Palomino Club Reopens Today (Updated 3x)

You Want to Be at Palomino Club Tonight

Reagan Reilly at Palomino Club Las Vegas

Reagan Reilly will be at
Palomino Club Tonight

Palomino Club reopens as a bar and lounge today, but as a bar and lounge with friends like Reagan Reilly and Renee and Lily on hand.

The club hours for now will be 6 pm to 2 am.  No limo service tonight but maybe soon.

Thanks to friend of TVO Aaron for the late-afternoon development.

Is Vegas Stealth Reopening?

Also, Caesars will have a 4th of July fireworks show on the Strip, but it’s “a private event.”

In other words, I’m not supposed to tell you and if too many people start talking about it, mad King Sisolak may send out utterings from his Carson City bunker to cancel it.

Meet Nikki at Palomino Club

But if you all show up without telling anyone, there will be 4th of July fireworks on the Strip.

Update:  Now there will be a fireworks show at the M Resort on the south Strip as well.  Downtown the display will be launched from the Plaza.

There will also be fireworks at Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock Resort.


Note:  There is massive construction on the Strip just north of Wynn.  If you come, avoid at all costs.

More to come. Hope you’re good at reading hints and code.

16 Responses to “Palomino Club Reopens Today (Updated 3x)”

  1. Bill

    Have you verified with the great master lingerie May shoot cooties as well. Have to be safe you know

  2. Aaron

    Per Palomino response on thier Facebook page
    “Girls will be there however we’re still sorting out what is allowable currently hence why we’re saying bar/lounge style for the time being.”

    • Arnold Snyder

      Well Aaron, could be the story of the year. They told me they thought they’d win in court if they defied the shutdown.

      Here’s hoping.

      North Las Vegas would tend to support Palomino Club. But if they have girls in the club, it also suggests either that Sisolak has lost the Clark County Commissioners or Palomino is ready for war.

  3. erik d

    i hope they don’t have any titties out, that could cause people to get dosequisvirus or something right?

  4. Aaron

    Well I hope it is a good time for the club and their patrons tonight. Look forward to hearing if its woth it to go visit them.

  5. Davehat

    Would be sad if the ONLY club with nudity & alcohol had its liquor license revoked.

    The club would eventually get the license returned, but under current rules could no longer be full nude. (Would be end of an era.)

  6. Erik d

    Yeah davehat that would be a shame. I was there in January it’s a cool environment to see it gone would be sad, it would be nice if a place like little darlings would test the water first, my favorite club to be honest but they don’t have a liquor license to risk .

  7. Aaron

    Being 1st is definitely a risk but a great way to snap up market share and the best girls if they do it right. Also, for all we know it was either take the plunge or go under.

    For what it’s worth the MI barber that the governor took his license when he reopened early got reinstated when the state dropped the charges after he won in court.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Aaron, Palomino is owned by a family of lawyers.

      The main owner is a mixed martial arts fighter.

      They are fully prepared to fight but they have a very friendly relationship with local politicians and cops.



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