Sex Shows in Las Vegas Area Brothels

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Sex Shows in Las Vegas Brothels


I’ve just been asked why none of the Las Vegas area brothels offer live sex shows in more of a theater setting, where the public could pay a fee to sit and watch performers have sex.

As a matter of fact, you can arrange (for the right price) a live sex show in any of the legal brothels in

Sunny Lane

Make a Porno with Sunny Lane at Love Ranch South

Nevada. It’s not uncommon for guys to want to watch women have sex with each other. You can arrange for a show with your wife or girlfriend included, or you and your friends could come as a group and arrange to have a show put on for you.

Sex Shows in a Brothel

And not only can you watch live sex shows, but you can direct them and even star in them if that’s your pleasure. The brothels, after all, cater to fantasies. You can specify any number of courtesans. Toys. Costumes. Deviant-looking devices. They’ll put on Macbeth in the nude if you’re willing to pay for it.

Line-up at Sheri's Ranch

The Line-up at Sheri’s Ranch

But the brothels don’t do shows in which an audience buys tickets, sits there on chairs, and watches, as in a theater or showroom. Nevada’s legal brothels are a different business model. Because state law prohibits brothels in counties with large populations, they’re all located away from the main tourist centers. From Las Vegas (in Clark County), for example, you’ll have to drive about an hour to get to one of the four brothels in Nye County, where prostitution is legal.

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This makes it impractical for brothels to offer live sex shows. These types of shows are sometimes offered in European or Asian cities that have red-light districts, because big crowds of tourists in those areas can see the theater marquees or posters advertising the shows. Brothels in Nevada aren’t allowed to advertise in counties where prostitution is illegal, which eliminates Las Vegas.

Former Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman was in favor of a legal red-light district in Las Vegas. But state laws would have to be changed for that to happen.  If it did, we’d probably start seeing Amsterdam- and Bangkok-type live sex shows in Vegas.

Technically, a group of friends could negotiate with a Nevada brothel to put on a sex show for them. You could pick the performers and whatever you wanted them to do and it would all be legal. In fact, at Love Ranch South in Crystal, NV, you can make an appointment with porn actress Sunny Lane (or other popular porn stars) to not only have sex with you, or do a sex show for you with other girls, but to make a porno film with you as the male lead. Now that’s a full-service brothel.

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