Amateur Night at Hustler Las Vegas

Amateur Contests at Vegas strip clubs almost never include amateurs. In just about all cases, these are dancers auditioning for jobs or in some cases just trying to get the prize money. But one of the reasons these contests are good is that the contestants are really competing. It’s some of the best dancing you’ll ever see in the strip clubs.

We don’t have real amateur contests in Vegas because amateurs are not allowed to dance on our stages. That’s the law. To get on stage, the dancer must have a Sheriff’s Card ($45) and a temporary Business License ($200) or she’s wasting her time showing up to perform. And that Sheriff’s Card requires fingerprinting and a background check. So, we don’t get to see tourist women who get drunk and out-of-control and decide to jump onstage and take their clothes off. Dammit! (You’ve gotta hit the regular nightclubs to see that kind of action.)

Anyway, I’ve got to assume that anyone showing up for an amateur contest with a sheriff’s card and a business license is a dancer or someone doing everything possible to become a dancer. A couple days waiting in lines at government offices and $245 in fees pretty much rules out college girls having a lark. Some of the dancers are talented and experienced and it’s worth sitting through a number of mediocre dancers to see just one or two really talented dancers showing off. (And yes, even though these aren’t rank amateurs, you should expect to see some mediocre dancers, awkward dancers, and out-of-shape dancers in any amateur contest.)

I’ll describe the competition I saw the Monday before Thanksgiving, as there was enough of a crowd for that one to make it a good contest.

The event is advertised as starting at 11:00 pm. It started closer to 11:45, par for the course for strip club events. The advertisements also state that the winner is chosen by audience applause and advises contestants to bring all their friends. This is probably where a good portion of the crowd comes from, as a couple contestants definitely had peanut galleries cheering them on.

The event takes place on one of Hustler’s two stages on the lower level. I like Hustler’s oval stages because although they’re not huge they’ve got seats all around and they’re big enough for the dancers to dance. They’re also low enough that anyone sitting on the rail is at the perfect height for watching dancers close up. This is one of the best topless clubs in Vegas for watching dancers and you’ll see some real dancing talent. Here’s a shot of those stages:

HustlerBusyOkay, maybe one of the dancers in that event was an amateur. She was good on the pole but she also kicked over three customers’ beers (including mine) in her enthusiastic floor show. No one seemed to mind. In fact, the MC brought three cocktail waitresses onto the stage with bottles of Skyy Vodka for free shots all around on the rail.

When all but two dancers had been eliminated, the winner was determined by an onstage lap-dance contest. The MC had a couple of seats brought onto the stage and volunteers from the audience were coaxed up and seated. Each dancer had a minute to show her best moves to each volunteer. These were the wildest lap dances you ever saw. If you think the best way to judge a lap dancer must include not only the visual and tactile senses, but also the olfactory, it would be well worth your while to volunteer for this job. (Update: I should note that on other nights I’ve seen this contest since this review last November, the onstage lap dance contest did not take place–a mistake in my opinion, as that was the funniest part of the contest.)

In addition to auditioning for the club, the dancers were also competing for money, though it was never announced how much each of the top three were awarded. The poster says, “Thousands in cash and prizes,” so your guess is as good as mine.

This is a well-run show and I’ll definitely go see it again. It lasts about thirty minutes. Insider’s Tip: If you’ve got local ID, pay ten bucks for a Hustler VIP card and for the rest of time (or until the policy changes) your drinks will be $5 each.

Here’s my full review of Hustler Club.

[Hustler interior photos not taken on amateur night]



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