Sapphire’s Topless Pool Fun Keeps Heating Up!

Amanda Nicole Hosts on Saturday

Sapphire’s Topless Pool is now the number one adult party pool in Vegas. They just opened last weekend and they’ve already claimed the honors. Sapphir’es pool is open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the summer from noon to 6 pm.

Capacity limits are at 80% and the social distancing requirements are no more.

Today, Friday, May 14, DJ Stephi K will be laying down the beats. On Saturday, May 15, DJ Quira will be doing a live set again and Instagram hottie Amanda Nicole will be coaching the Summer Swim School. On Sunday, May 16, DJ Paradise will be doing a live set and hosting the Funday fun.

My advice is to reserve a lounge chair if you’re planning to stay for a while. There aren’t many seats at the bar which are the only free seats in the pool area. The chair rental is $92 for the day and includes $75 in food and beverage credit.

To reserve a lounge chair or any other pool package for the VIP deck, daybeds or cabanas, click here, or call for the limo, more info or anything else at 702-869-0003.

Note: There will be a $30 entry fee for the pool if you arrive by cab or rideshare. Topless (we’re hoping!), full bar, 21+

6 Responses to “Sapphire’s Topless Pool Fun Keeps Heating Up!”

  1. seamar

    Hi Arnold, I am planning to visit Sapphires this upcoming weekend. Can you share any insights into any restrictions at Sapphires? I usually prefer to have a bunch of lap dances on the floor, then head onto to VIP if I find a lady that clicks. Any insights would be very helpful. Thanks!

  2. Erik d

    Have you even done the vip lounge chairs, what’s the advantage to that. We usually just go and chill in the pools but since this year it will be the 4th of July we reserved vip lounge chairs wondering whether we paid a bit more for nothing still get a good food and beverage credit so it’s not the end of the work either way

    • Arnold Snyder

      Erik d: I never did the VIP area at the Sapphire pool. I’ll be interested in hearing your report on whether you think it’s worth it.

      • John D

        Also interested in knowing if the VIP chairs are worth it. Going next month and am going to reserve a chair. I will probably try the VIP and if I do I will write back with my experience.

        Hopefully it is fully topless now!

        • Dug

          Get the VIP chairs if you are like me and like to relax in peace while taking in the scenery. I love nothing more than to read a book, get served drinks, and look around and take in the sights. The VIP deck has much more of a relaxed and pampering vibe. Choose the main deck if you want to be in the middle of a party with volleyball and dancing..

    • John

      I’ve done the VIP lounge chair a few times. You get a private bar, access to where the adult start/insta celebs hand out. A number of dancers only hang out in the VIP area, others will tend to head there 1st while looking where to hang out. A VIP only small pool, access to DJ booth. It you have the $ it is worth it.



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