Sexxy Topless Revue at the Westgate Features the Best Pole Dancer in Vegas

Sexxy is the Sexiest Production Show in Vegas

Jennifer Romas in Sexxy Show Las Vegas

Jennifer Romas in Sexxy
Tom Donahue Photography

Sexxy, the new topless revue in the intimate Shimmer Showroom at the Westgate, is dominated by the dancing of Jennifer Romas, who created, produced, and choreographed the show, and also stars as the lead dancer.

And that felt just fine to me, as Jennifer Romas may be the best all-around dancer performing in Vegas today.

For my money, the highlight of Sexxy is Jennifer Romas’ breathtaking pole dance to Michael Bublé’s “Feeling Good.” (It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…) Obviously trained in both gymnastics and ballet, Romas’ simultaneously athletic and erotic pole work had the audience spellbound.

I’ve been complaining for years about the pole dancing in Vegas production shows.  One problem has always been that the cheapskate casino showrooms don’t invest in professional stripper-quality poles, which must be secured at both the top and bottom, and which must spin.

What we usually get in the casino shows is a second-rate pole that’s stuck into a hole in the stage and wobbles horribly from the weight of the dancer, affecting her balance, timing, and precision. I’ve been telling people for years that if they wanted to see real pole dancing in Las Vegas, they had to go to Little Darlings or Deja Vu Showgirls.

Those are still terrific places to watch pole dancing in Vegas, especially since you’ll get to see more than one dancer up there, but in Sexxy, we finally have a casino production show with a real pole and a first-rate dancer who knows how to use it.  Romas moves smoothly through a series of balletic and erotic poses.  Sometimes she looks suspended in mid-air as she poses, as if she were absolutely weightless.

The second most intense number in Sexxy is Jennifer Romas’ inventive striptease/bathtub dance.  Many of the Vegas production shows feature some kind of tub or goldfish-bowl number with a dancer getting wet or swimming around gracefully.  But this one is unlike any of the others.  Romas performs acrobatics in, on and around the old-fashioned claw-foot tub, gorgeously drenched and dripping, wearing only the tiniest, barely visible patch.  There’s something terrifically sexy about a beautiful, naked, wet female performing Olympic-level gymnastics.

If that’s not enough, after Jennifer exits the tub, there’s a second bathtub sequence featuring a French maid who does a striptease into the water to Bjork’s romantic “It’s Oh So Quiet.”

Overall, I found Sexxy to be the sexiest casino production show since the short-lived Dream Angels closed at House Showclub last year. (And if I’m not mistaken, one of the Sexxy dancers was formerly a Dream Angel.)

In addition to the dancing, Gabriella Versace comes on stage to belt out a few songs.  Other than that, every number in the show is topless. And in her cover of Joss Stone’s suggestive “Put Your Hands on Me, Baby,” even Gabriella goes topless!

Much of the music in this show has been used a lot in Vegas topless production shows, but it’s used because it works: “Hey, Big Spender,” “”Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” Ginuwine’s “Ride It, My Pony,” “Tainted Love,” and “She’s My Cherry Pie” were some of the classics in the show that work great with striptease.

The only weak part of the show for me was the silly number where a stooge from the audience is brought onto the stage to be teased. (Is there a state law requiring every topless show in Vegas to get some dopey tourist on stage? In every show in town, this is always the lamest part of the production.)

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a sexy production show in Vegas, this is the show to see.

The Shimmer Showroom has a classic proscenium stage and a smaller stage with a stripper pole flanking the left side. There’s a full bar in back, balcony seating above, and cocktail service. There are no bad seats, but I’d recommend sitting up front near the stage if possible, as these are some gorgeous talented dancers with dynamite bodies and great moves to appreciate up close.

Sexxy shows Wed – Sun at 10:30 pm (dark Mon-Tue). Table seating is general admission for$38.90, or up close for $49.90. Cocktail service, must be 21+.

2 Responses to “Sexxy Topless Revue at the Westgate Features the Best Pole Dancer in Vegas”

  1. Peter Villalon

    My wife and I just recently watched the show on Jan 29, 2016 to celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary. The different variety of talents like pole dancing, singing, hola hoops, and synchronized dancing was spectacular. Yet, the only comment that I had was my wife and I couldn’t see the performers. We had row D seating general admission. My wife is 5′ tall and I’m 5’7″. The wide framed people in front of us were blocking the stage and a little bit frustrating. The stage was built the same level as the floor row D. I enjoyed watching the back of the big man in front of me. I’ve been to several shows and their seating arrangements were theater type where any seat is a good seat. So next time I’ll watch this show, I’ll probably watch it VIP. first row.

    • Arnold Snyder

      Peter, I always advise people to tip the maitre d’ when the seating is general admission. Usually for two people, $10 will get you better seats.

      Say something like, “We always appreciate seats where we won’t be behind someone tall,” and casually hand him the bill. He will usually say, “Right this way, sir,” and take you to a decent seat. If he says something like, “Tonight’s really tough, sir, the house is going to be packed,” say, “Would twenty do it?” (and have the extra $10 ready).

      That will usually take care of it. Again, obviously, this is for general admission. If the seating is reserved, nothing can be done.



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