San Diego Rejects Strippers’ Complaint – Lawsuit Filed

As we reported here on March 20, strippers at Cheetahs in San Diego filed a complaint with the city against the SD Police Dept. vice squad, charging the cops with violating their rights when the cops blocked the club entrances for two hours in order to check the dancers’ IDs and work permits and photograph them nearly nude in their dressing room. The cops claimed they had the right to do this as it was a “legal business inspection,” even though no crime had been committed and no irregularities were found.

Subsequently, the city rejected the dancers’ complaint.

Now, 30 dancers from Cheetahs and Club Expose (where the SD cops did a similar “raid’) have filed a lawsuit, stating that they were “detained against their will for about one hour, without a warrant, and without probable cause that any crimes had been committed. … The detentions were made with arrogant and demeaning comments and demands by the police that the nearly nude women submit to photographs, including ordering the women to pose in various positions and expose body parts so that the police could ostensibly photograph their tattoos.”

You can read the full claim against the City of San Diego here. According to Reuters, the American Civil Liberties Union has warned the City of San Diego that the police department’s “legal business inspections ended at the dressing room door and that detaining the women and photographing them violated their constitutional rights.”