Sapphire’s Topless Pool – You know you want to be here Today!

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Web Site: Sapphire Pool and Day Club

Sapphire Vegas Topless Pool – Where the Sapphire Dancers Come to Party

Sapphire topless pool Las Vegas

Now Fully Topless, No Pasties Required

If you’re looking for a Vegas topless pool, you’ve got about ten to choose from in this town where you can splash around in the water and lay in the sunshine and hopefully see some cute girls getting sun on their titties. Read my reviews and take your pick. (See TVO 2022 Pool Season Guide)

But if what you’re looking for is more in the line of a strip club in the sunshine, there’s only one venue in town that will fill the bill: the Sapphire Pool & Day Club (pool website). At Sapphire topless pool you are guaranteed to see topless girls and some of the hottest bods in Vegas, because not only do the female bartenders, cocktail servers and go-go dancers go topless, but this is the pool where the Sapphire dancers come to party, flirt, catch a buzz and work on their tans.

Gentlemen, need I say more?

Okay, I will.

The dancers are friendly and don’t seem to have any boyfriends or husbands hanging around.  If you’re alone at the bar they’ll often introduce themselves to you and you can buy them drinks and chit chat.  The pool also attracts Vegas showgirls seeking to avoid those pesky tan lines, so there’s a good ratio of men to women here — roughly one to one.

If you’re used to seeing strippers only in strip clubs, wait’ll you see them topless in the sunshine in their teeny little bikinis.  In the darkness of the strip club, where we always see dancers, we sometimes wonder if it’s all done with smoke and mirrors. We can’t help but conjecture that perhaps the dancers only look as good as they do because it’s so dark.

Then you see them in the light of the bright Vegas sun and they look twice as good as they did in the dark.

Gentlemen, need I say more? This is the Vegas topless pool from heaven, the topless pool we’ve been longing for since Caesars Palace introduced the first topless pool in this town some 20 years ago.

Plus, if you’re looking for just a great Vegas pool party, with celebrity DJs and porn stars and Hollywood types in the crowd, specials on shots and private cabanas and lots of laughs and drinks and great mingling, the Sapphire Pool and Day Club is all of that too. Today the star DJ is MikeFusion!

Sapphire provides free limo transport to their pool party every day that it’s open, which is every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6 pm from April through the end of September.  To reserve the club limo, call 702-869-0003.

Sapphire also has great package deals, including a $92 package that gets you free limo transport from your hotel, free admission, a reserved lounge chair for the day, and a $75 beverage credit. See that and other package deals for bottle service, the VIP deck (more shade), daybeds and cabanas, groups and couples on the Sapphire pool website here.

The Sapphire Pool and Day Club Sunday Check-Out Special

You check out of your hotel room on a Sunday morning but your flight home isn’t until that night. Rather than waste your last day in Vegas, why not spend the day at the Sapphire pool party before your flight or ride out of town?

Sapphire will not only pick you up in their limo, but also store your luggage for the day and limo you to the airport when it’s time for you to catch your flight.  It’s a great way to stretch your Vegas vacation. Call 702-869-0003 to reserve your ride, or book at the Sapphire pool website.

Sapphire Pool and Day Club Las Vegas

Another Reason the Sapphire Topless Pool Is at the Top of My List — VIP Dances

Although the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club is located adjacent to the Sapphire pool and has no cover charge in the afternoon, customers of the pool cannot go back and forth from pool to club in their swimsuits. But the Sapphire dancers at the pool will let you know (if you ask) that there is a VIP area of the club where pool customers can go with dancers from the pool area.

SapphirePool C

How it works:  Just past the pool food concession seating area there’s a backdoor entrance to the Sapphire club where you and the dancer of your choice will be escorted by a pool host. This backdoor entrance leads directly to Sapphire’s VIP room. Since you can’t go into the main area of the club, you cannot just get a $20 lap dance from a dancer you meet at the pool. The VIP room has a minimum price of $100 for three songs, $200/30 minutes, etc., plus a minimum $50 bar tab—the standard Sapphire VIP room prices.

But the pool is not a hustle scene. You will not be accosted by dancers and you may sit around for hours without a dancer ever approaching you. If you want to meet a dancer, hang out in the pool or the glass-sided wading pool or by the bar or food concession and don’t be shy about introducing yourself to any really hot babes who just seem to be hanging out there.  The knockouts wearing pink wristbands will all be Sapphire dancers.  Say, “Hi, are you a dancer here?”

Pro tip: If you see a hot girl at the pool who’s wearing a pink wristband (and you’ll see a lot of them), that means she’s a Sapphire dancer and you can buy her a drink, invite her to share your cabana, or ask her for a private dance in Sapphire’s VIP room (there’s a secret back entrance to the club she can lead you to).

More Sapphire Vegas Topless Pool Details

SapphirePoolHandstandThe Sapphire pool tends to get good crowds, partly due to Sapphire’s wise decision to allow everyone in for free (as long as you don’t arrive by cab or rideshare). That’s what brings in the Vegas showgirls and other cute locals and it makes for one of the best daytime parties on the planet.

The DJs are top-notch. The music never stops. People are dancing in the water and on the decks. The pool is divided by a volley ball net and the beach balls never stop flying.

You don’t have to be there to meet dancers — lots of couples are coming. There are girls doing hula hoops on the deck. There’s a beer pong table and complimentary squirt guns available at the cashier’s booth just in case a squirt gun fight breaks out, which happens with some regularity. The go-go dancers are so sexy I’ve been thinking of applying for a job as a towel boy just so I can go to work there every day and watch them.

Now that I can finally post an ANEI (adjusted nipple entertainment index) rating, I’m going to give it a 9.9 (out of a possible 10 points).  The place is bursting at the seams with exposed female flesh. It’s a great afternoon show.

In addition to the aforementioned complimentary squirt guns, free sunglasses are also made available to guests.

For now, I’m listing the cover charge at this pool as usually free, or $20 if you arrive by cab or rideshare. I have seen a two-drink minimum a couple of times when there’s been a special DJ.  Sometimes for topless night swim parties there’s been a $30 cover (on the 4th of July).

The Sapphire pool website will list special events at the pool, celebrity dj’s and hosts, special cover charges, and excellent drink/limo/lounge chair packages (recommended).

The pool itself is medium-sized and rectangular — it looks a lot like Mirage’s Bare Pool, though there’s a waterfall fountain at one end that bathers can stand under and get drenched — a great spot for girl-watching. There’s also a wading pool with transparent sides (about waist deep) at the other end of the pool, near two raised go-go platforms where the dancers perform in 20-minute shifts (another great spot for girl-watching). There are also dozens of beach balls for titty-ball aficionados.  There’s even a private topless pool at one end of the main topless pool that you can rent for private parties of up to 16 people.

If you’re not renting a lounge or cabana, the only convenient shade you’ll find is at the bar, which is close to the fountain shower. You can order food from the gourmet Mexican restaurant at Sapphire, as well as bar food like wings, burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizza and desserts, all moderately priced.

With guest DJs, you’re liable to hear everything from classic rock to cutting-edge hip-hop, rap, techno/house/EDM. You might hear “Fly Like an Eagle” and “Fly Like a G-6” back-to-back, but the emphasis is definitely on the more modern beats.

How does the Sapphire Pool compare to the other topless and party pools in Vegas? This is a great pool, and may be the best in Vegas, for watching girls. There are dozens of Sapphire girls running around the decks in those skimpy little string bikinis, most topless sooner or later, and the female guests who show up are all in bikinis too, with many opting to go top-free once they’ve had a drink or two. (Topless girl-watching just gets better and better as the afternoon wears on.)

Many girls get in the water. Some play titty-ball and a few get under the shower. The go-go dancers doing 20-minute high-energy sets out in that Vegas sun are obviously chosen for their athletic bodies and stamina.

SapphirePool G

The Sapphire Pool & Day Club is a great way to while away a summer afternoon in Vegas.  Add it to your bucket list.

18 Responses to “Sapphire’s Topless Pool – You know you want to be here Today!”

  1. Erik d

    I wish I could give a better review in this, this year, the positives it certainly was more crowded this year then last. Did get to try my watermelon drink and it was good. Also only place I got Pacifico on the trip and that counts for something, with that said still not back to what I remember, up in the vip section there was one girl I know of that was a dancer and she talked to her boyfriend all day, when I walked by the main pool it didn’t look much better, guest looked good but I only saw her briefly a few times. My main complaint is simply in years past there use to always be a volleyball game and it felt like a lot more dancers were hanging out. Not sure whether them not advertising this weekend very well played into that. Also was nice meeting Scott there,

  2. Bill

    Any idea why sapphire isn’t posting any guests or anything the weekend of 16th. Seems off, of course the week im out there lol.

    • Scott

      They usually announce this weekend and next. I’ll find out for you.

      • Scott

        They haven’t announced the 16th yet…. although they do have the 23rd

        • Erik d

          Hi if you haven’t figured it out bill and I come out together lol, but yeah they have had the 23rd and 30th for quite some, makes us both a little concerned they don’t expect to be busy that weekend for a while and we will be gone by the 23rd

        • Bill

          That is what I saw, they have every week but that one booked for July and then august 13th. I’m not overly concerned with who the guest is just without marketing it worries me that they will be kind of slow.

          • Scott

            I have a question out to a senior manager about the weekend. I’ll get back to you both soon.

            I’ll be going that day too.

          • Erik d

            Their Facebook just replied dj kittie will be there and another beautiful host.

  3. Erik d

    Just saw that the actual club itself is opening earlier on the weekends around 2, where up to a little while ago it opened later then the pool, have to imagine this is a good sign for pool business this year

    • Scott

      I agree Erik. The pool has been very busy. They just launched a new 3 course lunch menu at the pool called “Power Lunch.” Now we need Power MUNCH!

  4. Ted

    The last 2/3 of this post is almost an exact replica of one of Arnold’s from a year or two ago so almost nothing has been updated. Has anyone been there this year since they opened and can give a review on current conditions and costs?

    • Scott

      Hey Teddy Bear …. perhaps you don’t understand the nature of Las Vegas. It’s to get you to come here and blow you’re hard earned dollars on gambling, booze and sex. If you want journalism, buy a frickin’ subscription to the Wall Street Journal.

      And at least have the stones to include your real email. I tried to respectfully answer your whiny little note privately, but you punked out and used a fake email address.

      • Ted

        Hey, sorry for noticing a copy and paste masquerading as a new post with up to date information. I thought the purpose of having a new admin was to update the outdated info on this site. I was asking publicly so hopefully others could benefit if anyone had new info. My bad.

        • Scott

          The purpose of a new administrator is to sell enough advertising so that you can read this content for free Ted. Repeating valid information is in the interests of the clubs, and most of the readers. TVO is especially interested in readers who take a FREE SUBSCRIPTION by providing a working email address.

          BTW TVO Readers. If you haven’t gotten a FREE SUBSCRIPTION, please use the white box on the right side of the web page. You’ll always get an immediate alert when a new TVO post is published. If not you might have missed our short series on the Sex Island Orgy Scam, the latest Little Darlings signs, the 2022 Vegas Pool Season Guide, new club openings like Peppermint Hippo and El Infierno, EDC 2022, Reviews of Rouge and A Touch of Burlesque at Centerfolds, the “Make It Rain Gun”, the NFL Draft Weekend in Vegas, and more.

          Also…. look forward to future TVO looks at Weed Lounges, Vegas-The Lifestyle Capital of the World,, Big Beautiful Woman Pool Weekend at the Tuscany, AVN 2023, Strip Club House Mothers, and much, much more.

          Even Ted might want to spring for a FREE SUBSCRIPTION!

  5. Erik d

    This has traditionally been on the best pools in Vegas and I’ll sometimes even engage in a little vip action while there, just wanted to see who has been there recently and what it’s like this year, last year on the 4th of July was extremely slow, to the point not enough people for titty ball and other then waitresses there were like 3 girls there all in the vip section which luckily I was in, so hoping to hear positive recent reviews to get pumped up again for this place.

    • John

      I’ll be there this weekend.

      I’ll post an update as to what it’s like. I’ve not been since 2019. Looking forward to going back

      • Erik d

        Nice, hopefully the report back is promising. Just to know the normal volleyball games are back and there is a good sized crowd would be nice. I know a lot don’t partake in this, I don’t do it all the time either, so if you don’t it’s fine but would be interested to know if still doing vip dances now that the actual club is closed during the pool clubs hours. Either way anticipate a good report back on it thanks.

  6. Robert Hupsel

    Very nice I was in there once a few years ago and I love it, but I went in there just because of one particular girl that I can’t take her out of my mind



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