Parking Safety in Vegas Strip Club Lots

All the Las Vegas strip clubs have parking lots and many offer valet parking. Most lots are well-lit and, in my opinion, safe. Although I often use valet parking when I go to casinos, simply for the convenience of dropping my car at the entrance, I rarely use valet service at a strip joint, where all the parking lots are located adjacent to the club entrances. And even those in seedier neighborhoods or desolate warehouse districts seem safe to me.

But maybe I’m blind to danger because I’ve been to these clubs so often. So I brought my wife with me on a driving tour of the strip club parking lots to get her opinion. She felt that, as a woman, there were a few neighborhoods in which she wouldn’t have felt comfortable walking on the street after dark, but she agreed that the parking lots seemed safe to use. Most are well-lit and located in view of the club entrance. Some are fenced private lots.

The strip clubs that offer valet parking usually have a valet standing outside in the lot and many clubs have doormen who stand outside to greet customers. Some also have video surveillance of their lots and none tolerate vagrants or loiterers on their premises.

But—as in every other big city—crime does exist in Las Vegas, so you may opt to use valet service where I wouldn’t. Unless otherwise posted, valet service is provided for gratuity only. He gives you a ticket for your ignition key and you pay the valet when he later delivers your vehicle to you in one piece. I give him three bucks. Give him at least that and you’ll be okay.

I list which clubs offer valet parking and which don’t, with brief commentary on the lot or neighborhood where applicable, so you can decide on a case-by-case basis as you drive up to the entrance.

One bit of parking lot etiquette you should be aware of: Don’t try to strike up a conversation with a dancer should you pass one in the club parking lot. You go inside the club and you pay to talk to dancers there. That’s what the club is for. If you’re too drunk to make rational decisions, go back to your room.

2 Responses to “Parking Safety in Vegas Strip Club Lots”

  1. Craig

    Quick question about self-parking at Palomino–do I park in that big lot near Lacy’s front door (the one with the big sign “Jerry’s Nugget Parking”) or do I pull through the driveway between the Palomino and EZ Pawn and park back there somewhere? Is it well-marked where to park?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Craig, pull through the driveway between the Palomino and EZ Pawn and park back there or give your car to the valet. It’s well-marked where to park, well lit, and safe.



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