Prince Harry’s Underpants Donated to Erotic Heritage Museum

Is this thrilling? Or is this just a slow news day in the world of strippers and strip clubs?

prince-harry-peoplePerhaps you recall (if you’re a fan of supermarket tabloids) that in 2012, Prince Harry was caught up in a scandal at Steve Wynn’s Encore Hotel in Las Vegas. There was a wild party in Harry’s suite and naked pics of him went viral on the Internet with stories of strip billiards and drunken debauchery.

Now, one of the women who claims to have been at the party, Las Vegas stripper Carrie Reichert, claims that the prince gifted her with his underpants that night.


Not Prince Harry’s Underpants

So, on Friday night (Jan 30), she appeared at the Erotic Heritage Museum as “Carrie Royale” (how could I have missed this event?) and stripped out of Harry’s underpants, which she then donated to the  museum along with the bathing suit she wore that weekend to Prince Harry’s wild pool party.

A spokesperson for the Erotic Heritage Museum tells me that Prince Harry’s underpants are not yet on display, but they will be soon. I will report on the display, with photos, as soon as it goes public.


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