Las Vegas Peepshows

A peepshow is a place where you can watch a performer or performers from inside a private booth. In the two peepshows I know of in Las Vegas there is a glass or plexiglass window separating the performer(s) from the audience.

Showgirl Video Peepshow

Showgirl booths631 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas
(702) 385-4554
Open 24 hrs

[Update, May 2019:  After many years in business, Showgirl Video Peepshow, the last peepshow in Las Vegas, has closed.  As of May 2019, there are no peepshows in Las Vegas.]

It’s not modern but it is clean and well-kept (see booths at right).

At this establishment, you put a buck into a turnstile in the adult video/toy store and the turnstile lets you into the peepshow area. The windows in the booths are clouded so you can’t see the dancer(s) until you insert another dollar into a booth’s dollar eater. One buck unclouds the glass for two minutes.

Though this place is seedier than Purple Pussycat, the dancer was grade A—she could have worked at Rhino.

There’s yet another slot where you tip the dancer. I pushed a couple bucks through this slot and the dancer started paying attention to me.

She asked me if I wanted a private show, then she came out into the hall and gave me a tour of the private showrooms. These are also booths with a window separating the dancer from the customer, but one-on-one. The dollar-eaters in these booths take $5 for ten minutes.

There is a chart with rates for various types of shows (spread, lube, toys, 2-girls, etc.) with prices ranging from $20 to $100. There were two other dancers on duty that I saw while discussing the private show rates. They were also grade A.

19 Responses to “Las Vegas Peepshows”

    • Dennis Padgett

      Took my Bride to that location
      Wife is 27…all booths where full
      one gal..Begged my wife to entertain the group..Owner said O.K..Got inside the private area..Booths all full..Took off her blouse and Short

  1. Chumbelo

    “Gypsy” @ Showgirls was probably the best looking energetic 20 yr old I’ve ever seen in Vegas … so good she’s on another level!

  2. DNJ

    I saw on the internet that purple peep show is closed. Are there any other live peep shows in Las Vegas besides showgirls??

    • Arnold Snyder

      DNJ, off the top of my head, no, but I haven’t scouted peepshows lately. I’ll check out the scene and update the page in the next day or two.

  3. DNJ

    Thanks for the prompt reply!!! My wife and I love to have fun in the backroom and a private peep show would be a first!

    • Arnold Snyder

      DNJ, I have not been able to locate another peepshow in Vegas other than Showgirl Video. Hope that works for you and your wife, or maybe check out a private show at one of the Vegas strip clubs.

  4. Keith

    Wish there was a place to have car voyeur group fun in Vegas , want to check out adult booths and let bunch of ppl watch me and a couple or me and bunchmen take turns with me , where should I go? i drive for uber during the day would be nice to have someone jerk off in my back seat like taxi cab confessions!svn o tw Svnontw twsvn o for .

    • Mike

      Hi Aileen. Is this a thing a man and woman may see together? Will you take me?

  5. Anonymous

    private shows ? for example domination ? are you still viewing the girl through the glass ?

  6. Skitty

    Love your site. Do you know if couples are allowed in a single booth in the peepshow? Also is jerking off legal while watching?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Skitty, sadly, Showgirl Video peepshow, the last peepshow in Las Vegas, has closed. Just talked to the owner, and he doesn’t know whether he’ll reopen somewhere else but right now there are no peepshows in Las Vegas.



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