Private Show Clubs Overview

One-on-One in a Dark Room

Las Vegas private show clubs are not regular strip clubs.

The private show clubs have all been in business for years, and I’ve been in all of them, including in the VIP rooms. Some of the dancers working in these clubs are knockouts, but in all of these clubs, the stage show is of minor importance, as the emphasis is on getting you into the VIP room. There are usually very few dancers who dance on stage at these clubs; you’ll see the same three or four girls over and over, recycling every 30 minutes or so.

So I don’t rate these places on the SPW (statistical probability of wood) scale. That scale is based on how hot the stage show is, and these aren’t. Avoid private show clubs if you want to watch dancers on stage.

If it’s a VIP room show you’re specifically looking for, a private show club might do the trick. The VIP rooms are very private. None of these clubs serve alcohol. All of these clubs are full nude. Dance prices are often negotiable. I can attest to the fact that the private rooms of all three of the clubs I review are clean and comfortable.

There are other small storefront operations in Vegas with signage advertising “nude girls” but my advice is that you stay out of any place I don’t review. These little joints are often ripoffs. You’ll be promised acts of prostitution and once they have your money, you’ll be booted out the door. To whom are you going to complain?

To be sure of getting the show that you’ve paid for, stick with the private show clubs that have been around for a while and that I’ve personally tested.

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