Prostitution Is Now Legal for the Wealthy

Of the major world economies (G20 countries), only five outlaw prostitution:  China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and the United States (with the exception of Nevada’s legal brothels). Such great company we keep!

But a new article by SouthBay Research (via makes a pretty strong case that prostitution is essentially legal for the elite (the 0.001%), just not for the rest of us.

A website called was created in 2006 purportedly to help female college students (“sugarbabies”) who cannot afford to continue with their schooling find sponsors (“sugardaddies”) who will pay for their educational expenses in exchange for “companionship.”

According to the article, 3.3 million hopeful sugarbabies have posted profiles on the site. Since the US govt reports that there are 11.5 million female college students in the US, purportedly 30% of the women in college in this country are actively seeking men willing to be their sugardaddies.

Of course, SeekingArrangement insists that this is not prostitution, as the sugardaddies are seeking real companions and these women are seeking “mentors.”

According to SouthBay Research, the average annual income of the sugardaddies registered on the site is $500K, and the average monthly payment made to the sugarbabies is $5K.  (That’s a good deal for the sugardaddy–about the equivalent of four visits a month to a Nevada brothel.)

Welcome to the new service economy.  The article also reports that the UK’s Office of National Statistics says prostitution now accounts for 0.7% of UK GDP.


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  1. Jimmy

    Seeking Arrangements has a lot more than college women on there. In fact I’d say they are a minority. There are a lot of pros on there and even the “non pros’ are often 30+. And I’d say a majority on there who say they are looking for help with college expenses aren’t in college at all.



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