Palomino, A Weekend Review

Palomino, an awesome experience!

Last weekend I had a group of childhood friends in town from D.C. After a delicious meal at Yellowtail (Bellagio) the boys were ready to hit the town. Being that they knew I run Maximize LV it was only right they allowed me to work my magic and provide them with a “Strip Club Crawl”. The featured clubs of the evening were Palomino, Chicas Bonitas, Play it again Sam’s & Treasures. Palomino by all accounts took the prize for best overall experience (although Treasures deserves an honorable mention, shout out to Jorge)!

Upon arriving to Palomino we were directed where to self-park. Just from the amount of vehicles you could tell this club was packed! We gathered ourselves together and upon entry we were greeted by their front of house personnel. I shamelessly mentioned ToplessVegasOnline and the next thing I know Adam  whipped out the iPad, made me a VIP in the system, waved my guests through the metal detector bypassing the cashier and provided us with a comped admission, and just an overall friendly and welcoming environment. Once inside we made our way to the bar for some Modelo’s, tequila shots & a nice view of the stage! The talent was top-tier and plentiful, the staff were all pleasant to interact with and quite hospitable. The guys and me reminisced on back in the day and while doing so welcomed any and all interruptions from arguably the most beautiful entertainers in the city! It’s a well known fact but I still feel it’s worthy to mention, Palomino is the ONLY strip club that is full nude and serves alcohol in Las Vegas! Unfortunately the club was so packed there were no available seating available, from what I saw I don’t even think VIP seating arrangements were possible while we were there. The bottle presentations were out in full force in the VIP booths, all seating was occupied by groups of friends who hopped on the beer bucket packages and I tell you it reminded me of night clubs in south beach Miami! The boys ventured off one by one with various dancers for a more intimate experience and one by one made their way back to the group with big grins and rave reviews! The club has some of the best aesthetics out of all the strip clubs in the city, their staff is clearly made up of a veteran staff who understand relationships, customer service and providing quality experiences for their guests (local and tourist alike) and from what I saw and the feedback of my friends this club was THE BEST one they’ve experienced in Vegas.

Palomino is a one of a kind gem here in Vegas and lives up to all the hype surrounding the business! Cheers to their continued success and thanks again guys for making my friends and I feel welcome, comfortable and valued!

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  1. Tom

    Thanks for the review. Will you be reviewing the other clubs that your group visited? It would great if specific information was updated on all the club pages. As far as Palomino, are VIP dances still 3 for $100 in the curtained rooms? Are they still 15 minutes for $150 and 30 minutes for $250? What about the other ‘theme’ bedrooms? How much are buckets of beer? What are the drink prices (Palomino is talked about as having best and reasonable drink prices). How many dancers early and at peak times? Do you get drinks included with cover?

    This is a great site for information but it would be very helpful if other articles on the site were updated – such as which clubs have happy hours, which are best for daytime, at which clubs does management set the dance prices, etc. Many of these have not been updated since before Covid.



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