Sapphire on a Sunday Night

Nunya’s Trip Report

[The report that follows was written entirely by longtime TVO reader, Nunya. He went to Sapphire last Sunday night, April 10. The lesson here is NEGOTIATE. Plus, be polite and respectful to the girls. There’s still some fun to be had in the Vegas strip clubs.  — Snyder]

Prior to my visit, I went online and asked if they had any happy hour specials on Sundays – answer was no, but they did reconfirm no cover if using their limo service. I called for the limo pickup around 9:30 pm and the girl on the phone told me they would pick me up at 10 pm at the Uber pick up area at Bally’s. Received a text confirmation right after – went down to wait about 9:45 pm. Got a call from the driver a few minutes before 10 pm that he was almost there and would be in the Sapphire stretch limo. I was the only one riding – chatted with the driver, who said they were getting fairly busy. Arrived and he gave me my entry card to give to the desk inside (otherwise cover would be $50). Tipped him $10 and headed inside. Gave my card to the desk, got scanned by security, and walked into the main club/bar area.

It was fairly busy but not overcrowded. The curtain was drawn dividing the main area so no one was in the back part. Seems like there were 20-25 dancers there at that time. I was approached fairly quickly but deferred to watch for a bit. The first approach did not strike me as the ‘club vulture’ type. I decided to hit up the men’s room to escape the initial onslaught of the ‘new guy in the club’. Got stopped on my way back down that hallway by a pair – not bad but not really my type and I don’t really like dealing with the pairs when I am solo. I also wanted to look around for a bit so I went over to the bar to grab a beer – $17 for Bud light.

Decided to hang out on the bar rail there that faces the stage and watch a few. It was a pretty constant stream of girls coming over. Some made some small conversation – I lost count of how many times I gave my name, where I was from, and that I was in town for fun and gambling, as opposed to business. There were also a few ‘wanna dance’ types that made no effort if you didn’t say ‘Yes’ immediately. I am always as polite as I can be in turning anyone down. I was actually keeping an eye out for a dancer I spent time with on my last trip but at this point in the night, no luck.

Finally struck up a conversation with a nice girl and asked how much for a dance. Received the somewhat standard answer now, which is $40. I kind of balked and said ‘What happened to $20?’ It seems like they all have the line now about inflation, prices going up etc. Let the negotiations begin. With me ready to walk, she throws out 3 for $100. I counter with 5, saying that’s like the old price but I’m committing to 5 dances. This is a friendly back and forth and she counters with 4. I submit with the caveat that we start up once we get to the chair and the partial song, whatever it may be, is thrown in. She is 22 and has nice new boobs, she tells me – my compliments to the surgeon. She asks for payment before starting so I fork over the $100. At some point during the dance, she tries to get me to go to VIP but I decline. Good contact, no issues with touching, nice personality, worth the price.

I’m nursing my $17 beer, wandering around, more dancers are coming in, and I fend off a few more. There were more dancers than customers for a good part of the night, so guys don’t be afraid to politely and nicely negotiate. I talk a bit with a nice young Latina with medium boobs and I get the same $40 offer, which I decline. She doesn’t go for my offers so I wander for a bit more.

At some point I sit down in a chair, just checking out the crowd and it’s maybe 45 minutes later. The Latina comes by and sees me and stops again. We go through the same banter and negotiations and I tell her (nicely and jokingly) that it’s much better to get my $100 for 4 or so than for her to walk around another 45 minutes trying to sell. She agrees and I pay her in advance as well. She ends up doing 5 songs and I tip her another $10. Again, good mileage.

So now it’s probably close to 1 am. I ask a couple hosts about the other girl that I’m looking for from last time – they know her and one makes a call on his radio to see if she has checked in but alas no luck. I’ve still got money to spend but getting weary of answering the same questions over and over and fending off those I’m not interested in. This is not a complaint as I know they are working and trying to make money. I decided I would go back into the hallway where I could kind of post up and just watch for a bit while being sort of separated from a lot of the hustle. The hustle was pretty standard, not too pushy, just what it was due to the amount of dancers vs. customers.

After a few more approaches, I strike up a conversation with a nice dancer whose approach was just to stop and see how I was doing over there by myself – lol. We talked for about 20 minutes and she never asked me to get a dance. So I asked her the rates and if memory serves me, I believe she answered 3 for $40. I was interested at that point anyway so I was going for it as long as we were in for a least the 4 for $100. We found a place back in the corner (my preferred location) by the curtain and settled in. First thing she says is ‘I’m going to massage you first to make sure you are hard’ and proceeds to massage me through my shorts. First time that ever happened. Things got better from there, some of the highest mileage I’ve had. She danced for probably 30 minutes or more, and we took a short break for some conversation, which involved her on my lap, more massaging, talk of ‘breaking the rules’, etc. She asked if we could get a shot and I said sure so we went to the bar. Two shots of tequila was $46 plus tip. While we were hanging out there, some ladies (lesbians) came in and were throwing dollars on the stage, whooping it up, making it rain and so on. One was the lead in hunting dancers to bring to her friends and came up and asked my dancer to come over. Cool by me as I needed a break so she went and did a dance or two for them and then came back.

I realized that I hadn’t paid her anything yet and she had not asked. So I suggest we go back to our chair for more fun. Another massage to get going (her idea) and we proceed to almost closing time of 4 am.

I’m not going into any more detail but suffice to say one of the best times I’ve had and several times she told me I can do ‘whatever I want’. She tells me at some point she was trying to count dances but gave up and that the actual count didn’t matter anyway as she was having a really good time and not having to deal with jerks and assholes etc. I tell her that I’m going to give her all the $$$ I have left, which was about $250. Believe me that I realize the good fortune of this trip and I’d have given her more if I had it but I honestly believed her when she said she was cool with that. I’m pretty certain that I could tell if she thought I stiffed her and based on her personality (being direct) she would have told me so. She also knew way prior that I didn’t have a credit card or ATM card (I never take those with me). We talk about me coming back again and how next time we can skip all the prelims since we had such a fun time and go right to the ‘good stuff’. She gave me her number so I could text if/when I come back. She said she would have management set up our corner chair. Staff was walking around starting to clean up and eyeballing those who needed to wrap it up (ha ha) so she walked me to the door and I went outside and called Lyft.

As always, YMMV.

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  1. 808forever


    What’s the name of the dancer who felt you up through your shorts? She seems to be right up my alley.

  2. Scott W

    Great account Nunya. In talking to the dancers at Sapphires (and Treasures) I hear mainly positive things about the management; as it relates to the dancers and servers.

    I usually ask them for some stories of drama… and I’m generally surprised by the lack of it.

  3. jj solari

    this business of having customer fill in while you are on retirement is a good idea. lotsa details, hubba hubba.



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