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The Big D*ck Arrives Live Blog Tuesday

Start of the Unwind of the Democrats’ Election Fraud (Pinned)

Trump is Forcing the Fraudsters to Declare Him Winner in a Landslide

If you haven’t read my late post yesterday, you should start there.  That post contains the first tells that the Democrats’ election fraud is being unwound and how the unwind is likely to play out.  The Big Dick has arrived.

Don’t believe people who tell you Raffensperger’s magical discovery of 3000 “misplaced” Trump votes in Fulton County, Georgia is merely a crumb.  Don’t believe people who tell you that the reversal of the election in Clark County, Nevada is about 139 votes.  People who tell you that are either disinfo agents or poorly informed.

Trump tweeted immediately about the Nevada election reversal and said it was major.  And it was.  No one reverses an election over 139 disputed ballots.  There are 139 disputed ballots in every single dogcatcher race in America and there always have been and the elections aren’t overturned.

And here’s Ric Grenell, former Acting DNI, saying Nevada Democrats are in “full panic mode” after the decision not to certify the local race.  Grenell says “the entire County’s ballots are now suspect.”

And it’s indeed impossible that the dispute is about only a county commissioner race.  At this point, people who still rely on the fake news and corrupt officials for information have to be regarded as brainwashed and incapable of learning from experience.

What we are likely going to be seeing now is an unwind of the vote fraud.  I don’t believe the FBI is “investigating.”  I don’t believe that Trump ever relied on our crooked state legislatures and crooked Congress and crooked courts.

The election was a sting and the investigation is over.  I’m pretty sure the FBI is telling the vote fraudsters exactly what law enforcement has on them and what the penalty is under Trump’s election interference Executive Order.  I believe we’ll start seeing tons of software “glitches” suddenly discovered and “misplaced” Trump ballots found.

And judges who had planned to do the wrong thing will do the right thing.  If they don’t…

For four years, the Democrats have been pushing a narrative that Trump was a Hitler-style dictator who would refuse to leave office.  I believe that’s because they knew all along that they would push Trump into this trap.

I believe Trump is going to make them reverse their fraud themselves.  I believe he is going to force the criminals to declare him winner by a landslide.  But if they just plow through in their attempt to steal this election, and if the U.S. Supreme Court helps their effort, I believe Trump will refuse to turn the country over to Biden.

I’ll be live blogging today’s counterattack below.

Detroit Fails to Certify Vote (Pinned and Now Updated)

At roughly 6 pm EST, the Wayne County, Michigan (Detroit) Board of Canvassers failed to certify their election result.  Reportedly the certification was stopped by a state senator and stirring words by John James’ lawyer.

Democrat members Kinloch and Wilson voted to certify, Republican members Palmer and Hartmann voted no.

100 affidavits testifying to vote fraud in Wayne County were submitted to the Board of Canvassers by Detroit residents before the vote.  The witnesses had served as poll watchers on election day.  80 precincts in Detroit had results “out of balance” with the number of people who actually showed up to vote.

Every election, Detroit runs Democrat ballots through the count machines multiple times.  They did it again this year even though they were supposedly under state supervision.  The GOP has finally had enough of it.

Update:  Now On to State Canvassing Board

Jenna Ellis, an attorney working on stopping the steal, says:  “This evening, the county board of canvassers in Wayne County, MI refused to certify the election results.  If the state board follows suit, the Republican state legislator will select the electors. Huge win for Trump.”

End of Day Update:  GOP Agrees to Certify Wayne in Exchange for Audit

Detroit News says GOP will certify in exchange for audit of the absentee ballot irregularities.  So now it depends on what “audit” means.

More “Misplaced” Votes “Found” for Trump in Georgia (Updated 4x)

It Just Became Three Counties, All with the Same Vote Fraud Method

David Shafer, Chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, reports that more votes have been discovered during the hand count in Fayette County, Georgia, mostly for Trump.  He says, “Apparently a memory card was not uploaded.”

“Misplaced” votes for Trump were also found in Floyd County yesterday.  The “misplaced” votes are running roughly 2 to 1 for Trump.  State officials are calling these “amazing blunders.”  There are 159 counties in Georgia.

Meanwhile, Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger who, like Gov. Sisolak of Nevada, suddenly claimed he was in quarantine for Bat Plague after the proof of vote fraud started to emerge, was on CNN last night saying Lindsey Graham encouraged him to throw out ballots.  Lindsey Graham denied that right before fist-bumping Kamala Harris on the Senate floor.

Update: Shit Just Hit the Fan

Just before 6 pm EST, Angela Stanton King, a GOP House candidate in Georgia, tweeted: “I don’t know who needs to hear this but the sh*t done hit the fan.”  So something is happening in Georgia right now.  Will update as info comes in.

Update 2:  Third County Found with “Misplaced” Trump Votes

Oh, this one’s great.  Thanks very much to TVO reader Nunya for reporting that Kayleigh McEnany just said on Hannity that a third GA county (Walton) found more votes on a memory stick today that was not loaded. Votes favored Trump.

Here’s the Walton Tribune talking about it.

I’m guessing this was what Angela Stanton King was talking about when she said the shit had just hit the fan.

In three separate Georgia counties votes on a memory stick were not loaded into the vote count?  And they’re all for roughly the same number of votes, with most of the votes for Trump?  Not credible anymore that this was an accident.  This was organized vote fraud across the entire state.

More Statistical Evidence of PA and GA Vote Fraud

Sidney Powell tweeted the link to this study showing vote flips in the same-sized bundles (6,000 in PA and 4,800 in GA) were injected into the system, at the same time, to overcome Trump’s lead in both states.

Specifically, after the 11/4/20 01:00Z cutoff time, only swings of Biden votes (in multiples of almost exactly 6,000 or 4,800 at a time) seem to have been received.  These kinds of one-sided vote gains are statistically impossible.

She also said, “Rest assured the Kraken is on it!” and “The statistical analysis cannot be refuted.”   I posted the other day that there is a supercomputer called the Kraken.

Again, I believe this is the manual vote fraud that occurred after the Dominion vote fraud that systematically flipped/stole 6% of Trump’s votes.

Sidney Powell Says on Newsmax that Trump Got 80 Million Votes

I don’t get Newsmax but this source does and I’ve never seen his quotes challenged.  He says Sidney Powell was just on Newsmax saying President Trump received over 80 million votes.

She said the illegal algorithm in Dominion Software was set to steal a fixed percentage of Trump’s votes.  Note:  Elsewhere today Powell has been saying (see link below) that anyone in the GOP who lost by 6% or less should challenge their election, so I assume the fixed percentage was 6%.

Powell said when the Dominion software stopped running on Nov. 3rd, the states had to delete more votes from Trump plus fabricate enough fraudulent paper ballots to get Biden into the lead because the 6% steal wasn’t enough.

So it appears to me that what she is saying is that the 4 am vote flips and deletions we saw in the state vote count logs on November 4 were not the Dominion vote fraud.  It was extra vote fraud committed manually because the 6% of votes Dominion had stolen wasn’t enough.

Here is the clip.

Trump Fires Chris Krebs of CISA (Updated)

CISA is the federal law enforcement agency within the DHS charged with protecting our elections from software vote fraud exactly like the type we’ve seen in the 2020 elections.

I posted last night that CISA’s “coordinating council” consisted largely of Smartmatic and their front company Dominion, the company behind the millions of vote flips and deletions in 40 states.  Dominion and Smartmatic wrote the CISA statement saying the election was secure, then used it as evidence that they hadn’t interfered in the election.

Last week Trump fired most of the top people at CISA, but CISA Director Chris Krebs remained.  Now, at last, Trump has fired Chris Krebs.  Former ClA Director John Brennan hardest hit about his boy’s firing.  He was rending his garments on CNN about it.

15,000+ Voters in Nevada Also Voted in Another State

I believe this is from the work Matt Braynard has been doing on former residents of Nevada whose names were fraudulently voted here.  Now it’s been confirmed as coming from the GOP press conference in Nevada this afternoon.

Trump Electors Challenge the NV Election

Now Trump Electoral College Candidates have contested the Nevada election.  They are challenging 40k ballots.  Here’s the Trump campaign’s Nevada counsel saying Trump won the state.

Absentee Ballots in PA Returned but Not Counted were 100% GOP Registered Voters

So Far, No Dem Returned Ballots Went Uncounted

Former Trump campaign data chief Matt Braynard has had his team calling up people in Pennsylvania who requested an absentee ballot but did not return one.

Turns out many of the people who the state says didn’t return a ballot actually did return their ballots.  Of the people in Pennsylvania who returned ballots that the state claims it never received, 100% were registered Republicans.

There were 165k people in PA who requested absentee ballots but never returned them.  Of the people Matt has reached so far, 40% say they actually returned the ballots.  Again, they were 100% registered Republicans.  So far, 30 people have submitted declarations signed under penalty of perjury saying they returned their ballots.

Calling started in GA, NV MI, WI, and AZ today.  Calls in Pennsylvania continue.

Braynard has also identified tens of thousands of double voters and non-resident voters in each of the disputed states.

In Court in PA (with End of Day Update)

Rudy Giuliani has been admitted to the US District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania Pro Hac Vice.  Looks like the judge is a Republican, but an Obama appointee.   But he was appointed in 2012 and Harry Reid didn’t nuke the filibuster for judgeships until 2013.

Trump team attorney Jenna Ellis tweeted that Rudy was excellent in his opening argument.

Update and Reupdated

Josh Gerstein reported that the PA Supreme Court has ruled today that it was fine with election officials blocking all GOP election observers.  Here’s more from the PA Supreme Court, which has been in on the election steal from the start.

But Rudy is in federal district court and Jenna Ellis is reporting that federal court is back in session.  I do not know if there is a difference between the federal court case and the PA Supreme Court case.

Rudy told Maria Bartiromo before court that he was ready to go all the way to SCOTUS.

End of the Day Update

Jenna Ellis reports:  “You media morons are all laughing at Rudy Giuliani, but he appears to have already established a great rapport with the judge, who is currently offering recommendations on martini bars for Team Trump in open court.”

The media laughs because propaganda is all the Dems have.

Data from Seized Server Show Trump Won 410 Electoral College Votes

Louie Gohmert Suggests ClA Involved

I’ve been seeing this claim around for a few days now, but here’s OANN reporting on it.

Note in the OANN report Louie Gohmert says, “There are some who believe this is the U.S. intelligence that manipulated all this.”  I’ve been posting here for a few days now that the Scytl servers were located on a ClA hacking base in the U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt.

The OANN report also includes the info from the Virginia GOP Senate candidate who says Trump won 410 electoral college votes.  The states he reportedly won include California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Maine, New Hampshire, Georgia and Michigan.  Yes, California.  You can see the alleged real election map in the video through the link.

Because the info is coming from a Virginia GOP Senate candidate I’m more inclined to believe it.  Obviously, OANN is as well.  Virginia is Deep State central.

Trump has been deliberately leaking to alternative media for four years now because the mainstream media is completely controlled by the ClA, China, Qatar and other internal and foreign enemies.  That’s another reason I find these reports credible.

How a Philly Mob Boss Stole the Election

Skinny Joey’ Merlino Ran a Ballot Factory for Biden for $10 a Ballot

The Buffalo Chronicle is reporting that Philly mob boss “Skinny Joey” Merlino had a crew whip up 300k ballots for Biden for $10 a ballot at the Democrats’ request.  The ballots were paid for in cash.

The ballot factory was located in two private households.  It took 60 hours to whip up the ballots.

“Skinny Joey” was granted early release from a two-year prison sentence earlier this year.  Here’s more on Skinny Joey and his many stints in prison for racketeering, loan sharking, illegal gambling, and extortion.

More Arrests

NBC LA is reporting two men in L.A. have been charged in a 41-count criminal complaint after they submitted over 8000 fraudulent voter registration applications on behalf of homeless people between July and October 2020.

This is the vote fraud method known as “ballot harvesting.”  You register thousands of homeless people to your own address and request absentee ballots for them if mail-in ballots aren’t automatically sent.  Then, when their ballots arrive, you fill them out and sign them yourself.

This vote fraud method is why signature verification was illegally ditched this year in Nevada, Georgia, and many more states.

Read more…

Fraudsters Get Cold Feet After Reading Trump’s Order on Foreign Interference in U.S. Elections

EO Imposes Asset Seizure

Attorney Names Names

Attorneys for the vote fraudsters seem to have suddenly started informing their clients about Trump’s Executive Order imposing asset seizure on foreign countries that interfere in our elections, plus anyone who helps them.

In the video below, Attorney Leigh Dundas discusses Trump’s September 12, 2018 Executive Order.  She explains the order also covers anyone who materially assists or provides support for foreign interference in our elections.

I posted about this yesterday but thought it might be helpful for you to hear about it from a lawyer who has been in on conference calls with Trump’s legal team.

The EO essentially provides that all assets that the U.S. can get its hands on will be seized.  Additional sanctions can be implemented against businesses in foreign countries that interfered in our election.

Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company.  Scytl, the company that owns the servers where votes were hacked, is a Spanish company.  Money from Cuba and Venezuela financed the election fraud.  George Soros and his daughter are major investors in the companies that hacked our election.  Software from China is involved.

Politicians who took kickbacks from Dominion or bought it to rig their own elections are involved.

Big Tech and the Mainstream Media Provided Assistance

Trump’s EO specifically provides that those who engage in propaganda or disinfo in aid of foreign election interference will be subject to asset seizure as well.  Dundas says that disinfo by CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, the NY Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, etc. are covered by Trump’s EO.

She doesn’t mention it, but this would also include Google, Facebook and Twitter, who have been censoring information on vote fraud and promoting disinfo about the election results.

Asset seizure includes seizure of any real estate they own, seizure of broadcast licenses, seizure of bank accounts.  All of it.

All Trump is waiting for now to start seizing assets is DNI John Ratcliffe’s report on foreign interference in the election.  Although he has 45 days from November 3 to produce that report, I expect it any time.  And it seems the vote fraudsters have figured that out as well.  Read on below the video.

Fraudsters Begin to Get Squeamish

Signs began to appear today that suggest at least some of the participants in the Democrats’ mass election fraud scheme are beginning to get cold feet.

3000 “lost” ballots for Trump suddenly appeared in Fulton County, Georgia after Sidney Powell went on every news program that would have her and talked about Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia and Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger getting kickbacks from Dominion.  But it gets even better.

Clark County, Nevada Throws Out 153k Ballots

Sisolak Starts to Think Hard About 20 Years in Prison

In Nevada, Clark County (Vegas) officials suddenly declared concerns about irregularities in a county commissioner race so severe they have to throw out 153k ballots and redo the election.  But you can’t throw out 153k votes in just one race on Clark County ballots.  That’s 153k ballots thrown out for every election on the card, including the presidential election.

When this announcement came out, Trump tweeted:

Big victory moments ago in the State of Nevada. The all Democrat County Commissioner race, on same ballot as President, just thrown out because of large scale voter discrepancy. Clark County officials do not have confidence in their own election security. Major impact!

Fox Gets Cold Feet

And on Fox, Tucker Carlson just said Sidney Powell’s claims could be right.  I’m guessing Murdoch has decided he doesn’t want his assets seized.

You Are Not Gonna Believe This One

Dominion Voting Systems Runs Our Federal Agency for Protecting Our Elections

Dominion Voting Systems is on the “Coordinating Council” for CISA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency within the Department of Homeland Security.  Smartmatic, the real owner of Dominion, is on the CISA Coordinating Council too.  CISA is the federal agency charged with protecting our elections and preventing vote fraud.

In other words, the biggest vote fraud/coup by election steal company in the world, plus its front company, are in charge of U.S. election security.

Do you remember that statement CISA put out saying this was the most secure election in U.S. history?  Yeah, Dominion wrote that statement.

Read it all and weep here.  Dominion, which runs CISA, has cited CISA’s claim that the election was secure, which Dominion wrote, as evidence there was no vote fraud.

The reporter behind this revelation has reached out to CISA for comment, but CISA has not responded.

I told you the Big Dick was coming.

Third Act has Started Monday Live Blog

The Third Act Has Started (Pinned)

Confirmation of Dallas Jones Arrest

A source says, “The third act has started.”

I posted a couple of days ago that my source said Dallas Jones, the Biden campaign’s Texas Political Director, had been arrested for vote fraud.  The fake news still isn’t talking about it but now Point News UK has confirmed it.  Trump team attorney Lin Wood has retweeted the story, so has Sidney Powell, and so has Joseph Flynn, General Flynn’s brother.

A former FBI agent and retired cop, as well as many other witnesses, have filed affidavits in the case.  I’ve reported that Steve Pieczenik, Charlie Ward and Tony Shaffer have said the entire election was a sting operation.  This seems to confirm that.  Trump had skilled former law enforcement personnel as GOP election observers in the exact Houston precinct where Jones’ vote fraud scheme was going down.

My post on the Biden vote fraud ring in Texas was about the use of stacks of fake ID from China for Dem operatives to vote repeatedly and fraudulently in other peoples’ names.  The Point View UK article contains a copy of an affidavit stating that ballot harvesting was also used as part of the Biden vote fraud.  Here’s an excerpt:

I have in my possession video-taped interviews of witnesses attesting to the aforementioned people having groups of people completing thousands of absentee and mail-in ballots, including completing ballots for deceased individuals; illegally going into nursing homes, with the complicity of the nursing home staff, and filling out and forging the signatures of nursing home residents; signing up homeless individuals to vote using the ballot harvester’s address, then completing the ballot and forging the homeless individual’s signature.

This entire operation is being run by the elite politicians of the Democrat Party in Houston/Harris County.

I will tell you that my source says there have been a lot more people arrested for the Democrats’ vote fraud scheme than just Dallas Jones but I don’t have more names yet.

Ron Watkins Explains How Democrats Stole Trump’s Lead in PA (Updated, Pinned)

USB Keys Stolen From Philly Precinct Where 60k Votes Flipped from Trump to Biden in “Dead of Night”

Lin Wood retweeted this video a few minutes ago.  There was also suspicious behavior with “lost” flash drives in Wisconsin, Michigan and elsewhere.

Ron Watkins also shows that Dominion’s voting software allows election staff to adjust the vote tally based on their review of scanned ballot images.

Your State is Probably Compromised Too

If you think your state’s voting technology was safe because it wasn’t Dominion, be aware that Smartmatic, Comelec, and even Diebold leased their voting systems from Dominion.  Your state pols are probably using Dominion, and they’re using it for “election insurance.”

Spikes in Google Searches on Vote Fraud

This is lovely too.  Google search trends spiked for “change Dominion vote” in the summer of 2020.  Google search trends spiked for “break election law” on October 25.  Think about that.  A large number of people knew they were going to be breaking election law and were looking up the consequences if they were caught.  Then they went ahead and did it.

No wonder this country has been going to hell.  You know how politicians haven’t cared about what we wanted or about delivering on their promises to us?  It’s because our votes haven’t mattered for years.

Legal twitter has been saying that Trump doesn’t have to prove Dominion flipped votes to have the election tossed.  He only has to show that it’s possible to flip votes.

Read more…

Nazi Democrats Will Never Run America Again Sunday Live Blog

Rudy Says They Have Tapes of Dominion Calls to the Coup Plotters (Pinned)

Rudy just told Maria Bartiromo that Dominion called the coup plotters election night to tell them they were so far behind they needed to start creating more ballots.

I told you they were all under surveillance and wiretapped.  Now Rudy’s telling you.

Currency broker Charlie Ward, who hooked Trump up with the QFS blockchain voting system people, says Trump won by the largest landslide in U.S. history.

Democrats and the media have nothing left but their final bluff.

Big Money Bribes and “Election Insurance” Went to Politicians Who Bought Dominion Voting Systems

Don’t miss these Sidney Powell clips on Maria Bartiromo this morning.  Dominion Software wasn’t just used in counties where the full Dominion Voting System was bought.  It was also used on other brands of vote counting computers.

The Dominion operating manual literally contains vote fraud instructions.

At least 100s of thousands of witnesses to vote fraud have stepped forward, including a Dominion employee whistleblower who has known exactly how the software worked from the beginning and why it was designed that way, and who has seen the exact same play they pulled here used in other countries.

And, after saying she never says anything she can’t prove, Sidney Powell says she has proof politicians got large bribes and “election insurance” for using Dominion.  Lin Wood has specifically pointed to Gov. Kemp of Georgia as someone who got kickbacks.

In the first video of this series, Powell says former Coast Guard Admiral Peter Neffenger, who sits on the board of Smartmatic (real owner of Dominion), was one of the first people Biden named to his phony transition team.

In the last video of the series, Powell says Biden, in his demented state, actually spoke the truth without a filter when he told a group of voters that he didn’t need their votes, he’d need them “later,” and when he said that under Obama they had put together the largest vote fraud organization in history.

And here is a video where Powell explains in some detail how the vote fraud via Dominion software actually worked.

Release the Kraken

Powell has also been tweeting today that Trump has ordered her “to release the Kraken.”  It happens there is a supercomputer called the Kraken.

Powell Says Trump May Have Won Every State

This morning Sidney Powell tweeted:  “It’s certainly possible Trump won every state. He definitely won the popular vote. He probably did that in 2016 too.”

Read more…

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