Random Vegas #7    ED Expo, Scores “Erotic Desires” Show, New Strip Club, Crazy Horse 2 Demolition, Dad Bodies, Conventions, Sea Mountain, Girl of the Day, Weekday Deals

Random Vegas #7    ED Expo, Scores “Erotic Desires” Show, New Club, Sea Mountain returns, Crazy Horse 2 Demolition, Dad Bodies, Conventions, Girl of the Day, Weekday Deals


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Item #1: The unfortunately named ED Expo is coming to Vegas

ED (Exotic Dancers) Publications comes back to Las Vegas, August 14-17 at Planet Hollywood. The ED Expo is the strip club trade association’s annual meeting. There is an official pre=party at Hustler Club on Aug 13, featuring the Shannon Twins. Scores announced on social media an “un-official” party on Aug 13

Item #2: Scores 2nd new topless burlesque show “Erotic Desires” opened

Despite a crazy downpour of “real rain” the show went on! It’s another Michael Clark/A-List Productions effort. The dancers include headliner Cali Caliente, and co-headliners Crystal Cooper and Spinnin Shae; Caliente will also be selling limited-edition merch and offer private dances at Scores.

Cali Caliente told TVO, “Erotic Desires is a dream come true for me and a step towards more feature dancing in the future I’m very excited for it to start.” Caliente added, “I’ve talked about this with Crystal for quite some time and thanks to Michael Clark at A List Productions & Leo with Scores Las Vegas we have our platform, and we can’t wait to show you what we have planned for the fans.  The most exciting part is we will be bringing in special guest performers for every show, so fans can come back and see something new every time.”
After a slow start, the energy picked up with slapping sounds to “Supernatural” strobes. beautiful girls in straight jackets (Johnnie Coats to those in the psych hospital business!), edgy action in folding chairs, the ever popular ‘cat-o-nine tails’ to Katie Perry …Rhianna in pink hair and Ariana Grande “side to Side.”
Bring plenty of singles to Erotic Desires. Mother Nature supplied the rain on opening night. It’s up to fans to keep making it rain for these four talented ladies, and the guest dancers they bring in.

Cali Caliente at Scores

For Tickets: eroticdesires.ticketleap.com/a-topless-burlesque/ 

IG: @eroticdesiresvegas @scoreslv @thecalicaliente

Twitter: @EroticDesiresLV @ScoresLasVegas @TheCaliCaliente


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Item #3: A New strip club, Euphoria, is opening on Friday, August 12th

Rain Expected on the South Side!

The location is in the south strip area at Town Square. Word is it will be an urban music venue that will compete with Floyd Mayweather’s Girl Collection. I never bet against Floyd, but maybe there is enough money to go around. More on Euphoria in the coming weeks.

Item #4: Crazy Horse II Demo is coming!

Press reports tell us that local officials have order a demolition of the building that was the notorious Crazy Horse II. TVO has documented the various controversies surrounded the noted club. RIP CH2.

Long live CH3 … because they had nothing to do with CH2!

Crazy Horse Too Fires Too Hot to Handle as Gentleman’s Club Heads for Demolition

Here’s a complete History on Crazy Horse 2: Beatings, Murder, Robbery!

Here’s how that effort to resurrect the Crazy Horse II went

May 25, 2014: The Resurrection of Crazy Horse 2

August 17, 2014: Crazy Horse 2 in Transition

September 7, 2014: A Rocky Road for Crazy Horse 2

September 20, 2014: The Original Crazy Horse Saloon

September 8, 2015: Mike Galam Continues His Fight for Crazy Horse 2

Item #5: Video Tour of Crazy Horse 2 … and Industrial Road

TVO favorite blogger Wonderhussy-Where What Happens in Vegas REALLY Happens: Exploring Industrial Road, Dark Shadow of the Strip. It’s a 28 minute video, but Vegas strip club fans will enjoy her tour…

(4) Where What Happens in Vegas REALLY Happens: Exploring Industrial Road, Dark Shadow of the Strip – YouTube


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Item #6: Dad Body

Item #7: Las Vegas Conventions – How’s Business?

(Courtesy of the Las Vegas Advisor)

Q: Has the number of conventions booked for 2023 reached pre-COVID levels?
A: It has. Or will.

Broadly speaking, Deutsche Bank analyst Carlo Santarelli says that 2022’s convention business is 90% of 2019’s and that 2023’s will match pre-pandemic heights, specifically, those in years 2016 to 2019.

For more specific color, albeit restricted to the Las Vegas Convention Center itself, we turned to Kody Stover of the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority. He tells us that in 2019, the Convention Center hosted 85 trade shows and events with an estimated attendance of 1.6 million. As of the end of June 2022, the LVCC had hosted 43 trade shows with an estimated attendance of 525,000. For the full year, it has 87 bookings (two more than 2019), which are expected to bring 1.2 million attendees to town (25% fewer than 2019).

As for next year, the Convention Center has already booked 72 events whose estimated attendance will be 1.7 million, well above the pre-COVID threshold). With six months left in 2022 and 18 months before we close the ledger on 2023, it seems a lead-pipe cinch that Las Vegas’ convention business will return to the glory days of 2019 a year from now.

New West Hall – Las Vegas Convention Center

Item #8: Sea Mountain Vegas Reopens

The long-awaited reopening of lifestyle venue Sea Mountain Inn and Spa of Las Vegas is promised for this week. “DW,” the owner, has been a bit publicity shy this summer. It’s a big project and he’s been working hard to get it ready for his adoring customers. TVO hopes to bring you a tour in the coming days!

Sea Mountain Vegas Resort photo

Waterfall at Sea Mountain One Love Temple Resort

Item #9: TVO Girl of the Day

Kimberlina Cherie at Crazy Horse III IG: #kimberlinacherie

Item #10:  Vegas Weekday Deals

El Infierno Cabaret Deals

Sexy Threesome Thursdays – Buy Two, Get Three

Deja Vu Showgirls Deals
Ken’s promotion is the original “$2 Tuesday” with well and call drinks, plus all domestic and imported beers, just $2 each all night long.  Doors open at 6 pm and the $2 special is good all night (the club closes at 4 am).

Little Darlings Deals
Little Darlings now celebrates “Hookah Tuesday” every week. All hookahs are just $18 all day and all night.

Hustler Club Deals
They also have a “$2 Tuesday” promotion with well and call drinks, plus all domestic and import beer just two bucks each all night long. (Ultra premium liquors excluded.) All food $10.

Booze & Boobs Thursdays …. Open Bar

Scores Deals
Scores has an ‘industry night’ on Tuesdays. Drive yourself, Show your credentials at the door, and receive FREE ENTRY and HALF-OFF on drinks all night long!

Centerfolds Cabaret Deals
This swanky club features a “Tequila Tuesday” special with all Tequila drinks and Tequila shots just $5 all night long. Locals (with NV ID) always get half-price drinks.

Crazy Horse III Deals
CH3 offers “Taco Tuesdays” every week. Freshly-made tacos are just $1 each, with your choice of pork, chicken or carne asada.

Minks Deals
The Henderson club features “Tacos, Tequila & Tatas Tuesdays” promotion means that they’re serving $3 Taco’s, $3 off all Tequila drinks, and a new menu featuring Enchiladas and Fajitas.

The End

The End


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