The six-digit vote injections were always for exactly the same number of votes and were repeated multiple times in multiple states.

Dominion vote count rigging is where the bulk of the vote fraud happened in the elections.  When that vote rigging failed to win the election for Biden, the emergency Democrat vote fraud with absentee and mail-in ballots began.

Sidney Powell has now promised full proof of all of the claims above within two weeks.  (See Live Blog below.)

Notice what the Trump team is NOT saying: “There must have been fraud and we need to get to the bottom of this!” No, they’re telling us exactly what happened and how it went down.

Former ClA/State Dept. official Steve Pieczenik and QFS expert Charlie Ward have already told us the election was a sting.  They say the military tagged legal ballots with a QFS blockchain “watermark.”  Ward and other sources say Trump watched the election returns, both real and fraudulent side by side, with the military sting group from a SCIF in the Eisenhower Building on election night.

I can’t wait for Trump to throw the Democrat and GOP Nazis behind this into prison.  If it surprises you that I’m calling out the GOP as well as the Democrats, look through my posts of the last two weeks on what’s been going on in Georgia.  I wish I could tell you what I’m hearing about Kemp but I have to wait until I have a second source.  Media and Big Tech Nazis are in on this up to their chins as well.

It’s Looking Like PA, WI and MI will Send Trump Electors to the Electoral College (Pinned)

And Short-Term, That’s the Ballgame

Here’s how things appear to stand in this game of election Texas hold-’em now that we’ve seen the flop.  This section is the result of several days’ discussion with my SCOTUS source, historians, lawyers, and other sources.

It appears Trump’s short-term strategy for stopping the steal and staying in the White House is to have Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania state legislatures send Trump electors to the Electoral College.

Yes, there are lawsuits flying.  Yes, there are audits going on. Yes, Trump has proof of the Dominion vote fraud.  But it appears like all of that will take time to unravel and Trump will lock in the presidency by a more direct route.

Note:  All of this may change when we see the turn card.  Only Trump knows everything he’s got and how he plans to use it.  I am convinced that even Trump’s lawyers don’t know everything he’s got.

Rudy Says Michigan and Wisconsin Vote Results Will Not Be Certified

Michigan and Wisconsin law requires Electoral College electors to vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote.  However, Rudy Giuliani has stated the Michigan and Wisconsin election results will not be certified.  That would mean the winner of the states’ popular votes is unknown.

But the Constitution requires states to settle all election disputes by December 8th and in Bush v Gore, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld that deadline (which was then December 12).

Now, you can find lawyers to argue for the rest of time about what happens if disputes cannot be settled by that date.  Some argue those states lose their votes in the Electoral College.  But 3 U.S. Code § 2. “Failure to Make Choice on Prescribed Day” says, “Whenever any State has held an election for the purpose of choosing electors, and has failed to make a choice on the day prescribed by law, the electors may be appointed on a subsequent day in such a manner as the legislature of such State may direct.”

In other words, the Republican state legislatures of Wisconsin and Michigan will presumably appoint Trump electors on December 9 and if the issue goes to court, SCOTUS will likely uphold.

In Michigan, the GOP Board of Canvasser officials refused to certify the blatantly fraudulent Wayne County (Detroit) election result.  If the Michigan result was to be certified without the Wayne County vote, Trump would win the state popular vote by 177k, even before correcting all the vote fraud.

I believe we’ll see something similar develop in Dane and Milwaukee Counties in Wisconsin any day now.   The process of proving vote fraud is right now directed mainly at building public support for what the Republican legislators are about to do.  The Democrat governors and secretaries of state and election officials don’t care how much evidence of fraud there is.  They have already shown they are perfectly willing to carry out mass vote fraud and certify it.

Trump is meeting with Michigan state legislators today in DC, at his request.  I presume Trump has one of the military guys who carried out the election sting giving them proof of what went down.

In Pennsylvania, Electors are not Bound by the Popular Vote

In Pennsylvania as in Michigan, we’ve started to see election officials refusing to certify county elections.  Here’s an example in Luzerne County.  Here’s another in Montgomery County.  That is terrific, but it appears not as crucial as in Michigan and Wisconsin, as in Pennsylvania electors are not bound to vote for the winner of the state popular vote.  So the state legislature can elect Trump electors and Trump wins the state even if the popular vote is fraudulently certified for Biden.

Pennsylvania legislators today announced an audit of the vote there (see below), and it seems to focus on all of the methods of vote fraud and violations of PA election law that have already been discussed at length here. So it’s looking like the PA state legislature is cooperating with the program.

On January 6 Pence Runs the Joint Session of Congress

The electors meet and vote on December 14, when Trump will officially be elected president.  On January 6, a joint session of Congress will be convened to tally and certify the electoral votes and most likely declare Trump to be the president-elect.  Vice President Pence, as sitting Vice President and President of the Senate, runs that show.  If the House and Senate can’t agree on the president-elect, the House elects the president, with each state getting one vote.  The GOP controls 26 states, the Dems 23, and 1 is split.  Or so it appears at the moment.

Trump gets inaugurated on January 20, 2021 and all hell breaks loose on the fraudsters.

The GOP is helping all losing GOP candidates file lawsuits challenging any race they might have a shot of winning once the vote fraud is resolved.  I don’t know how long it will take to resolve all that.

There is a ton of disinfo being pushed by the media on this process right now.  I’d avoid all media sources for info at this point and go straight to the Constitution and other primary sources.

Sidney Powell Says She Will Prove Claims About Dominion Within Two Weeks in Court (Pinned)

Says China, Iran, Serbia and Lichtenstein Were Involved in the Attack on Our Elections

She specifically says she will prove all her claims within two weeks.  She says her team is trying for next Friday, which is not a federal holiday, and “we have more than enough evidence now.”

Sidney Powell’s most important claims are at the top of this post.  She has said Dominion weighted Trump votes as 3/4 of a vote and Biden votes as 1.25 votes.  She has also said Dominion did multiple six-digit vote insertions that hugely favored Biden.  She said each of the insertions was for the exact same number of votes and were in multiple states.

Powell also said:  “”We have evidence now of information from the systems going to three or four different foreign countries during the time of the election, those countries themselves could have watched the live votes come in and changed the numbers… There’s significant evidence of foreign interference from the worst communist countries on the earth with our election.”

Powell Says Federal Agencies are Either Incompetent or Complicit

Powell also said the proof she will be presenting will embarrass the NSA, DHS, ClA, FBl and DOJ.  She says either they were incompetent and ignored it all this time or they were complicit in the vote fraud and “running it for their own operations.”  She said, “The ClA, I’m sure, had a hand in it.”

She says Gina Haspel should never have had the job of ClA Director and she should be fired immediately.  Steve Pieczenik believed Haspel had already been fired, so it seems to be something Trump plans, but there were reports last week that GOP senators had intervened and asked him not to fire her.  I would guess Trump plans to blow all their objections out of the water with the evidence they are about to release.

Powell says she has a tape of the Antifa conference call where Dominion VP Eric Coomer tells his fellow terrorists not to worry about the election because he had rigged it so Trump would lose.  She says, “That’s called a confession in a courtroom.”

Powell also talks about a Department of Defense official who appears to be conspiring with radical left Democrats to create chaos as part of the election steal, and *he did it on a conference call.* !!!!  One thing that helps us defeat our Nazi opponents is that they are clinically stupid.

Powell Says Her Team Filing Multiple Simultaneous Federal Lawsuits Next Week

She says her witnesses will likely be entering witness protection.  She says she has multiple smoking guns.  She says several million dead people voted in this election.  She says it was a vast, well-funded conspiracy with many elected officials involved in it.  She says she has check stubs of people who were paid to carry out vote fraud.

She says that even states that avoided Dominion were affected by Dominion without knowing about it.  Read more…

The Counterattack Intensifies Thursday Live Blog

Dominion Software Was Set to Count Trump Votes as Worth Less Than Biden’s (Pinned)

Each Trump Vote Counted as 3/4 of a Vote, Biden Votes Counted as 1.25 Votes

Here is the revelation of the day.  I’ve already posted links below to the big Rudy Giuliani press conference earlier today.  But one point made by Sidney Powell is especially mind blowing.

At 1:44:33 in the video, Powell says that end users can weight votes for different candidates differently on the Dominion voting systems.  For example, a vote for Trump can be weighted as 0.75 votes, while a vote for Biden can be weighted as 1.25 votes.  Then Powell says, “And those may be the numbers actually used here.”

Again, they are likely not finished with the deciphering of the vote fraud data, but we’re getting very specific new information now six days after the servers in Frankfurt were seized.

She says the algorithm weighting Trump and Biden votes differently was not just used in the swing states, but “was likely used across the country.”  That would mean 1/4 of Trump’s votes were stolen across the country, everywhere the Dominion software was used.  And Biden got an extra 25% of his total real votes added to his count.

For the math-impaired, if Biden really got 60 million votes, Dominion gave him 75 million.  If Trump really got 90 million votes, Dominion counted them as 67.5 million votes.  The rest had to be done with fraudulent absentee/mail-in ballots for Biden and “misplacing” Trump absentee ballots.

About a week ago, I posted either Rudy or Powell saying the Dominion software had been used everywhere, even in systems that didn’t think they were using Dominion.

Extra Vote Injections for Biden

Powell also says there were vote injections into the system that hugely favored Biden, “the same identical six-digit number multiple times in at least two states that we’ve analyzed so far.”  And she’s talking largish six-digit numbers; she specifically gives as an example 341,542 votes injected for Biden with only 100,012 injected for Trump, with the identical numbers injected multiple times 20 minutes apart in at least two states.

Be sure to let me know when all this is reported in the mainstream media but so far all I’ve seen is lies from them about the press conference.

Live Blog

Art of the Deal

Michigan Lawmakers Flying to DC to Meet with Trump

One of the things every single source, public and private, keeps saying is that Trump is having a great time right now.  It’s under control.  He’s in his element.

The minute I hear Trump’s in his element, I think of deals.  Now Michigan “lawmakers” are flying to DC to meet with Trump tomorrow, at his request.  I assume this means Republicans from the Michigan state legislature but maybe it includes the state senate.  Republicans hold the majority in both.

I believe Trump is going to come out of that meeting with a deal.  I’m guessing it will be a deal to send a Trump slate of electors to the Electoral College.  And I’m guessing Trump is making these deals in every disputed state with a Republican legislature.

We know Trump is talking to GOP officials who decide whether or not to certify county votes (see below).

New Affidavits Filed on Massive Vote Fraud in Detroit

60k to 100k Fraudulent Ballots Dropped Off at 4:30 am

Rudy Giuliani held a press conference at roughly 1 pm EST today to announce two 60 new affidavits in which witnesses swear under penalty of perjury that a truck pulled up to the Detroit vote count center on November 4 at 4:30 am, after election officials believed Republican election observers had left.

The vote count employees thought the truck was dropping off food, and everyone rushed out to it.  But instead of food they found the truck was filled with garbage cans, paper bags, and cardboard boxes of ballots, roughly 60k to 100k ballots in all.

The ballots were taken into the center.  The ballots’ envelopes were blank, with no signatures and no info entered in the address fields voters are required to fill out.  That automatically makes the ballots illegal to count under Michigan law.

But the ballots were not only counted, many of them were triple counted.  All ballots directly observed by the witnesses contained only votes for Biden.  There were no votes for Trump and no votes in the down ballot races.

Rudy also said some Detroit precincts had 2-3 times more voters than registered voters, or even residents.

Although the Detroit election officials believed all Republican observers had left, two Republican observers remained at the count center and witnessed the entire event.

This Giuliani Press Conference was History; Don’t Miss It

This Giuliani press conference was history.  Another big moment is when Sidney Powell reports an algorithm was plugged in to steal votes from Trump during the election.  Again, we’re getting more detail suggesting they have the Scytl servers from Frankfurt and Steve Pieczenik’s claim that ballots were tagged with QFS blockchain “watermarks” may soon be confirmed.

Watch the full thing here, with Rudy coming out at 58:30 to start the press conference.

Rudy Debunks Media Lies on the Court Cases

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing, watch the clip above and watch this clip where Rudy debunks all the media lies about the election fraud lawsuits.  None have been dismissed by the court.  The only one that has been withdrawn is one where the Trump campaign got the relief they wanted.

Another media hoax is that Rudy didn’t argue fraud in the courtroom this week in PA, thus there can’t be any fraud.  Attorney Jason Miller explains that’s because the hearing was on a motion to dismiss, not an evidentiary hearing.

I’m linking to that clip because, as I’ve said again and again, the media is conspiring in the Democrat/CCP election steal attempt/insurrection and cannot be believed on anything you can’t verify independently.

Read more…

Prepare to Make History Wednesday Live Blog

Time to Read Up on the Compromise of 1877

Patently Fraudulent Detroit Vote Count STILL NOT Certified (Updated, Pinned)

It Took 115 Days to Settle the Election of 1876 and Make This Guy President

GOP officials on the Wayne County, Michigan Board of Canvassers refused to certify the patently fraudulent Detroit vote result yesterday.

Then Democrat thugs threatened them.  Here’s a video of one of the thugs threatening the children of one of the GOP officials.  Naturally the mainstream media backed up the thugs.  Then the media started reporting the GOP officials had capitulated.

But Trump says that’s not true.  He says that although they were forced to vote to certify, they continue to refuse to sign the certification documents.  He is calling them patriots.

So let this be a lesson to us all.  I’m talking to YOU, RollCall.  DON’T BELIEVE THE FAKE NEWS!  Even I fell for it yesterday.  The only sources I trust now are primary sources.

You realize the lives of these GOP officials are in danger.  Look at what the Democrats did to Seth Rich.  Antifa has murdered three dozen people since late May.

What Refusal to Certify Does to the Michigan Vote Count

The total number of ballots cast in Wayne County was about 863,000. But there were more votes than actual voters in Wayne County.

Without Wayne County, Trump has a lead of 177,000 votes in Michigan even without correcting the Dominion vote fraud and other software “glitches.”

So yes, the GOP Board of Canvassers officials refusing to certify Wayne County is a big deal.

What Does It Mean?

Although these patriots in Detroit are taking a truly impressive stand, at this point I’m no longer expecting that people will be able to withstand the pressure and do the right thing.  Not many people can risk their lives and the lives of their families to stand up to the Democrat organized crime syndicate.

I now suspect the battle won’t be over by December 14.  All sources say Trump will be in the White House for the next four years and I fully expect the GOP to gain in the Senate and take the House, but I don’t think it will be by a normal process.

One thing important to note is that none of the sources saying Trump will stay are lawyers.  The lawyers are all busy with their lawsuits, and I have lawyers I can call, but I don’t believe that is where the resolution of this election fraud will come from.  Lawyers working within the system seem resigned to the reality that they can never achieve justice, just as doctors working within the system are resigned to never curing anyone.

Democrats have been pushing the narrative for four years that Trump is a dictator who will not leave office.  I believe they pushed that narrative because he will not, in fact, leave office and turn the country over to these criminals.

Relax and Wait for the Arrests

Steve Pieczenik is tweeting 20 times a day about sending the vote fraudsters to Gitmo and he’s not the only source talking Gitmo.  Pieczenik even says a friend worked on the big expansion and renovation of Gitmo a year or two ago.  Reportedly, they even added courtrooms with television capability for televised tribunals.  You can see the before and after aerial photos here.

I believe the solution will be something like that for anyone who fails to sign a plea deal first.  If it’s real, we can expect the Dem hysteria to grow as this process grinds on.

The Election Commission of 1877

This may be a good time to read up on the presidential election of 1876 and the Compromise of 1877.  This is not the first election in U.S. history where Democrat thugs committed mass vote fraud.

To resolve that election, the U.S. Senate and U.S. House agreed to form an Election Commission comprised of five Senators, five members of the House, and five Supreme Court justices.  There’s nothing in the Constitution about forming a commission to pick the president, but that’s what happened.

Part of the reason it happened was because mass vote fraud then, as now, had occurred in the Senate and House races as well.  A “contingent election” of the president, in which the House elects the president, could not be held because contingent elections must be conducted by the newly-elected House, not the House at the time of the election.  And the newly-elected House, then as now, was in dispute.

Plus, Half of Congress May Well Be Under Arrest for Vote Fraud

Plus, half the Congress, as well as governors and other state officials, may well be under arrest for conspiring in foreign interference in our election.  Trump is still our president and the head of the Executive Branch, charged with enforcing the law.  I hope Nevada Governor Sisolak is the first in Gitmo.

In any case, we may not know the members of the newly-elected Congress for a very long time.

And there are still more problems.  If it gets to that point in this election, the players would not be the same on that commission because almost the entire government is part of a Uniparty crime cabal and the military will never agree to it.  I guarantee there are Republicans conspiring in this coup attempt.  Doubt me all you want but Trump won this election by a landslide and the military is not going to hand it over to some Nazi who conspired to steal the election to sell the country out to our enemies.

I have one source who thinks Trump may govern as temporary president for the next seven years.  So you might as well embrace the chaos.

I’ll be live blogging history again all day.  I urge you to settle in for a long reality show with the guy who wrote The Art of the Deal as the star.  Read more…

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