Sexxy After Dark at Hustler Club — Review

I went to see “Sexxy After Dark” at Hustler Club last Saturday, a reworking of the “Sexxy” production show that had been featured at the Westgate prior to being closed by the Las Vegas pandemic restrictions. In my review of the Westgate show (here), I called Sexxy the “most erotic of the Vegas topless production shows, with the best pole-dancing performance, most sizzling striptease and best dancers.”

Much of the show at Hustler is the same as the show I reviewed at Westgate (which is good). This is basically a modernized version of burlesque, hot babes taking it off to pop music classics, like “Hey, Big Spender,” “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” Ginuwine’s “Ride It, My Pony,” “Tainted Love,” and “She’s My Cherry Pie,” among others.

Jennifer Romas’ pole dancing is spectacular and her steamy bathtub acrobatics are the highlight of the show in my opinion. One big difference between this show and the Westgate show is that these gorgeous professionally-trained dancers are now able to enjoy the traditional strip club practice of audience members making it rain. A pair of cocktail servers were kept busy throughout the hourlong performance scooping up wads of cash from the stage and the floor around the stage.

The Sexxy show takes place primarilly on Hustler’s main stage except for the bathtub sequence and an aerialist who performs on silk ribbons above the stage. Before and after the show, Hustler’s regular crew of dancers perform on stage. They all wear masks and do not remove their tops. The Sexxy dancers wear transparent plastic masks that are much more attractive because they’re almost invisible (see pic above of Sexxy dancer wearing mask, filched from the Sexxy Show Facebook page). Why don’t all dancers wear these?

Gabriella Versace, who was the singer in the Westgate show, has been replaced in Sexxy After Dark by Anne Martinez, another high-energy local singer with a powerful voice. She’s the only Sexxy performer who wears a traditional cloth mask, I presume because the plastic mask stifles her voice. She adds a lot of her own style to rock classics like “Light My Fire” and “I Put a Spell on You,” a great fit for this show.

Due to Covid restrictions, the club itself is a far cry from what we normally think of as a Vegas strip club. There are no lap dances out on the floor, no babes circulating through the crowd looking for guys who want “company.” I sat at the bar for close to two hours and was never once approached by a dancer. This is just a well-behaved audience watching a show. A bottle of Corona cost me $17. You can’t sit on the rail because the stage area is roped off to keep the customers socially distanced from the performers. To tip stage dancers you’ve got to lean across the ropes and throw your money. Jennifer Romas’ bathtub is up by the bar. This makes any seat at the bar among the best in the house IMHO.

Hustler has various package deals for this show  available on their website. If you are a local (with Nevada ID), you do not need a special ticket for this show. The show takes places in Hustler’s main room and locals with a Hustler VIP card can enter the club free every day (except Sunday night when the club features “industry night”). Sexxy performs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights only at 9:30 pm. Typically, strip club shows start long after the advertised times, but not this one. Sexxy starts on time, 9:30 pm, and lasts exactly one hour. So, don’t be late.

Out of staters who want to see the show should order tix online at Hustler’s website. If you don’t have your own wheels, I’d recommend the $50 package that includes transportation from your hotel, admission, a spaghetti dinner and two drinks. Whatever you do, don’t arrive via cab or rideshare or you will be charged $100 to get in. You must also arrive in a mask, but as soon as you get a drink you can remove it and leave it off unless you start walking around.

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  1. Jason

    Me and my wife want to go see a show. This would be the first time either of us have done this. I want to go to the Sexxy after dark, but she is worried about going to a strip club. Again neither of us have ever been to a strip club. What would we expect if we want to the Sexxy show? Is there another good show that is not at a club you can recommend? Thanks

    • Arnold Snyder

      Jason: Sexxy After Dark at Hustler Club is a good choice. Prepandemic, this show was featured at the Westgate Hotel, not a strip club. The Hustler version is virtually the same as it was before it moved into the strip club setting. Vegas strip clubs are much “safer” now for women and couples. Before the pandemic, the major Vegas strip clubs had a wild lap dance scene, with topless dancers draped over half the guys in the audience. That scene is dead for now. Before and after the Sexxy show, Hustler’s regular crew of strippers will be performing on stage topless, but it’s not x-rated. Just pretty girls dancing around in g-strings.

      If your wife is dead set against being in a strip club, I’d suggest X-Burlesque at the Flamingo. This is a topless burlesque show and currently the best casino showroom burlesque in town. I’ve seen the show many times. Back before the pandemic closed down all of Vegas’ entertainment venues, my favorite topless casino show was Sexxy at the Westgate. My second favorite was X Burlesque at Flamingo. I put Sexxy slightly above X Burlesque primarily because Sexxy’s dancers were more athletic/acrobatic. So, my advice: Treat your wife to both shows!

  2. Daran

    Such strange times in Vegas, so absent calling a girl to the room, is there anywhere to go enjoy a little female nudity in town anymore?

    • Arnold Snyder

      Daran: I don’t know of any strip clubs that are violating the restrictions on nudity and social distancing, but if I did, I wouldn’t post the name of the place or they’d be busted. Four clubs were closed down on Super Bowl Sunday (closed for 48 hours), which shocked the hell out of them and everyone else, but it sent a message that the guv is serious about the restrictions. So, good luck!

  3. Daran

    Great to see these reviews again! Headed to Vegas this weekend. I know the club dancers are still wearing tops, but do the Sexxy dancers go topless?

    • Tim Hallstrom

      Is this in the main part of the club or a separate room? If we buy tickets can we stay at our table for the club into the evening or do we have to move or leave and re-enter the club portion? Sounds like it would be fun to see the show and then have some fun with the club dancers afterwards.

      • Arnold Snyder

        Tim: Sexxy After Dark is in the main room, so you won’t need an extra ticket to just stay where you are and enjoy the club dancers before and after the Sexxy show.

  4. 808forever

    Any word on when/if the Flynt celebration will happen? Haven’t been able to talk to Hustler due to work as of late.

  5. Scott Waller

    My wife and another couple saw the show a few weeks ago. It is an extraordinary value! Jennifer and the entire cast are excellent. No corners are cut to bring this show to our entertainment starved city.

    Great job Jennifer!!



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