Sativa At Minks This Week

Sativa at Minks Monday-Saturday

I have no idea who “Sativa” is, but she’s being featured at Minks all this week, from Monday through Saturday, August 23-28. I tried looking her up on Pornhub and Imdb, but apparently, she’s not a porn actress. I couldn’t find an Instagram page for her. Minks says nothing more about her on their website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.

But, what the hay, the club posted her pic on their FB page that says she’ll be performing there from Aug 23-28, and she looks cute, so, go check her out!

Minks features 20-minute VIP room dances for $100 on Monday nights, which is the best private show deal in town. On 2-for-1 Tuesdays, all drinks are two for the price of one. On Whiskey Wednesdays, all whiskey drinks are $2 off and beer buckets are half price. Happy hour every night is from 7 – 9 pm with all well drinks and drafts just $4.

With so many Vegas clubs now hitting locals with a cover charge, at Minks, locals always get free admission. Call (702) 435-7545 for more info. Free limo available if you purchase bottle service.  Topless, full bar, 21+

3 Responses to “Sativa At Minks This Week”

  1. 808forever

    Arnold, I found out who this Sativa is. She was a popular dancer over there, so they decided to promote her. Shortly after this she left Vegas for another state, but has just recently moved back here. I recently did a VIP with her and she gave good mileage. She’s one of the dancers I recommend if you ever decide to go back there.

  2. Kevin

    That looks like it might be sativa that used to work at little darlings. She used to go on stage and to vip with a butt plug in. Might check out minks tonight for the vip special, thanks!

  3. 808forever

    Took a spin by Honey’s and Sophia’s tonight. Honey’s remains boarded up, but Sophia’s is seemingly open.



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