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Time to Read Up on the Compromise of 1877

Patently Fraudulent Detroit Vote Count STILL NOT Certified (Updated, Pinned)

It Took 115 Days to Settle the Election of 1876 and Make This Guy President

GOP officials on the Wayne County, Michigan Board of Canvassers refused to certify the patently fraudulent Detroit vote result yesterday.

Then Democrat thugs threatened them.  Here’s a video of one of the thugs threatening the children of one of the GOP officials.  Naturally the mainstream media backed up the thugs.  Then the media started reporting the GOP officials had capitulated.

But Trump says that’s not true.  He says that although they were forced to vote to certify, they continue to refuse to sign the certification documents.  He is calling them patriots.

So let this be a lesson to us all.  I’m talking to YOU, RollCall.  DON’T BELIEVE THE FAKE NEWS!  Even I fell for it yesterday.  The only sources I trust now are primary sources.

You realize the lives of these GOP officials are in danger.  Look at what the Democrats did to Seth Rich.  Antifa has murdered three dozen people since late May.

What Refusal to Certify Does to the Michigan Vote Count

The total number of ballots cast in Wayne County was about 863,000. But there were more votes than actual voters in Wayne County.

Without Wayne County, Trump has a lead of 177,000 votes in Michigan even without correcting the Dominion vote fraud and other software “glitches.”

So yes, the GOP Board of Canvassers officials refusing to certify Wayne County is a big deal.

What Does It Mean?

Although these patriots in Detroit are taking a truly impressive stand, at this point I’m no longer expecting that people will be able to withstand the pressure and do the right thing.  Not many people can risk their lives and the lives of their families to stand up to the Democrat organized crime syndicate.

I now suspect the battle won’t be over by December 14.  All sources say Trump will be in the White House for the next four years and I fully expect the GOP to gain in the Senate and take the House, but I don’t think it will be by a normal process.

One thing important to note is that none of the sources saying Trump will stay are lawyers.  The lawyers are all busy with their lawsuits, and I have lawyers I can call, but I don’t believe that is where the resolution of this election fraud will come from.  Lawyers working within the system seem resigned to the reality that they can never achieve justice, just as doctors working within the system are resigned to never curing anyone.

Democrats have been pushing the narrative for four years that Trump is a dictator who will not leave office.  I believe they pushed that narrative because he will not, in fact, leave office and turn the country over to these criminals.

Relax and Wait for the Arrests

Steve Pieczenik is tweeting 20 times a day about sending the vote fraudsters to Gitmo and he’s not the only source talking Gitmo.  Pieczenik even says a friend worked on the big expansion and renovation of Gitmo a year or two ago.  Reportedly, they even added courtrooms with television capability for televised tribunals.  You can see the before and after aerial photos here.

I believe the solution will be something like that for anyone who fails to sign a plea deal first.  If it’s real, we can expect the Dem hysteria to grow as this process grinds on.

The Election Commission of 1877

This may be a good time to read up on the presidential election of 1876 and the Compromise of 1877.  This is not the first election in U.S. history where Democrat thugs committed mass vote fraud.

To resolve that election, the U.S. Senate and U.S. House agreed to form an Election Commission comprised of five Senators, five members of the House, and five Supreme Court justices.  There’s nothing in the Constitution about forming a commission to pick the president, but that’s what happened.

Part of the reason it happened was because mass vote fraud then, as now, had occurred in the Senate and House races as well.  A “contingent election” of the president, in which the House elects the president, could not be held because contingent elections must be conducted by the newly-elected House, not the House at the time of the election.  And the newly-elected House, then as now, was in dispute.

Plus, Half of Congress May Well Be Under Arrest for Vote Fraud

Plus, half the Congress, as well as governors and other state officials, may well be under arrest for conspiring in foreign interference in our election.  Trump is still our president and the head of the Executive Branch, charged with enforcing the law.  I hope Nevada Governor Sisolak is the first in Gitmo.

In any case, we may not know the members of the newly-elected Congress for a very long time.

And there are still more problems.  If it gets to that point in this election, the players would not be the same on that commission because almost the entire government is part of a Uniparty crime cabal and the military will never agree to it.  I guarantee there are Republicans conspiring in this coup attempt.  Doubt me all you want but Trump won this election by a landslide and the military is not going to hand it over to some Nazi who conspired to steal the election to sell the country out to our enemies.

I have one source who thinks Trump may govern as temporary president for the next seven years.  So you might as well embrace the chaos.

I’ll be live blogging history again all day.  I urge you to settle in for a long reality show with the guy who wrote The Art of the Deal as the star. 

Live Blog

Now the Wisconsin Elections Commission Tries to Change Recount Manual

The Wisconsin Elections Commission is trying to change the recount manual at an emergency meeting tonight at 6 pm to make objections harder to make.  Multiple sources reporting, including the Chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

Probably because of this (click to enlarge):  That big blue line is a dump at 3:42 am while the count was supposed to be stopped.

Amazing they would think this would work in a state with a GOP majority on the Supreme Court.

Scott Walker: The Wisconsin Recount Starts

Scott Walker says the Trump campaign has paid $3 million to begin the process of a recount of the ballots cast in Dane and Milwaukee counties. The campaign will contest ballots that were not legally cast for three reasons:

1) Incomplete absentee ballots may not be counted under Wisconsin law. In violation of state law, the Wisconsin Elections Commission directed clerks to illegally alter incomplete absentee ballots.

2) A written application is required for an absentee ballot. Ballots issued without a written application are in violation of the law. Despite the law, many clerks issued absentee ballots without written applications, particularly during the two week in-person absentee voting period from October 20 to November 1, 2020.

3) Voter identification must be presented to vote using an absentee ballot unless the person is “indefinitely confined” according to state law. County clerks in Democrat-leaning counties advised voters to illegally mischaracterize that they were “indefinitely confined” to circumvent state law requiring photo identification.

The Military Election Security Command

General Nakasone Trolls Chris Krebs

I’ve already posted that Chris Krebs and everyone else high up in CISA, the federal agency within DHS charged with election security, has been fired by Trump over the past week.

But look who else is tasked with election security:  US Cybercommand, a part of the military, and the NSA.  Here is four-star Army General Paul Nakasone tweeting on November 3, “Today’s the day.  The No. 1 focus area, No. 1 effort, and No. 1 activity at US Cybercom and the NSA is a safe and secure U.S. election.  We’re ready.”

General Nakasone became head of both the NSA and US Cybercommand in May 2018.

Remember how Steve Pieczenik said the military had tagged ballots with QFS blockchain “watermarks” as part of an election sting?  And remember how Louie Gohmert said Army special forces had raided the Scytl election servers in Frankfurt?

I think this may be the group that set up the election sting.

Yesterday, while Chris Krebs, Director of CISA, was being fired by Trump, the U.S. Cybercommand trolled CISA with this on their two-year anniversary:  “CISA, you’re two?! We would’ve never guessed it. Happy birthday to a great partner in cybersecurity and election defense.”

Krebs had been fired for enabling Dominion to commit mass vote fraud.  Dominion was on CISA’s advisory board and helped write Krebs’ statement that the election had been the most secure in U.S. history.

CA Vote Fraud Tied to MS-13

MS-13 wanted their guy in the mayor job in Hawthorne so they funded his mass voter registration fraud.

Fake News NBC had reported that the MS-13 candidate had illegally registered 8000+ homeless people at his own address to vote in their names.  But it turns out the people he registered were either dead or completely nonexistent.

The authorities never figured out that the people were nonexistent until after they noticed 8000+ new voters reported to be living at the same address.

ClA Candidate in Virginia Surges Into the Lead Once “Misplaced” Flash Drive is Found

Ever notice all the ClA candidates are Democrats?  Read about it here.

3000 of 4794 Michigan Precincts Are Reporting Votes Cast Up to 350% of Those Registered to Vote

Dave Chapman is reporting the number of Michigan precincts with more votes than people registered to vote is now 3000 of 4794 total precincts.  Dave is a data guy so this will be correct, but I’m looking for his source.

Trump was tweeting something similar earlier today (see below).

Cash for Votes in Tribal Areas of Nevada

The Nevada Native Project illegally paid $25 Visa gift cards and other gifts to Native Americans in Nevada for dropping off absentee ballots.  The entire campaign was organized around flipping areas outside Clark County blue, with the people handing out the gifts all wearing Biden gear.

The Nevada Native Project gets millions in funding from the federal government.

There are about 60,000 eligible Native American voters in Nevada who make up about 3 percent of the state’s total voting population, or more than twice Biden’s current fraudulent lead.

The same group handed out cash for votes to Native Americans in South Dakota, Arizona, Wisconsin, Washington, Michigan, Idaho, Minnesota and Texas.

Over 400 witnesses have now filed affidavits about vote fraud in Nevada.

Six Witnesses Testify Georgia Democrats Printed Filled-Out Ballots for Biden

The Democrats literally printed out ballots with pre-printed votes for Biden so they didn’t have to do the hard work of filling them out with a team of vote fraudsters.  These were big stacks or boxes of absentee ballots that had supposedly been mailed but had no creases from having been folded to fit into the envelopes.

Six witnesses said under penalty of perjury that the preprinted ballots had a different texture paper than the rest of the ballots.  They had no markings that indicated where they had come from or been processed.  The big stacks and boxes of pre-printed ballots were always 100% votes for Biden, with no votes for Trump.

Read a thread of affidavits here.

One witness was in Cobb County, one in DeKalb County, three in Atlanta, one in Fulton County.  One tweet with a link to an affidavit was deleted by Twitter.  One of the witnesses worked at two different counting places and saw the same fraud at both of them.

The witnesses literally watched as these pre-printed ballots were counted and Biden’s name was called out 500 times in a row.

They also saw absentee votes for Trump put in the Biden stack and counted as Biden votes.

The Georgia Recount Corruption Gets Worse

Lin Wood just tweeted:  “I have irrefutable evidence that GA local election officials were instructed by the state to report original vote totals and NOT report recount totals which are different. These people are corrupt to the point of criminality. They are intentionally engaged in fraud in a federal election.”

Now read below about the 9626 vote error in Biden’s favor in DeKalb County, GA.  GOP Chairman of Georgia Tony Shafer reported they had to fight to get the batch recounted and the correct total recorded.  The election officials tried to stick with the incorrect count.

Another 9,626 Vote “Error” in Biden’s Favor in DeKalb County, GA

Wow, Georgia public officials sure have problems with simple counting!

They’ve just discovered a 9,626 vote “error” in Biden’s favor in the DeKalb County hand recount. One batch was labeled 10,707 for Biden and 13 for Trump.  The actual count for the batch was 1,081 for Biden and 13 for Trump.

The count on the batch had been signed off on by two corrupt election officials.  Biden’s margin of victory in this batch of votes (99.9%) bested Bashar al-Assad’s 2007 margin (97.6%) and Raul Castro’s 2008 margin (99.4%). It matched Kim Jong-Il’s 2009 margin (99.9%).

Democrats and the media immediately began lying and saying that the correct vote count was the one actually recorded.  That is absolutely false. Once again, DON’T BELIEVE THE FAKE NEWS.

The GOP has requested an investigation.

That’s now five Georgia counties with major vote errors in Biden’s favor and against Trump.  See more directly below.

It’s a Miracle!  Democrats Find More “Misplaced Ballots” in GA

4th County to Find “Misplaced Ballots” is Fulton

It’s just a joke at this point.  Democrats don’t even care that their vote fraud is obvious.

After Fulton County announced their final box of ballots had been counted, they suddenly discover a room with a floor-to-ceiling collection of boxes of ballots yet to be counted.  Who wants to bet these “misplaced ballots” are from a Republican precinct?

So Thumbdrivegate has arrived in Fulton County.

I can assure you, there is no way Trump is turning the country over to these crooks.

Alex Jones, Vernon Jones and Ali Alexander are leading a big stop-the-steal rally at the Georgia state capital today.

Trump is Just Pointing at the Fraud and Laughing Now

Trump clearly wants you to fully soak up the fraud before he makes his move.  He’s tweeting like crazy this morning about it, including the video above.  More below.

Trump tweets:  “In Detroit, there are FAR MORE VOTES THAN PEOPLE. Nothing can be done to cure that giant scam. I win Michigan!”

Another:  “The Great State of Michigan, with votes being far greater than the number of people who voted, cannot certify the election. The Democrats cheated big time, and got caught. A Republican WIN!”

Note:  Reportedly many Michigan precincts have had 350% voter turnout in the election.  That’s not a typo.

Another:  “The Georgia recount is a joke and is being done UNDER PROTEST. Even though thousands of fraudulent votes have been found, the real number is in matching signatures. Governor must open up the unconstitutional Consent Decree and call in the Legislature!”

And Trump just retweeted himself from 2012:  “More reports of voting machines switching Romney votes to Obama. Pay close attention to the machines, don’t let your vote be stolen.”

More Changes at the Department of Defense

Castrating the CIA?

Whenever you feel queasy about this election, think of how fast Trump is firing officials at the Pentagon and DHS and replacing them with General Flynn allies.  That is not the sign of a guy transitioning out of office.

And now we have more changes.  Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller has now ordered Special Operations civilian leadership to report directly to him, instead of through the current bureaucratic channels.  Special operations forces reportedly seized the Dominion servers in Frankfurt.

Some friends are saying this was a move to remove control of covert operations and paramilitary operations from the ClA.  It reportedly cuts off the ClA Director from Special Ops intel briefings.

And reportedly it is specifically related to the recent seizure of Scytl servers in Frankfurt, German.  Reportedly the ClA was left out on the order to seize the servers in Germany.  Why?  Because reportedly the server data shows when the vote flipping order was given and who gave it and this leads to the ClA.

Regard this last bit on the server seizure as informed gossip from military people for now.

Danish Bat Plague Mask Study Finds No Benefit to Masks

Fails to Report on their Study of Harms from Wearing Masks

To the surprise of no one who has been reading this website for the past eight months, a massive Danish mask study has found no benefit from wearing masks to stop transmission of Bat Plague.

That’s nothing new.  Peer-reviewed studies going back 20 years, including a major CDC study, found no benefit from mask wearing to stop transmission of respiratory viruses.  Transmission rates are exactly the same in groups that wear masks as groups that don’t.

What’s interesting is that the study protocol also measured for adverse events from mask wearing: bacteria infections, psychological impacts, effects on other health conditions, etc. NONE of the adverse events results are included in the study.

The authors of the study had made public earlier their problems with getting the study published.  Apparently, no one would publish it until they removed the results on the negative effects of mask wearing.

Read about it here.  When Fauci is finally fired, it will be because of his role in suppressing real science for the past 20 years to achieve political objectives and shill for Big Pharma.  See more of the politicization of the science of mask wearing here.

The Legal Slog

Lin Wood Files Emergency Motion in Georgia

Lin Wood tweeted this morning:

Last night, I filed an Emergency Motion for Injunctive Relief against GA Secretary of State.

Relief sought includes an order prohibiting certification which includes defective absentee ballots & requiring that a hand recount be performed.

Lawsuit for Recount in Milwaukee and Dane County, Wisconsin

Yes, the lawyers are filing in Wisconsin too.

I think we’re going to continue to see Trump’s lawyers working their butts off. And any judge who rules for justice will be overturned on appeal by an Obama appointee.

Your attitude as we slog through the Obama appointees should be that of a poker player who is holding the nuts while a drunken loser at the table tries to bluff him.

PA Supreme Court to Consider Trump Ballot Claims

Bloomberg is reporting this only a day after the PA Supreme Court said banning GOP observers was just peachy.

This is a challenge to 8000 ballots in Philly.  Looking for more details.

Michigan Senate Calls for Full Independent Audit of State’s Votes

Ten Michigan state senators, including Aric Mesbitt, the Senate President Pro Tempore, have called for an independent audit of the entire state’s votes.  This is impressive in light of the Democrats’ harassment and threats against the Wayne County Board of Canvass officials who refused to certify the Detroit vote.

Election Joke of the Day

When the Presidency is taken away from Joe Biden his voters will be rolling over in their graves.


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  1. Davehat

    I don’t mind the political stuff (hope the courts expose the fraudulent paper ballots)

    But can we discuss stripclubs?

    – Several girls this past weekend at P Club said they are scared the clubs will close again & they won’t be able to survive another shutdown! The warning came from the hosts to the girls (and then to me).

    – It would be annoying if Governor Sissy reopened the clubs November 13 just to close them again a few weeks later!

    • Arnold Snyder

      Davehat, no, I will not be discussing strip clubs until the election is resolved. There has been massive vote fraud in Nevada.

      If we hadn’t had massive vote fraud in 2018 as well, Sisolak wouldn’t be in power to destroy everyone.

      Sisolak is destroying Nevada for a decade and the sooner the strip clubs and everyone else here realize that the better.

      There is nothing I can do to save most of the strip clubs anyway. The convention business in Vegas is completely shut down through at least next summer, which means next September since we don’t get conventions in the summer. That’s 40% of Vegas strip club tourism revenue gone, probably for good, and many clubs were barely hanging on before Sisolak destroyed us.

      It’s time for this state to grow up.

      I’m probably going to take down all my strip club material soon and turn this into a gambling blog. Might as well help people get the last of the casino money before they close too.

      • Davehat

        > “The convention business is shutdown….. 40% of Vegas strip club tourism revenue gone”

        Well that’s depressing. Especially for the club managers & dancers.

        BUT please don’t dump the Topless Vegas website. This is a great resource for both tourists & locals to keep updated on the latest news. (If you really want to retire, pass it onto someone else to preserve.)

        Thank you 🙂

          • Davehat

            Yeah me too. I’m in Minnesota, and my friends just got word they have to closedown their restaurants (again). Governor’s order across the whole state. Not good for people’s incomes!

            I goto stripclubs to cancel the anger I feel for these idiot governors. (Amazing what naked boobies can do.)

  2. AbitaBuckeye

    That 9,726 error is actually a 19,452 shift in votes, right??? Reduces Biden’s count by 9,726 and increases Trump’s by sane number. I thought the original GA difference was around 24K, we should have overcame that by now.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Abita, I believe that wasn’t a flip but just an addition of 9726 votes to Biden. It may flip Georgia but the GOP Chair isn’t saying that yet because the hand recount in DeKalb County is still ongoing.

  3. Ray

    If the election won’t be decided by December 14th, then when will it be? What happens if Inauguration Day gets here and the election still hasn’t been decided?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ray, embrace the chaos.

      If Trump isn’t the President-Elect by inauguration today that would mean SCOTUS is in on the election steal. If that’s what happens, I imagine he will be installed in the WH by the military.

      But he and the military will not turn the WH over to China and Soros and the crooks.

      Steve Pieczenik said a military coup was seriously considered when Obama stole the election in 2012. Reportedly, Obama was selling out the country left and right.

    • Davehat

      Per usual the Founding Fathers (specifically James Madison who wrote the constitution) created a backup plan to resolve succession problems. If the December vote by the Electors produces no majority winner…..

      – Then the House chooses the President by voting in January. It’s 1 vote per state delegation, so the GOP would probably win. (The Senate holds a separate vote to choose the vice president.)

      This has happened three times during our history.

  4. jj solari

    you cannot take down the stripper blog. there is too much valuable information in it found no where else. i will not permit it. i will stand outside your house at 3 in the morning and sing arias from tannhauser. it will not be pretty.

    • Davehat

      during the Revolutionary War & Civil War our ancestors still found time for “frivolous” things like making love to their wives & mistresses & the local girls. Benjamin Franklin was especially known for doing this.

      Life doesn’t stop because of a war.

      Unfortunately Trump’s lawyers are running into stubborn judges that refuse to hear cases (as reported on Glenn Beck and Alex Jones). Both say not enough states will “flip” from a Biden to Trump win to change the final result 🗳 🙁

  5. Nunya

    I second JJ’s comment. The club info, trip reports, and articles like the ‘Strip Club Vulture’ are so interesting and informative that I go back and reread them all the time!

  6. Carter HW Bush

    I know you are not in the mood to compromise and would not suggest you do so, but how about if you set up a “Club Reports in the Time of Bat Plague” link on the side in which those who have info can share and those with questions can ask? It would seem appropriate to note that you are not vouching for or responsible for any comments and that circumstances can and will change.
    For many of us out of towners, Vegas always has been an escape from the stressors of our daily lives, so we especially need some relief now! This allows you to continue what appears to be a 20 hours plus a day focus on the battle for the Presidency while permitting those hoping against hope for a decent evening at a strip club to share info.
    Just my .02

    • Arnold Snyder

      Carter, no, I can’t do that right now.

      There is literally nothing I can say about the Vegas strip clubs right now that won’t get them shut down, maybe forever. Literally nothing. Not. A. Thing.

  7. Carter HW Bush

    As I cannot carry a tune, I have enjoyed your site too much as a lurker to threaten to join the chorus outside your bedroom window.

  8. Ian

    Like others, I came to this site for information about strip clubs in Vegas. But, I that it would be beyond frivolous for Arnold to talk about tits and lap dances, at this time, when LITERALLY, the future of your Republic is at stake.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Ian, thank you. That’s exactly how I see it.

      Sisolak’s daughter posted on Instagram today that he would be shutting the state down again in 9 days.

      I get how desperate people are for things to return to the old days but it’s not going to happen until we win this war. There is no escaping this war.

  9. Bill

    Hopefully the time will come when strip Clubs will be relevant but the most important thing right now is the fraud of an election.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Bill, I just updated the opening essay of today’s post after talking with some people.

      It just keeps getting more surreal — if you’re in the right mood, hilarious.

      We can’t have a contingent election — where the House elects the president — because it’s the newly-elected House that is supposed to elect the president and all of those races are in dispute too.

      Plus, half of them may be under arrest.

  10. Scott W

    How many immunity offers should the DOJ offer to the first conspirators to flip?
    First 200?

  11. 808forever

    Just saw on Fake Fox that the Michigan GOP canvassers have rescinded their certification votes. Can you confirm this, Arnold?

    They also claim the country has gone over 250k Plague deaths, so they’re tripling down on their BS. I can’t wait till the mountain of truth comes crashing down on their widdle heads.



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