Sapphire Men’s Club

Hundreds of Stacked Dancers & High Mileage for Lap Dance Aficionados at Sapphire

Sapphire Dancer Oshun

Oshun Dances at Sapphhire

No matter how many times I’ve gone into Sapphire in the two decades or so since it opened, I’m always amazed at the sheer number of gorgeous babes with big boobs walking the floor in platform heels and skimpy lingerie. If a selection of 300-400 slender, busty, beautiful dancers available for high mileage lap dances is enticing to you, buddy, you’ve come to the right place.

Sapphire markets itself as the “World’s Largest Gentlemen’s Club,” and it may well be.  It’s definitely the world’s most over-the-top strip club party.  The main showroom is 10,000 square feet, and that doesn’t count the gourmet Mexican restaurant or the smaller showroom where the Monday Night Football and comedy shows are held.


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Sapphire Las Vegas Men’s Club 

To give the club a more intimate feeling, Sapphire uses a huge floor-to-ceiling curtain to cut the main showroom into more intimate spaces during all but peak hours. This squeezes the dancers working the floor into a tighter space, which increases the agreeable impression of a wealth of available female flesh.

sapphire-club-photoThe lighting is mostly Sapphire’s signature wall of small twinkling turquoise lights, which means it is suitably dark for a man to unwind with a beautiful woman in his lap.  There are three full bars and three stages, the center stage on a platform about 20 feet up. The guys on the main floor watch the dancers on the two small stages at either side of the center-stage platform.

The stage shows are among the best of the Vegas topless clubs, with erotic pole dancing, acrobatic dancing, and floor work, but the stages are too high for guys who like to sit on the rail and watch the show close up.  The stage shows here are more like a decorative bonus amidst the splendor of all the beautiful women around you.

Sapphire is a Tit Man’s Paradise

Arista Dances at Sapphhire

Arista Dances at Sapphhire

Sapphire has a preferred type, and if you like big tits, you’ll be a happy man here.  Most of the dancers are on the high end of the spectrum for both beauty and body; calling them 9s and 10s doesn’t cut it, as at least half of them are 11s. Even when there’s a big crowd, there are plenty of dancers working the crowd.

The lap dances on the main floor are probably the highest-contact in Vegas, priced at $20 per song like everywhere else. The dancers in this place work the crowd relentlessly when they’re not on stage, but if you turn down a dancer, she’ll move on to the next guy gracefully.  If you’re the shy type who doesn’t know how to approach dancers, you don’t have to worry about that here. Just sit anywhere by yourself and you’ll be approached over and over again by knockout babes looking for a comfy lap to dance in.

After a recent visit to the Sapphire comedy hour, I stopped in the club for a while.  There were women draped across nearly every available man.  I’ve never seen so many men in one room look so happy.

Sapphire VIP Packages

If you’re coming for the evening, check out the VIP packages at Sapphire.  There are packages for single guys, groups, guys who prefer a specific bottle, etc.

The packages include free admission ($50 savings), free limo transport, a line pass, host service, a reserved VIP table in the center of the action, and a discount on drinks if you buy online.  Even with the basic VIP65 package (suitable for the average guy going solo), you essentially get $69 in alcohol plus the royalty treatment at the most elegant club in town for $65.

The package is worth it for the value of the reserved VIP table alone.  At peak hours at Sapphire, this may be the only way you’ll be able to sit down.  Here’s how it breaks down:

VIP65 Drink Card Package Arrive by Cab
Free limo to club $20+ cab fare to club
Free admission to club $45 admission
Includes $50 free drinks plus free shot if you buy online = $69 value in booze No booze included
Limo driver escorts you straight to front of line Wait in line
Reserved VIP table waiting for you in the center of the action with a great view of the club’s three stages Wait for a seat on the rail to open up
Summary: $134+ in value if you buy online  plus reserved VIP table and royalty treatment for only $65 Summary: Pay $20+ for cab plus $45 admission = $65+ before you’ve had a single drink, plus no royalty treatment and no reserved VIP table.


The Sapphire Monday Night Football Party is the Best in Vegas

Sapphire Dancer Emily

Emily Dances at Sapphire

From September through December,  you can start the week at Sapphire’s Monday Night Football party (excellent man chow buffet, three drinks, three giant screens and a roaring crowd for $20), where you can sample the lovely dancers at half-time with their 30-second $1 topless lap dances (in my opinion, the best lap dance experience in Vegas). When the game ends you’ve already had three drinks and you have a better idea of which girl you’d like in your lap for a longer stay.

Sapphire welcomes couples and the percentage of couples in the audience has been increasing, so if you bring your wife or girlfriend on a busy night, she won’t feel alone or awkward.

The VIP Skyboxes

sapphire skybox3Sapphire also has 10 “skyboxes,” which are essentially private VIP rooms, some with multiple couches that accommodate a dozen people and some designed for 1-on-1 time with a dancer. The skyboxes are 25 feet above the main floor and have full-length one-way windows that overlook the main floor below; they also have their own controls for lighting and music volume and even a flat-screen TV.

Sapphire Las Vegas Dancer Bella

Bella is a Sapphire Gem

Sapphire Free Limo Transport

Call 702-869-0003 to reserve your ride.

As a local, I go to this club for their terrific parties, or just to bliss out getting girls in my lap.  Plus the Sapphire Pool and Day Club (see below) is my favorite way to while away a summer afternoon, ogling the Sapphire dancers in their teeny bikinis, and watching the go-go dancers jiggle.

Sapphire Pool & Day Club

Sapphire topless pool Las VegasSapphire’s Pool & Day Club is open during warm weather (April through October) and it’s the best pool party in town, with the largest number of gorgeous topless girls.  Even the bartenders and cocktail servers are topless here, and the club chums the waters with their own uninhibited dancers.  Read my full review: Sapphire’s Pool & Day Club.

Sapphire offers a special arrangement on Sundays for people who are checking out of their hotel room in the morning and would like to spend the day at the pool before catching a flight home Sunday night.  Take the free club limo to the pool (call 702.869.0003 to reserve your ride), and the club will store your luggage for free.  Then they’ll give you a free ride to the airport when you’re ready to leave to catch your flight.


The Sapphire Pool & Dayclub offers package deals that include free limo transport, a lounge chair for the day, or cabana, a line pass, and drinks, bottle service, etc.


3025 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas



Full Bar, Free Limo, Great Food

Packages/Reservations: Click Here

Pool: Click Here