Red Rose La Cubana of Girl Collection – Our October Dancer of the Month

Red Rose La CubanaRed Rose La Cubana came to Las Vegas from Miami two months ago when she heard Floyd Mayweather was opening a strip club here. She’s danced at strip clubs all over the U.S., but has settled into Girl Collection Las Vegas as her new home club.

In addition to her work as a professional model and dancer, she’s also a cam girl at CamSoda.  You can follow Red Rose on Instagram at

I’ve watched Red Rose dance.  She is a genius at turning men on.  I interviewed her in a private room at Girl Collection right after photographer Hew Burney finished shooting a series of photos that just about melted his Nikon’s memory card.  

What do you do when you’re not dancing?

I model. I’m always promoting myself with pictures and videos. I work with a lot of artists and photographers. I have a following already. I have a fan base. I want to do clothing. I want to do sex toys. I want to do virtual reality sex. I’m a webcam girl when I’m not at work here. I’m here Thursday to Sunday, so I have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to do my web-camming stuff. And, of course, I have monthly subscriptions for guys who can watch me anytime, anywhere.

I see you have a million followers on Instagram. That’s more than a lot of movie stars. To what do you attribute your success as a model, cam girl and dancer?

I’m very flexible.  I can make my legs go in so many ways.  My signature move is called the human pretzel, when I fold my legs behind my head. I want to make guys visualize sexual positions. I like to use my flexibility to make you fantasize.

How do you feel about stage dancing as opposed to doing one-on-one private shows?

That always depends on the customer I’m dealing with. There are guys who enjoy it more when it’s just you and him. And then there are guys that are trying to impress their group, so even though you’re interacting with him it’s more about him impressing the guys he’s with or the girl he came in with. Personally, I’m open to whatever I can do to make you happy, to help you get there. We’re going to work it out. I’ll figure it out some way.

In Vegas, a lot of men come to strip clubs with their wives or girlfriends. How do you feel about women customers in strip clubs?

Nowadays, groups of women come here without men and they love girls. Women fantasize about being dancers or doing what we’re doing. They find a pretty girl and they have fun. I love it. Different lifestyles are great.

Do you ever see yourself settling down and raising a family?

Probably later on, when I’m like 30 or 35. But now, it’s the perfect time to mix and mingle. You never know what you’re attracted to unless you experiment and see what’s out there. This is my time to see what’s out there.

All photos are by Hew Burney.  You may also be interested in our Gallery of Former Vegas Strip Club Dancers of the Month.

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  1. David

    Couldn’t agree with your choice more. Had a (far too short) private with her back in August.

    As I said in my review of GC, dancers like her are why I don’t bring credit cards to strip clubs.



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