Random Vegas #6-NBA in Vegas, Free Bottle Service, New Show, “Head”, Blackjack Ball, Paulie “Walnuts”, VIP Prices, Steaks, Weekday Deals and Girl of the Day

Item#1 –  NBA in Las Vegas This Week

ATTENTION DANCERS: The NBA “SUMMER” League is in town for two weeks. If you have a table of very tall, athletic, young men … and they say they play for the Lakers, Knicks, Cavaliers, etc. … they are probably not making the NBA minimum salary. In fact, you probably earn more than they do. So don’t be fooled, get your cash up front and keep an ear open for a line of bullshit. Ask them, “Are you one of the scrubs?”

NBA Summer League July 7-17

Item#2 – Peppermint Hippo VIP Birthday Bottle Service

Peppermint Hippo has a brilliant promotion for the guest of honor. Prove it’s your birthday, or show up with 6 friends on your birthday, and a FREE HIPPO BIRTHDAY BOTTLE is on the house!  See the details in their post on Instagram …..


Item#3 – New Jennifer Romas Show, EXXCITE

I have to hand it to Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, they are always pushing the envelope in adult entertainment.  On July 22nd this new show premiers. TVO will bring you a review.


Exxcite, by Jennifer Romas – Opens on July 22nd


Item #4 – From the Head

Written by veteran strip club bathroom attendant, George Griffith, From The Head paints unflinching portraits of the men and women who love or work in strip clubs. We are the dysfunctional family of the strip club! Meshing a journalist’s perspective with a dramatic flair, Griffith has crafted a truly independent screenplay. For strip club fans … it’s a masterpiece!

Link to Film Trailer

From the Head- 2011


Item#5 – Question of the Day – Courtesy of Las Vegas Advisor

Q: What is the “Blackjack Ball”?

A:   The Blackjack Ball was launched by Max Rubin, long-time casino executive and advantage player and author of our book Comp City. It was part of his grand vision to celebrate the all-time greatest 21 players, experts, and authors. The first event was held in January 1997 and it’s been held in January ever since.

The Ball is open, by invitation only, to a highly select group of advantage players and the like, but has grown to well more than 100 people. Besides full-time blackjack pros, the list includes hedge-fund managers, software developers, Fortune 500 executives, gambling lawyers, and others who’ve used advantage blackjack as stepping stones in their evolution in business and high finance.

Security, as you might imagine, is extremely tight; attendees are notified of the location shortly before the Ball, have to pass through several screenings to gain admittance, and are required to bring a chilled bottle of premium champagne. At first glance, all the precautions might seem excessive, but look again; considering the lengths to which the casinos go to portray advantage players as cheaters and thieves, the players are much more in danger from the casinos than the casinos are from the APs.

A contest of skills is held every year and the winner is presented with the Grosjean Cup. The Cup is named after James Grosjean, considered by most players in the know the greatest AP of all time — the professional-gambler equivalent of Michael Jordon or Tom Brady. He’s proven it too: Grosjean won the Blackjack Ball’s skills contest three times before he was banned from playing and had the trophy named after him. He graduated from Harvard University, then got his Masters from the University of Chicago’s prestigious School of Economics. He’s also the author of Beyond Counting, the most comprehensive book on advantage play in existence. And we’re publishing a couple of new books from James later this year. Watch for them.

After several final-table appearances and multiple runner-up finishes in prior years, our own Anthony Curtis finally closed the deal in 2017 and won the coveted trophy — an engraved Nebuchadnezzar of Luc Belaire Champagne. The equivalent of 20 regular bottles of champagne, this monster sits in the conference room at Huntington Press and you can see how big and heavy it is in the photo. It was finally opened for the last office party.


Item#6 – Paulie “Walnuts” is Gone

Actor Tony Sirico, R.I.P.  My favorite Sopranos character was Paulie “Walnuts” Gualtieri. Portrayed by Anthony Sirico, he’ll live in my memories forever. The Bada Bing on Route 17 in Lodi, NJ will never be the same. The scenes were actually filmed in a club called Satin Dolls. Tony Sirico, R.I.P.


Item#7 – VIP Room Prices

A TVO reader asked about how prices are in Las Vegas clubs now. They are more flexible than the dancers if you know how to negotiate. Two tricks, ask a host for the prices before the dancers, and be prepared to ‘walk away’ if she quotes something too high for that night.

Bonus: A free ToplessVegasOnline subscription for anyone who can tell me which Ls Vegas club posted these prices …

Prices Posted June, 2022


Item#9 – Las Vegas Steaks, How Do You Like Them?

The helpful steak ‘doneness chart’ was posted by Johnnie “Bag a Doughnuts” Deana.

I’m a 2 to 3. What are you?

Steak lovers, I’ll be posting a review of The Steakhouse at Treasures very soon. Hint, it’s a great place to host a bachelor party, bring your wife, bring your girlfriend … or have a nice dinner with one of the beautiful Treasures dancers.

How do you like your steak?


Item # 10 –  Vegas Weekday Deals

Deja Vu Showgirls Deals
Ken’s promotion is the original “$2 Tuesday” with well and call drinks, plus all domestic and imported beers, just $2 each all night long.  Doors open at 6 pm and the $2 special is good all night (the club closes at 4 am).

Little Darlings Deals
Little Darlings now celebrates “Hookah Tuesday” every week. All hookahs are just $18 all day and all night.

Hustler Club Deals
They also have a “$2 Tuesday” promotion with well and call drinks, plus all domestic and import beer just two bucks each all night long. (Ultra premium liquors excluded.) All food $10.

Booze & Boobs Thursdays …. Open Bar

Scores Deals
Scores has an ‘industry night’ on Tuesdays. Drive yourself, Show your credentials at the door, and receive FREE ENTRY and HALF-OFF on drinks all night long!

Centerfolds Cabaret Deals
This swanky club features a “Tequila Tuesday” special with all Tequila drinks and Tequila shots just $5 all night long. Locals (with NV ID) always get half-price drinks.

Crazy Horse III Deals
CH3 offers “Taco Tuesdays” every week. Freshly-made tacos are just $1 each, with your choice of pork, chicken or carne asada.

Minks Deals
The Henderson club features “Tacos, Tequila & Tatas Tuesdays” promotion means that they’re serving $3 Taco’s, $3 off all Tequila drinks, and a new menu featuring Enchiladas and Fajitas.


Item #11  “Las Vegas Girl of the Day”

God Bless America!


The End

The End




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